Anguilla A British Territory Overseas in Caribbean Started Online Visa Portal

The British Caribbean gem Anguilla Island is now more welcoming towards tourists and announces Anguilla e-Visa. Now, a new online portal is accepting applications. Particularly, the immigration department is facilitating those who require an Anguilla visa to visit there.

How long can I stay?

Anguilla is reachable by air and by sea. However, a citizen of the United Kingdom, United States, European countries, and Canada does not require a pre-approved visa. So, all citizens of those countries can move into Anguilla to stay up to three consecutive months.

If you are not a citizen of that country, do not worry, you can still explore the British overseas stunning islets of Anguilla if you have a valid visa of the United States, the U. K, or Canada. Anguilla’s newly introduced e-Visa official portal provides complete guidelines on visa requirements. The aspirant applicants can go through the process by following three simple steps.

Hence, you need to log on, fill in the required fields, and submit your application form at the Anguilla e-Visa portal. Afterward, you can check the visa application status online. If the electronic visa gets approved, you will need to present it on arrival to the immigration authorities. Remember that pre-travel approval is also an electronic visa authorization and is mandatory to enter Anguilla.

For Visa Requirement detail Visit: Anguilla Gov.

Further, this is very significant that Anguillian authorities are facilitating the tourists. For instance, the Anguillan honorary parliamentary secretary for tourism ‘Quincia Gumbs Marie’ in a press note stated; ”e-visa portal is a momentous and welcome development for our beautiful touristic island, which will also have an encouraging influence on the growth strategy for our important tourism industry”.
Secretary further said that; ”we target extended-stay tourists, so magnify outside the markets of Europe and North America as we expand beyond our traditional source markets of North America and Europe. And as we target extended-stay visitors, it is significant to make it easy for our valued guests to come to Anguilla Island”.

What is Anguilla e-Visa Process and Requirements?

Certainly, people can apply for a single-entry or multiple-entry visa online. Thus, a valid e-visa for single-entry processing takes three to five business days. Thus, the Anguilla visa permits the holder to stay for 90 consecutive days on the Island. However, that has to be within the time frame of 30 days of the issue date.

In like fashion, a multiple-entry visa to Anguilla is valid for one year and allows visitors for multiple stays of up to 90 days consecutively. A multiple-entry visa process completes in a week and should use within 30 days of issuance. It is also good to know that single-entry and multiple-entry visas could use for tourism, Leisure, and business purposes.

To apply for an e-visa online, applicants must present a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months. Also, a valid email address to receive a decision on the visa application.

Places to visit in Anguilla

Anguilla is best recognized for its natural tropical beauty, local music scene, and account for delicious food. In addition, casinos, cruise ships, hotels, and shopping malls have many things to do in Anguilla. So, here is the list of ten top places to visit in Anguilla for tourists:

  1. Sandy Ground,
  2. Shoal Bay East,
  3. Meads Bay,
  4. Wallblake House,
  5. Rendezvous Bay,
  6. Heritage Museum,
  7. Dune Preserve,
  8. Prickly Pear Cays,
  9. Johnno’s Place
  10. Little Bay.
A Tourist relaxing at sunny Caribbean Beach


Is Anguilla Island safe for visitors & tourists?

Anguilla is the safest destination in the eastern Caribbean region. It is a British overseas territory, so the British monarch appoints a governor in Anguilla. Therefore, the security and administrative system in the main island and its offshore islets is pretty satisfactory.

Can I use U.S. dollars or Euros in Anguilla?

Indeed, the U.S. dollars and the Euros are acceptable in Anguilla. Although Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the official currency of the Island

How to reach Anguilla, What airlines fly direct or indirect to Anguilla?

Of course, this is the most important to know that how to get there. Fortunately, Anguilla is easily reachable by air from North America, Europe, and Latin America. Also by sea from its neighboring islands. In short, Anguilla Island is about nine miles from St. Martin and 150 miles from Puerto Rico.
Thus, the major gateways to reach there are Puerto Rico, Antigua, and St. Maarten. Above all, a small international airport Lloyd International located in Anguilla receives visitors coming by flights.

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There are plenty of interesting things to do in Anguilla, no matter how small it might be. Among Anguilla’s many attractions are 33 beaches and an abundance of activities. Thus, the Island is the perfect place for a Caribbean vacation. This blog furnished the Anguilla visa process and requirements, which are vital for potential travelers. I have also mentioned the official links for your perusal.

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