US Immigration Historic Reforms: Build Back Better Act 2021 Passed

Democrats in the house passed a massive spending bill with 220 yes-votes and 213 nay-votes on Friday 19, 2021. The Build Back Better Act 2021 has been passed, and over $100 billion allocated for immigration reform. In fact, 7.1 million immigrants in US could be preserved from deportation under the bill.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says: ‘‘it is today we have the honor of participating in passing legislation for the people to build back better. This occasion would not have been possible without the vision of our great president Biden.

The infrastructure bill was very important to him, and we agreed, but it wasn’t his entire vision, she added. We build and building back better meant building back with many more people taking part in environmental justice with home healthcare the list goes on’’.

Furthermore, dreamers are essential workers and agricultural workers covered by the temporary protected status program. The legislator also restored a provision of immigration law that had been dormant since the Reagan administration. Let’s check what immigration provisions got passed on the bill.

Build Back Better Bill

Build Back Better Act 2021: Immigration reforms highlights

Work Permits

Democrats are offering a temporary parole option essentially a work permit for close to 7000000 (7 million) undocumented immigrants. For those who have lived in the country at least since 1st Jan 2011. They would be protected from deportation and receive a work permit.

Green Cards

Recapture its past as currently written the Build Back Better Act bill could recover over 1000000 US green cards. Previously allowed by Congress that have gone unused since 1992.

Moreover, some employment based green card applicants will pay a $5000 supplemental fee. That is for waiving the annual and per country limitations and become permanent residents more quickly. Because they have been waiting in the backlog for at least 2 years

Furthermore, family based applicants who have been waiting at least 2 years may apply to waive the limitations with a fee of $2500 to become green card holders.

Child Tax Credit

The new Build Back Better Act bill proposes child tax credit (CTC) up to $3000 to $3600 for children under ages 6 to 17. Besides increasing the payments amount, the ARP is offering half of the credit in advance up to $300 per child.

Most importantly, child tax credit under the trump administration roughly one million children with undocumented parents were barred from receiving Covid-19 related financial help.

Temporary Parole

House Democrats revised version also includes plans that would make undocumented immigrants who entered the U. S. before 2011 eligible for temporary parole protections.

Diversity Visa

The bill also aims to protect green cards for US diversity visa winners who were prevented from entering the United States. They faced previous administration’s various travel bans, entry bans, embassy & consulate closures.


Build Back Better Act bill grants long overdue legal safeguards for millions of undocumented immigrants in the United States. Also, that kept the country adrift during the pandemic situation.

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Build Back Better Act

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