Top 10 Best Cities in the Philippines for Nightlife in 2022

To help those looking enjoy their nightlife in the Philippines, I’ve put together a list of the top 10 best cities in the Philippines for nightlife below.

People travel all over the world in search of exciting nightlife. However, some places are simply better than others by providing an unforgettable experience. Here’s what you can expect when you visit these cities at night.

city in philippines for nightlife

List: Best Cities in The Philippines for Nightlife

01: Manila

The first on our list of the best cities for nightlife is Manila. With a population of around 12 million, Manila is one of Asia’s most urban areas. The capital city of the Philippines, Manila, offers travelers and backpackers several entertainment venues.

The city has several renowned restaurants, bars and nightclubs that remain open until late at night. Major tourist attractions are connected to each other, they can be reached via an efficient public transport system.

A wide range of accommodation options are available at different price ranges. There are hostels and guesthouses which offer room services. Many luxury hotels also have entertainment facilities with restaurants, bars and dance clubs that keep visitors entertained throughout their stay.

For those who would like to enjoy shopping after a tiring day sightseeing, there are many departmental stores offering attractive discounts on clothing, jewelry and accessories during weekends.

Tours to scenic places such as Volcano Islands can also be booked from hotels or travel agents when visiting Manila. Most tourists visit Manila between November and March since it is known as typhoon season.

But if you want your trip to be budget-friendly, it is better to choose May-October as these months generally bring rain, which will lead you to get great deals on flights and accommodations. Thus, plan your visit soon so that you won’t miss any more exciting activities in Manila.

02: Cebu

Of all major cities in The Philippines, Cebu City is one of largest. Nestled along a beautiful coastline on Mactan Island, Cebu has been a popular travel destination for over five centuries.

Besides its natural beauty and rich history, Cebu is well-known as one of best places to visit and party. From eclectic cafes to shopping malls, live music venues and beach parties, there’s always something going on in Cebu.

While you can certainly enjoy yourself alone, here are three top bars that make Cebu nightlife unforgettable:

Coming in third place, Shakers serves up Caribbean flair. With its unique atmosphere, excellent cuisine and fun bartenders, Shakers has quickly become a favorite with locals and tourists alike.

Try their homemade mixers if you want an authentic taste of paradise. One highlight at Shakers includes an outdoor bar that opens directly onto Grace Park, perfect for outdoor gatherings during those balmy evenings throughout June through October.

At 30% off on average during non-peak times, ladies drink free from Monday through Thursday from 8pm until 1am with other promotional discounts offered nightly at different times.

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03: Davao

Davao is known as one of the big three cities of Mindanao in southern Philippines. With a population of around 1.5 million, it’s a popular place to study and work, but there’s also plenty of fun to be had at night especially if you’re looking for relaxation, entertainment and romance.

One of Davao’s biggest attractions is its gorgeous beaches so take a walk along them after dark, then have a beer with friends at one of several lively pubs and clubs just moments away from shore. It’s nice to walk home after a few drinks instead of having to find an expensive taxi ride back.

Although often overlooked by tourists, Manila has a surprising amount of activities available during night-time hours. For example, famous SM Mall of Asia (located on Manila Bay) features many restaurants where you can eat dinner while watching old Hollywood movies projected onto multiple walls.

Then head over to nearby MOA Arena Theatre for live performances or world-class sporting events, they’re held here most nights until late in the evening.

Finally, Cebu City is often ranked as one of Asia’s best night spots. Because it offers something to anyone who enjoys partying, bars featuring live music or karaoke shows, dance clubs playing hip-hop or trance music.

Even singles parties where people go out with one another, knowing that many are meeting up with complete strangers. Thus, Davao could a best cities in the philippines for nightlife if you planning to visit.

04: Boracay

With miles of gorgeous white sand, palm trees swaying in warm sea breezes, and a party scene that will keep you out ‘til dawn, Boracay is one of top tourist destinations not just for its natural beauty but also for its nightlife.

It’s no surprise that it’s dubbed The Island of Endless Summer. Daytime beach-goers can bask under the sun or head to one of many restaurants or nightclubs to dance away their cares until late into the night. In between partying all day and reveling all night.

Boracay also has spectacular diving spots. Water lovers have plenty to do here as well, even when they’re not having fun at night.

05: Quezon City

Club Firestone, also known as C. Fire, is located at St., Diliman, and Quezon City and has been rated by reviewers as one of the best nightclubs to go to on a Saturday night.

