Brazil Visa for Indians – All You Need to Know

Brazil is one of the most appealing and exciting destinations in South America. In 2019, 6.3 million foreign tourists from every corner of the world discovered this wonderful country.

Similarly, many Indians head to Brazil for tourism and business purposes, which may be why. So, a Brazilian visa for Indians is considerably easy. In this post, you’ll find some useful information on Brazil visas from India if you’re unsure of the process.

Do Indians need a visa for Brazil?

Yes, Indian citizens must obtain a visa to travel to Brazil. However, many people think that Brazil gives visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry to Indian citizens, but this impression is incorrect. Because a few years ago, such news was flashed in the media, but no action has been taken so far. It is better to contact the Brazilian Embassy in New Delhi or the consulate in Mumbai for more information.

Brazil visa for visitors

If you want to visit Brazil for tourism, you need to understand that a Brazilian tourist visa falls into a visitor visa (VIVIS). In addition, this visa is for candidates with purposes other than tourism. For example:

  • Tourism.
  • Transit via Brazilian airports.
  • Family visits.
  • Cultural or recreational activities.
  • To participate in conferences, workshops.
  • Visit as auditor or consultant.
  • Voluntary work up to 3-months.
  • Media/film shootings.
  • Education or research purposes.
  • Participation in meetings, fairs.
  • Business events, prospecting business opportunities.
  • To join aircraft or vessels as crew.

How long can an Indian stay in Brazil?

Brazil visitor visa (VIVIS) is valid for 90 days to stay there for three months. You can, however, extend your stay in Brazil by applying for a visa extension. Yet, you will need to give genuine reasons to stay longer than the granted period on a visa in Brazil. 

Brazil visa requirements

Documents for a Visitor visa (VIVIS)

  • Visa application form. 
  • Original passport (valid for at least six months),
  • Old passport (if available)
  • One recent photo with white background (size 4cm x 5cm).
  • Proof of hotel reservation.
  • Proof of an employment contract/work in India.
  • Employment and leaves evidence. 
  • If retired, provide proof of retirement/pension.
  • Demand Draft with 3 months validity.
  • If a student, proof of enrolment and attendance. 
  • Proof of financial status 
  • Bank and credit card statements for the last three months (stamped and signed by Branch manager).
  • Flight booking (round trip confirmed ticket).

Brazil visa fees for Indians

Indian citizens are applying for a Brazil visa for tourism under the VIVIS category, so the fee is INR 6400, the same for business visitors. Most importantly, the visa fee payment method is a bank transfer or deposit to the Embassy of Brazil Consular. The applicant must use their bank account, not the agent or another third party, to make the transfer.

How to apply for a Brazilian visa from India?

So, you must first complete the Brazil visa application form online, attach all the required documents, and send the Brazil visa application to the Embassy via email. Later, if the Brazilian Embassy notifies you of the interview, you must go to the Embassy in person on the due date.

Otherwise, if the Embassy deems it necessary, they can call you for an interview via WhatsApp or Skype. So, when you send your visa application to the Embassy, add the following in the subject line:

  • Your Name.
  • Visa Type.
  • RER number. Also,
  • Your Skype ID or WhatsApp.

Thus, once your application has been submitted, you will be able to check your Brazil visa application status online. Also, the Embassy will communicate via email how you can collect your passport.

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Brazil work visa for Indians

You can apply for Brazil’s work visa from India under the VITEM V category if your Brazilian company gets a pre-approval from the ministry of labor in Brazil. Furthermore, you may need the following documents:

  • Original Passport, new & old. 
  • A Photograph with white background, 4cm x 5cm.
  • PCC (Police clearance certificate).
  • A letter from your Brazilian employer/company. Also,
  • Job contract. 

Brazil Business Visa from India 

Indian business-people can also obtain a Brazil visa for business visits under the visitor visa category VIVIS. Hence, a brief of required documents and eligibility is as under:

Supporting Documents

  • You must have your original Passport valid for six months and old Passport (s).
  • One Picture white background, size 4cm x 5cm.
  • Invitation letter in Portuguese (original with signature notarized in Brazil, sent to the Brazilian consular service in New Delhi, India. Also,
  • Trip itinerary with a confirmed hotel reservation.

Missionary visa of Brazil

If they want to visit Brazil for religious purposes, Brazil issues visas to religious workers, missionaries, and clergy-persons. However, this category falls under VITEM VII work visa stream for Brazil.

Brazil student visa

Different types of students can also obtain Brazilian student visas under the VITEM IV category. 

Some interesting facts about Brazil

  • Currency: Real.
  • Location: South America.
  • Language: Portuguese.
  • Capital: Brasília.
  • Population: 212.6 million (2020). Also,
  • Neighboring: Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Suriname, Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Guyana.

Places to visit in Brazil

Of course, if you plan to obtain a Brazilian tourist visa, it is also important for you to know what special places tourists should visit in Brazil. In reality, Brazil is a beautiful country, and there are countless places to see, some of which are:

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Amazon Rain Forests
  • Iguaçu Falls
  • Recife (Venice of Brazil)
  • Pantanal
  • Bonito
  • São Paulo
  • Olinda
  • Fernando de Noronha. Also,
  • Mount Roraima.


Can I work on a tourist visa in Brazil?

You can only perform volunteer work for up to 90 days on Brazil’s visa under the visitor category. Unlike other types of employment, you will need to get a work visa in Brazil and to do that, and you must have a job contract there.

Is it difficult to get a Brazil visa from India?

No, it’s not. If you properly follow the Brazilian Embassy’s guidelines to apply for a visa from India, there is a high chance of getting approved. In short, you must be eligible for a Brazil visa and fulfill all the requirements to increase your success chances.

Is Brazil a safe country for tourists?

Overall, famous tourist attractions in Brazil are safe for foreigners. However, you should keep in mind the crime rate there, which is similar to the south Asian countries. Moreover, due to COVID-19, you must follow the travel advisory and be vaccinated.

Is it possible for Indian citizens to travel to Brazil without a visa?

Indian citizens must have a valid visa to travel to Brazil with a passport and return ticket valid for at least six months. You can explore Brazil as a visitor for a period of up to 90 days. However, Indian government officials, including Diplomatic passport holders, do not need a visa to enter Brazil.


All information provided in this article concerning Brazil Visa for Indians for tourist purposes is for general purposes only. Therefore, any unusual circumstances or policy changes may change the requirements and application procedures for travel from India to Brazil. So if you plan to go to Brazil, you must get information from the Brazilian embassies in Mumbai and Delhi in India or their official websites.

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