Canada Work Permit Eligibility: International Mobility Program

One of the fastest ways to move to Canada is the international mobility program (IMP). You can check your Canada work permit eligibility under IMP. A candidate who applies through a mobility program does not require an LMIA (labor market impact assessment).

Thus, this is the best solution for foreign workers who are seeking employment in Canada, unlike the temporary foreign worker program (TFWP) that needs an LMIA.

So, going through the LMIA process is difficult for overseas workers and Canadian employers as well. However, Canada’s mobility program (IMP) permits employers to hire workers to fill labor shortages without an LMIA.

There are many misconceptions about the work permit and IMP, which requires a clear picture. If you are a potential candidate. Let’s dig out how you can take advantage of this program, but first thing first.

Canada work Permit Eligibility for open permit

What is Canada Work Permit Eligibility under IMP?

For international mobility program, eligibility requirements are to the point and very simple such as;

  1. The LMIA not required
  2. Workers will need to submit normal work permit applications
  3. Employers can hire temporary foreign workers
  4. Open work permit holder can also get job offer under IMP
  5. If eligible for open work permit
  6. Employers to submit job offers through Employer Portal
  7. Fee compliance for employers is mandatory
  8. Participants of some specific programs under Canadian reciprocal agreements (CETA, NAFTA, IEC)

Above are only some highlighted features of the mobility program, various conditions may apply. So, you can go through the IRCC website for more details.

Mobility Program & open work permit Canada

Many people think anyone can get an open work permit under the international mobility program. But this is not factually correct. The IMP covers many aspects, but it does not give an open work permit. According to Canadian immigration;

Canadian employers can hire temporary workers who have open work permits. Here, employers don’t need to pay the compliance fee. Employers are part of some specific agreements and programs. They also enjoy exemption from paying compliance fees and using the employer portal. For example, check out images 01, below.

Open Worker permit categories - IMP exemption for Employers
Image 01

Hence, this is very clear that a Canadian work permit under the mobility program is not solely an open permit. However, the open work permit holders or those who are eligible for that can also take benefit of this program. For more clarity, let’s scope out some facts about open permits in Canada for work.

Who is eligible for the open work permit?

Now, you learn that what the actual criteria for an open work permit are. Thus, you only can apply for a Canadian open work permit if you are;

  • An international student in Canada
  • Eligible for the post-graduation Program of work permit
  • Needy student (unable to bear studies cost)
  • Canada’s permanent residence applicant
  • A dependent of Canadian PR applicant
  • The spouse or common-law partner of a worker (foreign worker)
  • The common-law partner/spouse of a foreign student
  • Spouse / common-law partner of an Atlantic Pilot Program’s applicant
  • A refuge
  • A refuge claimant
  • A protected individual or their family member
  • Holder of a temporary residence permit
  • Under a removal order from Canada.
  • A young worker (participant of special programs)

These are the Canada work permit eligibility for an open work permit. However, they must meet additional requirements and criteria.

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What is the Canada work permit eligibility for a foreign worker under IMP? How to apply?

If you are outside Canada and want to apply for a work visa through an international mobility program, then your occupation mustn’t require an LMIA. Some Canadian provinces give LMIA exemption for a few occupations according to their labor market need.

For instance, some jobs in British Columbia do not need an LMIA. So, the overseas workers can find LMIA exempted jobs in B. C or other provinces. Once you know that your occupational code (NOC) does not need an LMIA in Canada, you can search jobs on;

If you successfully reach-out to a suitable Canadian employer, ready to hire you. Then, you can convince him to furnish a job offer via the employer portal on the international mobility program page.

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Employer’s Role

Canadian employers hiring under International Mobility Program, need to register and create a login on IRCC’s Employer Portal to submit a job offer to a worker.

Before, that employer must provide his/her business details such as size & nature of the business. Also, the employer may need to furnish vacancy and wage information.

Then, the employer may also pay the compliance fees if hiring a temporary worker. However, sometimes any compliance fee is not mandatory.

Thus, after an employer submits a job offer using Employer Portal, will get an employment offer number. The employer must provide that offer number or ID to the potential foreign worker.

So, after receiving a job offer ID, you can launch a work permit application on the IRCC Canada website. If your application gets approved, you will receive a confirmation. That will enable you to travel to Canada to get your work permit at the point of entry into Canada.


You can easily figure out your Canada work permit eligibility through the international mobility program if you know complete details about your occupational code (NOC). This program gives various benefits to Canadian employers and foreign workers alike. Also, the hiring and work permit process is simple and quick.

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  1. Sir, I passed B.A Geography honors. But for special reasons I want to apply on 10 + 2 (12) qualification.

    I can’t Speak English but understand fairly well. I have no experience. Sir, can I apply for any job category ( Labour Category : Food Packing, werehouse Helper,Store Helper …) in the Canada.

    Visas that do not require an English language or proficiency test IELTS score, especially in the Labor category.

  2. Sir, I passed B.A Geography honors. But for special reasons I want to apply on 10 + 2 (12) qualification.

    I can’t Speak English but understand fairly well. I have no experience. Sir, can I apply for any job category ( Labour Category : Food Packing, werehouse Helper,Store Helper …) in the Canada..

    Visas that do not require an English language or proficiency test IELTS score, especially in the Labor category.

      • /In the above case “B.A Geography honors” is more than the required qualification for Agriculture labor do we need to hide while applying or NOT required and if we hide that Degree program and when we apply for PR can we show that to get CSR score…or it will impact our PR application? or after getting can we update that ?

    Myself pavan kumar i am a science graduate BSc. Maths . i am 43 years old. I would like to apply for a work permit. i am looking for accounts side my present experience is working as an accounts assistant for the last 8 years. i have no idea how to approach whom to approach. kindly guide me in this regards.
    Thank you

  4. Hello Sir, I have 8 years of experience in Autocad draftsman & Solid edge(3D software), currently working in canada based food dishwashing conveyor system manufacturer company in Mohali, Punjab as a Project engineer, Education is Diploma+Btech in mechanical engineering. Ielts score is overall 6.5, L-7.5, W-6.5, S-6.5 & R- 5.0. Suggest me a work visa option in BC sir.

  5. Hi Sir,

    Am Shailaja. I would like to migrate to Canada. I have 10 yrs of experience and currently am in India. Can you guide me how can I start the process.

  6. Myself Nasir Ali
    I have completed btech in civil engineering with cad and Revit courses ,
    I hv also one year experience.
    Can you guide me to get a job in canada

  7. I have 28 years experience in Cruise & Hotel Industry ( 8Yrs Hotel , 20 Yrs Cruise),I have a tourist visa for Canada .

    I want to migrate with my family to Canada.


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