New Canadian Style Resume – How to write?

Indeed, a perfect Canadian-style resume is a key to success. Also, it can fulfill your dream to immigrate to Canada. In reality, job searching connects you to Canadian employers and companies. Submitting a brief, understandable, and appealing resume increases your success chance. 

Hence, you need to adopt a Canadian recruiter’s way of displaying your skills, experience, and qualification in your resume. So, do not use the conventional method of writing a CV. Thus, scope out how can you do that and go through the steps by step process to craft an effective resume for a job. 

Tractable resume format for Canada 

In this paragraph, you can easily learn. That what is a tractable Canadian-style resume. So, let’s get started. First, you will need to create an ‘ATS-friendly‘ (auto tracking system) resume to reach out to employers easily.

So, now maybe you’re wondering that what makes a resume ATS-friendly. Don’t worry, this is not rocket science. However, follow the instructions as below; 

  • The resume could stretch 1-3 pages approximately.
  • Do mention NOC and skills type.
  • Do not use logos, photos, colors, and style format.
  • Don’t mention your interest and hobbies.
  • Avoid unnecessary details.

Next, include your contact details. For example, your phone number, email, and mailing address. Another key point is to showcase your work experience. Such as work experience of the recent one year or within past ten years.

Besides, update your resume for each job, you are applying for. Likewise, do the proofreading and purge all mistakes and grammatical errors.

Henceforth, keep a career summary of four to six sentences to feature your core skills and competencies. Also, do not include your life stories. It won’t attract the employer. 

However, you can mention any extra abilities such as fire & safety or rescue certification. Likewise, in your resume, add any volunteer & Social work experience if you have one. Set apart yourself from the other applicants. 

In conclusion, don’t forget the importance of a cover letter. For this reason, mention a job posting ID/number in the cover letter, and submit it along with your resume.

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Key factors to remember 

Remember, don’t feel confused about the file format. On balance, you can save/submit your Canada-style resume in Ms-Word ”.doc” or ”.pdf” file format either.  

Next, keep your resume simple, easy to read, and understand in a short period. Typically, employers and hiring managers spend only a few seconds to go through the submissions. So, if your resume can not grab their attention, it may head to the trash basket.

Indeed, a resume is your introduction & an instrument to secure a job interview. Thus, maintain clarity. So, focus on highlighting your work experience, qualification, and core skills. You can explain your extra details later on. In case you get a chance for an interview.

Grab the attention of the employers

Sometimes Canadian employers and the hiring officer may have a specific requirement. Such as joining or availability of the applicant. So, this is all-important to follow the employer’s requirements.

Hence, you need to mention your availability for that vacancy. Otherwise, there is no chance to for a success. According to each vacancy, change your resume. In a word, you can alter some bullet points and sentences to emphasize your expertise & accomplishments.

Unlike, you may need to redraft an entirely new resume in a Canadian format for some employers. Ultimately, grab the employer’s attention. 

Important to realize that each resume and cover letter you submit echoes the role you have to perform practically. Therefore, don’t generalize your testimonials by claiming that ‘I can do any work’. Because these types of sentences are vague professionally. 

Instead of that, furnish concrete examples of your skills and experience. In reality, unnecessary statements can shift the reader’s attention. So, focus on factors that will make them trust.

In conclusion, you need to show that you can add value to their company. Eventually, value-adding factors could be your plus points.   

You can build a professional resume at job-bank Canada.

Submission tips for Canadian style resume

Finally, once you create a professional CV according to the Canadian recruiter’s standard. Then, you may have to submit it, but don’t rush. Above all, make a list of job postings and employers you are interested in. Then, check their companies’ websites if available. 

Certainly, it will give you an idea about the employer’s goals, services, and core competence. So, you can pick up some points to update your resume and cover letter accordingly. 

Similarly, you can check each job’s description and other details. So, use the keywords and vacancy Identification number in your application package.

To sum up, sharing a bonus tip for you. So, remember if you want to get a job offer from any Canadian employer. Then, Apply only for jobs that are related to your occupation & NOC.

Canada Resume Sample Templates find here;

Word format

PDF format

Cover letters

What Canadian employers look for in resumes?

In fact, employers and hiring managers in Canada scrutinize resumes to find suitable candidates for vacant positions. Therefore, your resume should accord with your qualifications and career aspirations also, the job you are applying for.

Thus, you may not get the best results by submitting a generic resume to multiple employers for various positions. Consequently, you should write functional resumes for jobs in Canada that cover your overall qualifications.

6 vital factors Canadian recruiters and companies may see on a resume are:

  1. Relevance of the candidate’s portfolio to the vacant position.
  2. Skills and professional qualifications.
  3. Contact information, job title, and NOC for the candidate.
  4. A first aid course or any volunteer work.
  5. Summary of applicant’s resume, and aim.
  6. The applicant’s educational background and work experience.


What is Canadian style resume?

For any professional, a Canadian-style resume is crucial to a prosperous future. So, it is the same as in other countries, such as chronological or reverse-chronological resume formats.
However, a Canadian resume format differs from the one you use in India, Pakistan, or the Philippines, called CV (Curriculum Vitae).
It is imperative that the job seekers, whether they are inside or outside Canada, have a resume that captures employers’ attention.

Thus, in order to compete in the job market, your resume-format should meet the following standards:
1- It should be ATS-friendly (auto tracking system).
2- You must include your NOC & skill level.
3- Include keywords that Canadian employers use in vacancy advertisements.
4- The resume must be to the point & precise.
5- Clarity and conciseness are key to a good Canadian resume.
6- 2 pages is a good length for a resume.
7- Avoid including photos & logos.
8- Include the date and reference number of the job position.
9- Whenever you apply for a job, your resume should be customized.
10- Avoid using colorful or fancy fonts in the resume.

Does Canada use CV or resume?

The document you submit to apply for a job in Canada is known as ‘Resume’, instead of a CV (curriculum vitae). 
The resume is a professional term, and it is acceptable in Canada for employment. In addition, Canadian businesses and employers generally use the term resume in listing their positions. 
So, it is likely Canada uses a work resume since it comes from the French word résumé meaning “summary”. It is also important to note that French is the 2nd official language of Canada.
In the UK, Europe, and Asia this document is referred to as a CV. So, CV originated from a Latin word, and it summarizes qualifications, education, and career history.

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