Many young professionals frequent C. Fire on weekends and because of its location (within driving distance from Makati), it’s a popular choice for those who live outside of Manila but still want to experience what a bustling city offers.

Be sure to dress up before you head out. The club is upscale and well-decorated, complete with a few VIP areas that offer fun activities such as billiards and board games like chess or monopoly.

06: Cagayan de Oro

If you’re looking to dance on a rooftop bar and meet some local cuties, look no further than Cagayan de Oro. This city is home to countless bars, pubs, and clubs that are sure to keep you busy until 3 AM.

Whether you like your nightlife with a side of live music or deafening techno beats, there’s no better city than Cagayan de Oro for an epic party.

There’s also an airport shuttle available right outside if you don’t want to spend extra cash getting around CDO’s congested streets.

07: Iloilo City

Iloilo City is one of the best cities in the Philippines for nightlife, noted for its laid-back yet active nightlife, City is located on Panay Island (also known as the Banana Islands) in Western Visayas. The city is a prime example of how a modern, fun and exciting capital can also keep its charm from being a provincial town.

Local establishments that have been around forever continue to attract people from all over, while new ones draw local patrons as well.

Visitors will find it tough to go through their itinerary as there are plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants offering food, drinks and live music 24/7.

Although most places don’t allow anyone below 18 years old entrance, some establishments offer family friendly sections where only those above 21 years old are allowed entrance.

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08: Palawan

The main island of Palawan, known as Palawan Island, is separated from mainland by narrow straits and is part of Luzon. Many tourists rate Palawan on top of the best cities in the Philippines for nightlife.

It has several seaside resorts, most of which are located in Puerto Princesa, but there are a few more north of it such as Linapacan and Pangulasian.

The active city life and beautiful scenery make Palawan an interesting place to visit. There are also many places to go diving on Palawan Island.

One thing you will not find here however are tall buildings or skyscrapers, so if you’re looking for bright lights and action, visit Metro Manila. But if you just want some place quiet with white sand beaches to relax on, then a trip to Palawan is what you need.

Just south of Tagaytay (where else would you expect to find a bar?) is Cavite, another coastal city that offers its own share of entertainment venues. Dive into their fun nightlife scene while staying in one of their waterfront hotels. So treat yourself right after work with Korean BBQ.

09: Tagaytay

Nightlife and drinks are always a good combo, so Tagaytay is one of our top choices if you’re looking to have a great time. Besides offering views like no other spot on earth can offer, it’s also home to tons of bars that host live music and lots of festivals throughout the year.

That means that no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll likely find it while in Tagaytay. There are also tons of resorts and restaurants around here, making it an easy weekend getaway location.

It’s close to several beach towns, which makes it even easier to mix up your daytime and night-time plans. The only downside we see? The price tag–when staying at luxury accommodations with breathtaking views, they come with a heftier cost than usual. But sometimes you get what you pay for.

10: Bacolod City

Bacolod City is a wonderful place with long shorelines and coasts, sandy beaches, lush fields, scenic rivers and lakes. The city is blessed with crystal-clear water bodies. If you love seafood, then Bacolod City is one of your best options.

In fact, Bacolod is one of the top fishing spots in all over Asia. If you are looking forward to nightlife, then Bacolod City might be a great choice for you. The nightlife scene of Bacolod has boomed within few years especially after clubs such as Lakawon Club came into existence.

If you want to go clubbing here, then Blue Gem Bar & Restaurant might come across you firstly. There are plenty of things that can attract tourists here, including restaurants (particularly seafood restaurants), beach resorts.

And also tour packages offered by travel agencies based out of Bacolod like Tropical Tours Philippines. Whatever may be your purpose behind visiting there it won’t disappoint you at any cost.

When will see a sudden appearance of typhoon hit most part in Luzon region or Visayas area; Cebu City may face strong winds with heavy rainfall, which creates havoc among everyone living there. But these natural incidents won’t stop locals or visitors to have fun during weekend break or leisure time.


No doubt there are many best cities in the Philippines for nightlife, so I listed ten the best destination for foreigners. Amazing beaches, fascinating history, and delicious food to be had, but the best part about the Philippines is the nightlife.

In reality, a few destinations stand out for their nightlife. No matter what time of day you visit, you will find a great place to party in the Philippines.

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