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A person who is boss for himself/herself and not conventionally employed. Can also get Canada’s self-employed visa to become a permanent resident. To scope-out how and what are the requirements? Keep reading this article.

This program is an amazing opportunity to immigrate to Canada for freelancers. In addition, the self-employed program requires a paper based application so there is no need to create any profile. Low IELTS, 53 years of age margin, and low education requirements making this program prominent. Also, you don’t have to go through the tough process of credential assessment ECA, unlike other immigration programs.

In fact, everyone doesn’t have a five to nine job. Many of us are self-sufficient and generating income without doing a regular job. So Canadian immigration is really diverse. It gives a chance to become a permanent resident to the people of all walks of life. Indeed, self-employed people can also make Canada’s dream true. So now learn more about the Canada self-employed visa.

Freelancers and Self employed person can become Canadian PR

What is a Canadian self-employed visa?

The self-employment visa falls under economic immigration. Hence, those who are active at the professional level in cultural activities, recreation, sports, and athletics, can use this pathway to migrate to Canada. Canadian immigration defined hundreds of occupations as ‘Self-employed’, for example;

  • Painters, Writers, Journalists, Actors, Comedians, Dancers.
  • Theater Artists, Producers, Editors, Photographers, Musicians.
  • Visuals Artists, Performing & Creative artists.
  • Craftspeople, Sculptors, Creative designers.
  • Technical & related jobs in motion pictures.
  • Librarians, Archivists.
  • Athletes, Coach, Trainers, Referees.
  • Footballers, Boxers, Swimmers, Wrestlers.
  • Basketball players, Tennis Players.
Photographers can be self employed

Canada self-employed visa occupation list, find here. But keep in mind that you should be a self-employed person for applying to this program. So, for instance, if you are an artist and working for a company as a regular employee, you cannot apply for this program. 

The same thing goes for other occupations. Hence, you need to be fit in the program eligibility criteria.

Basic Requirements for the Program

If you’re aspiring to immigrate to Canada through a self-employed program, you must:

  • Have related experience in athletics or cultural activities.
  • Be able to become a self-employed person in Canada.
  • Meet self-employed program selection criteria.
  • Get a minimum of 35 points out of 100.
  • Meet security, medical and other requirements.
  • Be able and willing to contribute significantly to the athletic or cultural life of Canada.
Self employed Singer Musician
A Singer Musician

Selection Criteria

The Canadian immigration assess applicants to selection criteria that include five factors;

  1. Work Experience
  2. Language proficiency
  3.  Age
  4. Education
  5. Adaptability

Now learn about the maximum and minimum points according to the candidate’s qualification:

  • Education

Masters or higher degree = 25 points.

If high school = 05 points.

  • Work experience

Two years = 20 points.

Five years = 35 points.

  • Age

53 years = 02 points.

21 to 49 years = 10 points.

17 years = 02 points.

Language Ability

Maximum 25 points.

  • Adaptability

Maximum 06 points.

You can find a complete breakdown of the points by visiting the Canada immigration website.

Points grid
Points grid

Each factor gives you minimum and maximum points according to your ability. You cannot skip any requirement, and your total score should be a combination of all five to get 35 points out of 100 overall. So you must calculate your points before initiating an application for a Canadian self-employed visa.

Remember, there could be an interview. A Canadian visa officer will question you to describe your qualification. In that context, it will award the points based on the visa officer’s decision.

Self-Employed PR Canada, Minimum income requirement

You may wonder about a minimum income for the self-employed program. So, the answer is yes. It is the income that covers your and your family’s expenses.
Also, family members mean that your spouse or common-law partner and your children are under 22 years of age.
Likewise, your income will show your intent and ability to be a self-employed person in Canada.
Remember, the visa officer looks into your track-record how successful you are back home. Of course, your income proof shows them you could also be successful in Canada.

What is a business plan for Canada’s self-employed visa?

You would need a business plan to prove that you have been generating enough income as a freelancer. It should reflect how you would exercise your job in Canada, also the required resources, and how you will pay for them.
Of course, the immigration authorities looked into a business plan that you have shown to them. So, that should be comprehensive.

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How to prove work experience as a self-employed?

Indeed, that is the most vital part of the self-employed program to prove relevant experience. It has to be within five years before initiating application until the decision. Second, the money you receive for the freelance services, those you can use as income proofs. So, work contracts, MOU, and endorsement documents could also prove you a self-employed person.

How to apply for Canada self-employed person program

So, if you find yourself eligible for this program, you can apply in just three simple steps as below;

  1. Get the complete application set and fill it out.
  2. Pay online application fees.
  3. Mail your application package by courier.

All that information is available on the Canadian immigration website. In the same fashion, be attentive while filling up the application form. In case you forget or missed something. The Canadian immigration will send back your application package. To prove yourself as a self-employed person, enclose so many documents. So avoiding any delay, double-check your application and related documents.

Decision & processing time

The immigration authorities will make a final decision on your application for a Canadian self-employed visa. So it would base on as below:

a) Your eligibility criteria.

b) Your financial situation & funds.

c) Your medical exam report.

d) On police clearance report/certificate.

Thus, after applying with all required documents, Canadian immigration will review your application. The maximum processing time is 24 months. Meanwhile, you need to prepare for the biometrics and the photograph.

So, if your application shows that you have a history that proves your intent and ability to establish self-employment activity in Canada. In that case, your visa approval chances are relatively high. 

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  1. Sir, I am An Architect( 2151) is my noc code by profession and wish to migrate to Canada can this immigration process help me to navigate as i am Self Employed and 45 of years in age . Can you pls guide me …

  2. Sir, I am An Architect( 2151) is my noc code by profession and wish to migrate to Canada can this immigration process help me to navigate as i am Self Employed and 45 of years in age . Can you pls guide me …


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