6 Great Benefits of a Second Passport-Plan B That Works

Indeed, having second citizenship means you have more options and opportunities in your life. There are plenty of benefits of a second passport in places you could not obtain in your home country.

It gives you more travel options, an emergency exit, an insurance policy, and above all, freedom to live a new life in a new country. When a dual citizen is in two countries, they can take advantage of the privileges and benefits in each country. People with dual citizenship have admittance to two different social services, may vote in and run their businesses.

Working in either country without a visa or work permit is enabled by having a second passport. Also, you and your family can study in your second country at a low tuition rate.

You can enjoy the benefits of a legal second passport while keeping your current nationality and include your spouse and children. The following are the six top reasons for getting a second passport, and they are the main reasons to do so.


01. Freedom to Travel

Many people who aspire for dual citizenship need a second passport that enhances their visa-free travel possibilities. A mark of a good passport allows you to travel visa-free since obtaining a visa before a trip can be confusing, time-consuming, and expensive.

For instance, you want a visa and submit your passport to an embassy or consulate. If this is the case, you cannot travel overseas without an alternate passport during the processing time. A second passport also allows you to travel to more different countries without a visa.

02. Internationalization

Your life and assets can be “internationalized” with a second passport. Open bank accounts, buy gold, conduct business, and live like a native of Portugal, Panama, the Bahamas, Dominica, Turkey, and more. Hence, diversification is the key to internationalizing. 

Of course, it is possible to establish a few offshore companies, trusts, and foundations. Above all, it would be best if you acquired a second passport to become a true world citizen.

03. Social Benefits

A powerful second passport grants you some new social benefits. So, you can have low-cost health care and inexpensive schooling for your children if you move to an EU country, for example.

Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK are the super best countries to gain social benefits difficult to get citizenship in. Unlike in South America, Brazil and Paraguay can become as welfare states as the rich western countries. 

04. Work & Business Opportunities

Freedom of work and business are the greatest benefits of a second passport. In reality, dual citizens enjoy certain benefits, such as living and working freely in two countries, owning property in both countries, and traveling between the countries with relative ease.

You can open bank accounts, buy properties and invest freely in that country. Also, you may have easier ways to expand your business in neighboring countries as well. If you get dual citizenship, you can access a range of emerging markets regardless of where you move.

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05. Cheap Cost of Living

The best countries for a second passport are usually the ones where the cost of living is minimal. Therefore, most people acquire citizenship in countries such as Ecuador, Cape Verde Island, and Dominica

In Ecuador, for example, a couple can make a decent living for as little as $400 because of the low cost of living and food. Similarly, Turkey is an ideal place to get a second passport because of the cheap accommodation and excellent quality of life.

06. Low Taxation

A second passport could be the most important reason to get a passport if you live in a high-tax country. Tax-free passports are a great solution if you have most of your income taken by your country of residence. 

So, you can opt-out of the tax regime and live a freer life with less government interference if you have a second passport. If you want a second passport, you need to know which country is the best and how to get one. Thus, your goals should be minimizing your taxes and maximizing your options and security.

How to get a second passport?

Many countries offer pathways to foreigners to become their citizens. For instance, you can obtain a second passport by:

  • Investment,
  • Naturalization, also
  • Marriage.

Top countries to relocate?

Many countries in the world are considered to be at the forefront of obtaining dual citizenship. However, which country’s second passport you should get depends on your circumstances and choice. Below we share a brief overview of the six countries where most people migrate for citizenship.

01. MALTA (Europe)

  • 185 visa-free destinations.
  • No capital duty, real property tax in Malta.
  • On the Transfer of property, there may be a tax.
  • No net wealth.


  • Affordable living cost.
  • No wealth tax in Turkey.
  • Low taxes on source income.
  • Turkey has signed a double taxation treaty with most nations. 
  • 110 visa-free destinations.


  • Visa-Free destination: 146
  • It is a tax-free state: no stamp duty, no capital gains, no inheritance tax, and no net wealth tax.
  • Tax on business profits only.
  • Real property tax ranges 0-0, 5%.


  • Capital gains & capital acquisitions tax: NO
  • Property tax ranges 0-0, 5%.
  • 144 visa-free destinations.


  • No net wealth/net worth tax
  • Visa-free on Portuguese passport: 187 destinations.
  • Non-residents are only taxed on income from Portugal.
  • Property taxes in New York are 28%.
  • Property sales & Transfer: Municipal Tax.


  • Visa-Free destinations: 135 
  • There is no tax on foreign income.
  • No inheritance or capital gains taxes.
  • Zero corporation tax.

Conclusion on benefits of a second passport

Acquiring alternative citizenship is a wise decision and an investment for the future. Having dual citizenship is a step to becoming a global citizen. So, it’s permission to allow yourself out of the social confines of a single country. 

The purpose of a second passport isn’t just to flee from a troubled country or past life but to open the door to new possibilities, opportunities that arise when we are free to pursue them. You will have protection and might even save your life if you have a second passport issued by a peaceful country when times are tough.

Second citizenship is beneficial for many wealthy individuals, business owners, and important people as it provides additional life insurance, investments for the future, and protection for their families. There, I put the light on a few amazing benefits of a second passport that will help you relocate to another country.


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