Canada Express Entry Types & FSW Program – How to apply?

The most popular and fast-track immigration program in Canada is Express Entry. So, if you want to know what are express entry types and which of them is most effective. Then, you will find very important and useful information in this blog.

Undoubtedly, every year many people from all over the world get permanent residency in Canada through this program. The Express Entry is not a program itself, but a system. Which comprises four programs as follows;

  1. Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW)
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST)
  3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  4. Express Entry via Provincial Nominee Programs (EE-PNPs)

By the way, these four programs are important in their own right, but we are sharing details about the Skilled Worker program here, so let’s get started.

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express entry canada categories

How do Canadian Express entry types work?

Now, we learn that how express entry programs work for candidates. Thus, you will need to meet basic criteria and get 67 qualifying points out of 100. Hence, there is an online tool. You need to answer some questions to check your initial eligibility.

Next, once you achieve 67 or more points, you will create an express entry profile. This way, you enter the Express Entry selection pool. Importantly, the immigration selects only the candidates with the highest CRS score. That is CRS cut-off score.

Immigration officials send them invitations so that candidates can begin their permanent residency applications. For this purpose, Canadian Immigration holds regular draws, a round of invitation several times a year.

Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker–Program’s basic criteria

After understanding the Canadian Express entry types, if you want to apply to the Skilled Workers Program (FSW), you must also understand the requirements for this category. For instance, you will need to meet the minimum eligibility requirements. Those are;

  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Language Proficiency 

Work Experience minimum eligibility

It means you must have worked in one of NOC 0, A, or B job groups. It should also be one-year, full-time paid work. Otherwise, 1560 hours or per week 30 hours. Hence, with part-time work, you can calculate accordingly.

Education, minimum eligibility

If you have studied in a country other than Canada. In that case, you will need to have your academic credentials assessed (ECA) in Canada. Assessment is therefore necessary. So that immigration candidates can find out what level their education, degree, or diploma is equal to Canadian education.

Because to apply for the Express Entry Program, the candidate’s qualification must be equivalent to a Canadian secondary school, or high school, or post-secondary.

Language ability, minimum requirements 

For all express entry types, you must take an English (IELTS / CELPIP) or French language test. Also, get a minimum score of CLB 7 in 4 abilities such as;

  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Listening

How to qualify for Canada express entry?

As part of Canada’s express entry skilled workers program, you need to gain 67 points out of 100 to qualify by understanding the six selection factors. Here they are;

  1. Education (maximum 25 points)
  2. Work experience (maximum 15 points)
  3. Age (maximum 12 points)
  4. Employment offer (maximum 10 points)
  5. Adaptability (maximum 10 points)
  6. Language skills (maximum 28 points)

The competition points grid can be seen on the IRCC Canada website for a more comprehensive understanding.

What is the CRS score for Canada express entry?

For all express entry types, the CRS (comprehensive ranking system) is a points-based system. They assess your profile and award points or rank it in the Express Entry pool. Such as;

  • Education
  • Skills (occupation)
  • Language skill
  • Work experience
  • Other factors

Also, you can check your CRS score yourself. There is an online tool for this purpose where you have to answer some questions. In the end, the points you see that is, your CRS score. Importantly, even before creating a profile in Express Entry, you can check your score with the help of the CRS Calculator.

What is a good CRS score for Express entry program Canada?

There is no set CRS figure for express entry types or programs. However, in the opinion of immigration experts, 470 CRS is a good score for selection.

Because more skilled and capable people from all over the world prefer to apply for Canada’s PR through Express Entry. That’s why competition is so high. Otherwise, if a candidate’s CRS score is less than 470, then he/she should increase his points according to the cut-off score.

Canadian express entry programs

How can you increase your CRS score in the express entry?

If you have created your profile in the express entry system, but you are not getting success. Because your CRS score, is low. In that case, you can increase your CRS score. For example, here are some key factors that increase CRS points;

  • English or French language ability
  • Employment offer
  • Provincial nomination

English or French language ability

For success in Express Entry, proficiency in English or French language is essential. Get maximum marks in the English test to increase your CRS score.

For this purpose, if you have to take the test again, do it. Besides, French is Canada’s second official language. This factor can also help you increase your CRS points if you take a French language test.

Employment offer

However, job offers are not mandatory for the Skilled Worker Express Entry Program. In contrast, if you get a job offer from a Canadian employer, you get extra points.

Importantly, after creating a profile in Express Entry, they assign you a profile number. It is also a job search code that you can use to apply for Canadian job offers at Job Bank, Canada.

Provincial nomination

Of course, a provincial nomination is a powerful factor in ensuring the success of any candidate who is in Canada’s express entry pool. Because many provincial nominee programs (PNPs) are linked to the express entry.

If a candidate receives a nomination from a Canadian province by participating in the immigration program (PNP), he or she earns up to 600 extra points in the express entry pool, and of course, the selection is obvious.

Express Entry: Proof of Funds, Overview

The Canadian permanent residency applicants have to show proof of funds. Conversely, this is not compulsory for all express entry types, or programs. For example, two categories require proof of funds, such as;

  1. Skilled Workers Program
  2. Skill Trades Program

Although, if candidates in these two categories receive job offers, they do not require showing proof of funds. Besides, candidates in the Canadian Experience Class category are exempt from proof-of-funds.


How many types of Express Entry are there in Canada?

Mainly, there are 4-types of Canadian express entry system where candidates can apply for Canadian permanent residency (PR), as;
1-Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSW)
2-Skilled Trades Program (FST)
3-Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Also
4- Express entry through PNPs

What minimum IELTS score for Canada express entry is required?

In order to be eligible for Canada’s express entry programs required IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score is as follows;
Federal Skilled Workers Program: IELTS 7
Skilled Trades Program: IELTS 5
Canadian Experience Class: IELTS 5 for NOC B & IELTS 7 for NOC 0 
IELTS 7: PNPs linked to the federal express entry.

Is 360 CRS score good for Canada Express Entry?

To be successful in express entry Canada pool, 360 is a decent CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score. However, 400+ is a good score to compete in the express entry system.
Moreover, the lowest CRS cut-off was 403 for express entry draw on August 0, 2021. Unlike, on Jan 2021, the CRS for express entry candidates of Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) observed 360.

Can I migrate to Canada without a valid job?

It is quite possible to move to Canada without having a job. However, it depends on pathway you are applying through.
Some PNPs (provincial nominee programs) and Express Entry Canada do not demand a job offer.
For instance, occupation-in-demand stream of Saskatchewan nominee program (SINP) allows candidates to take part without a job offer.   

What is the maximum age to migrate to Canada?

In order to migrate to Canada, a candidate’s age criteria varies program to program. For example, to qualify for express entry age above 46 gets 0 points.
Unlike, some provincial nominee programs offer specific age relaxation such as skilled workers-outside-Canada stream of Prince Edward Island PNP accept candidates between 21 to 59 ages.


There are three categories of Canada’s Express Entry Program. However, we have included information on this blog regarding the Skilled Worker program. So, if you want to know more details about this program or any other express entry types, visit the official Canada Immigration website.

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