Canadian Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents–All you need to know

The Canadian Super Visa is a best pathways for parents & grandparents to meet their children in Canada and live there up to 2 years within 10 years. Similarly, it provides golden opportunity to Canadian permanent residents & citizens for family reunion.

Millions of people around the world are living apart from their families in Canada for a better future and a better life. Therefore, it is an instinct for these immigrants to meet their parents and elders.

What sets Canada apart from the rest of the world is that it adapts its immigration policy to the human and social needs of not only its citizens but also their families.

The parents & grandparents Super Visa program (PGP) is also part of the same positive Canadian immigration policy that was introduced in December 2011 and has been gaining popularity ever since.

So in this article I have covered all the important points regarding Canadian super visa program which you can see in the next paragraphs to benefit from.

Canada Super Visa


Canada Super Visas are ten-year visas that are valid for multiple entries. A parent or grandparent can stay for up to two years in Canada without requiring a renewal or paying fees each time.

Eligibility & Requirements

No doubt Canadian super visa for overseas parents & grandparents (PGP) has enormous benefits however to qualify hosts and travelers must fulfill some requirements. For instance:

  • Super Visa Requirements for the Canadian I (child/grandchild)
  • Eligibility for PGP (Parents & Grandparents)

Requirements for Host (Canadian Citizen/permanent resident)

In order to sponsor your foreign parents or grandparents to Canada through super visa (PGP), you must provide them necessary documents such as;

  • An invitation letter

If you are a child or grandchild, write a letter of invitation stating that you will provide financial support for the duration of their stay.

  • Proof of legal status

Your parents or grandparents should get a copy of your Canadian citizenship or permanent residence documentation. Also, a list that showing yours (host) family size.

  • Proof of Financial support

The host child or grandchild must prove his/her household meets the minimum income threshold. So, it may require some documents as proof of funds:

  1. Bank Statement
  2. Salary slips (pay stubs)
  3. Proof of employment in Canada (a letter that includes salary & date of hiring)
  4. Employment Insurance stubs
  5. NOA (Notice of Assessment) or T4/T1 for the recent tax year

Eligibility for PGP (Parents & Grandparents)

For parents or grandparents to apply for the super visa, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Family connection proof

The candidates those are parents or grandparents and their children or grandchildren are Canadian permanent residents or Canadian citizen, they are eligible for PGP program.

So, you will need some supporting documents as proof of your relationship with your Canadian child or grandchild.

  • Medical insurance

For Candidates, one of the key requirements for getting the Canadian Super Visa is insurance. It also compulsory for super visa candidates to purchase a medical insurance from a Canadian company because its proof is required.

In addition, a paid health insurance for PGP super visa must be valid for a minimum of one year from entry in Canada.

Most importantly, the medical insurance for super visa candidates should cover hospitalization and health care, no less than $100,000. One more important document you need that is your medical exam report.

What is the method to apply for super visas?

As an IRCC Canada rule, potential candidates can only apply for a super visa if they are outside Canada. Furthermore, application can be launched online or on paper for a Canadian super visa.

Therefore, you will require preparing your all documents for the visa application to proceed. Moreover, the recommended way to apply for a super visa is online because of the following reasons:

  • Online applications gets quick processing
  • Canada immigration gets your application instantly
  • Fast documents submission
  • You receive instant updates about visa application
  • No courier fee

Hence, you can start your PGP super visa application online at Canada-Ca and pay the fee through debit or credit card.

Next, you may need to give your biometrics (fingerprints & photo) at VAC (Canadian visa application centre) in your country.   Finally, if your application is approved, you will travel to Canada on super visa to meet your kids or grandchildren.

What is Fee for Canadian super visa?

Canada super visa fees for multiple entry is same as visitor visa fee, that is $CAN 100 for a single applicant. However, you need to pay biometrics fee that maybe be around $CAN 85 per person.

PGP Invitations Lottery System

There are millions, not thousands, of immigrants in Canada. So it’s natural for them to want to meet their parents and sponsor them to live in Canada.

That is why the number of applicants has been increasing day by day since the IRCC introduced the super visa under the PGP program.

Therefore, Canada Immigration has introduced a lottery system through which applicants for the Super Visa Parents and Grandparents program are selected. The quota of a super visa for the year 2021 has been announced at 30,000.

What does super visa insurance cover?

Each insurance policy for Canada’s super visa is slightly different, but most insurers offer coverage:

  • Doctor’s fees (General purposes)
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • X-rays
  • Emergency dental
  • Medicines (Prescription)

Thus, PGP super visa applicants can choose to pay more for additional coverage if required.

How many does PGP super visa costs?

The average super visa cost for one person travelling to Canada for one year is as below:

  1. Visa, Biometrics & Health exam estimated cost:  $200CAN
  2. Super visa medical insurance minimum cost 100 $CAN

Above all, estimated cost varies as PGP applicant’s circumstances.

Can a super visa holder work in Canada?

Generally, parents and grandparents holding super visas may not work in Canada. However, if they want to work or business in Canada, they will need to choose a relevant visa category.

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What makes Super Visa different from a Canadian visitor visa & multiple entry visa?

Duration of stay is the main difference between a visitor visa and Canadian super visa. Because temporary residence visa (TRV) or visitor visa holders can stay in Canada only for 6-months.
Unlike, Canadian super visa allows its holder to live there for 2-years.
Furthermore, the core benefit of Canadian super visa is its multiple entries option. And, it last for up to 10-years. In contrast, a separate 10-year multiple entry visa for Canada allows only 06-months to stay there for each entry.

What are the Canada’s Super Visas?

Canada super visa is an especial visa program that permits Canadian permanent residents & citizens to sponsor their parents & grandparents to live in Canada.
It is a multiple entry visa also knows as Canada PGP visa. As a result, super visa holders can stay with their kids or grandchildren for 2-years. However, they cannot include other family members in the application.

Is Canada still issuing super visas?

Canadian immigration is granting PGP super visas to the eligible candidates since December 2011 when it was introduced.
Thousands of candidate have already been in Canada through PGP visa program. Furthermore, the IRCC Canada declared in 2021 to grant almost 30,000 invitations to the eligible candidates of PGP program.

How much minimum income is required for Canada’s Super visa?

Under Canadian PGP super visa program, an invitation (child or grandchild) must have a minimum $25,921 gross income.
However, income requirements for the super visa depends on the invite’s family size. So, to know complete Income scale according to Size of invite’s family unit, see the table.super visa income requirements 2021


Parents and grandparents can now meet their love ones in Canada if both parties fulfill the requirements. Because getting a Canadian super visa from India or any other country has been easier.

So, in this blog I have highlighted most important factors, process and Canadian super visa requirements. So if you are a potential PGP visa applicant or a host, must read each paragraph carefully and check out the links. 

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