AIPP Canada: How to Apply and Process

The Atlantic immigration pilot program (AIPP of Canada) is one of the easiest and fastest ways to become a permanent resident (PR) of Canada. Thus, to know about its requirements and step-by-step process to apply, keep reading this blog.

So, the purpose of the program (AIPP) is to facilitate Canadian companies & employers in the Atlantic region to hire qualified candidates for the jobs they have been incapable to fill locally. These aspirants can be overseas or living inside.

Four provinces in the Atlantic Canada region took part in this program, such as Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland Labrador. Let’s discuss what the categories in the pilot are. There are three programs as;

1- Atlantic International-Graduate Program

2- Atlantic High-skilled Program

3- Atlantic Intermediate-skilled Program

You can only apply to one program at a time, so scoop out more details.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Requirements

1- Language proficiency

You need to know the requirements for each program. The first thing you need to provide is language proficiency results but don’t worry, Canada’s AIPP accepts a very low ‘IELTS general’ score.

Hence, you need 3.5 in reading, 4.0 in writing, 4.5 in listening, and speaking 4.0 IELTS score as a minimum.

2- Education requirement

Now have a look at education requirements. So the good thing is the minimum qualification required for the pilot is a high school diploma, which is for the Atlantic intermediate skilled program.

But if you’re applying to the Atlantic international-graduate program, you will need at least 2 years of education from a recognized publicly funded institute in Atlantic province.

And if you wish to apply through the Atlantic high-skilled program, then the minimum education requirement is a degree or diploma. And, these credentials, get them assessed from one of their recognized organizations.

3- Work experience

Now move on to the work experience requirement for AIPP Canada. So, for the Atlantic international-graduate program, it requires No work experience. Whereas, for the Atlantic high-skilled category, you must have worked at least one year in the last 3 years.

Similarly, the work experience requirement for the Atlantic intermediate-skilled program is the same. But the work experience you should have from NOC skill level C.

Another requirement applies to the Atlantic graduate program only. And to qualify, you must have lived in one of those provinces for at least 16 months .

4- Proof of Funds for AIPP Canada

Now see the proof of funds required for the AIPP Canada. The amount of money you need to show is pretty low compared to the other Canadian immigration programs. The table below shows that you need to have enough money to support yourself and your family in Canada.

AIPP proof of funds
Proof of funds for AIPP table

5- Job Offer requirement for AIPP Canada

The key factor to be eligible for this pilot is a job offer from a Canadian employer. So, you must have a job offer to apply for one of those three programs under the Atlantic immigration pilot.

Hence, the job must be a full time, which means you will work at least 30 hours per week, and it should be non-seasonal and permanent. And the province where you will work must designate the employer. AIPP Canada’s detailed requirements find on the official website here.

How do I get a job offer from AIPP?

Simultaneously, to get a job offer from an employer in one of those Atlantic Provinces you are interested in moving. So, you can go through the official website of that province.

For example, if you wish to settle down in Nova Scotia, the next you have to visit its official website. Subsequently, you can find a list of designated employers from the province. Now you might wonder, how would I know which employer is hiring currently? Do not worry, here you have a solution.

So, finding this out, select the company name (within the designated employer list) that you think could be the best fit for your NOC. and occupation. Then find that company’s latest job advertisements at;

If the employer is currently hiring, you can apply by submitting your resume. Similarly, if you’re interested in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, or Prince Edward, to do so, go through their official websites.

How to apply in AIPP Canada?

Once you get the job offer, your next step is to develop a settlement plan. To do that, you will need to contact an approved settlement service provider. A settlement plan will help you and your family and just to your new home in Atlantic province.

And if you’re already in Canada, you must work with the settlement service provider in the region where you will be working. You will need to upload your job offer letter to the settlement service provider website, and once you have completed your profile, you will receive a settlement plan.

The settlement plan you will have to submit to your employer as soon as possible because employers will have to send that settlement plan with their endorsement application to the province.

Finally, if they approve the application, you will receive a certificate of endorsement, which is super important to apply for a Canadian PR under the Atlantic immigration pilot.

After receiving an endorsement letter from the province, you need to submit your permanent residency application to the Canadian immigration official website.

Canada AIPP application forms

Before you fill out your application, read the instructions to avoid mistakes. Also, you can go through the forms & documents checklist. There would be a complete list of forms that you need to fill out and then pay your fees online, and finally, you need to send the complete application package to the mail address as mentioned over there.

How long does it take to get PR after the AIPP application?

Usually, the PR application processing time for AIPP Canada is six months. To make sure, you can check the processing time for your country at the immigration Canada website.

The Atlantic immigration designated employers lists find here;
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Atlantic Canada
A boat in Atlantic ocean, Canada.
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  2. Hi I am Abdul jalil from Pakistan I have done high school as well as Great wrttin and oral communication skills I have 8 years of experience as Airport Equipment operator as well as 5 years as Chuffuer driver in addition to my experience as driver I have valid UAE license and clean driving record kindly let me know that how can I get this opportunity in Canada

  3. I’m Muhammad Saleem from Pakistan.I have 13 years work experience in McDonald’s Restaurant Pakistan. Currently my job title is Restaurant manager .I need work permit with job opportunity.

    • Hello Sir,
      Sure, this article explains all the details, and also on our YouTube channel we have publish a video on AIPP Canada detail. Please check them out. Thanks

  4. I’m Shakeel Ahmad from Pakistan. I have 22 years of work experience in different private organizations in Karachi, Pakistan. Currently, my jobless. I want to apply in NOC # 1221 – Administrative officers B. I need a work permit with a job opportunity.
    I awaiting your reply.

    • Hi Divya, Teaching is mostly required a license from Canada. But some teaching occupations are no regulated and does not require a license exam. So, do you have Canadian teaching license? If not I have given a proper solution. You can find ” Jobs in Canada for foreigners” article on this website, follow the process as I explained. Otherwise check videos on my channel ” 1st step for Canada”

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  8. Hi have 7 years of experience in financial services sector. Do I need to have valid job offer to apply under AIPP. If yes then how can I get valid job offer.

  9. I’m Zeeshan from Pakistan. I have been to the USA for a youth exchange program. I’m high school graduate.
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