How to apply for Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker Program?

Learn how to apply for Canadian temporary foreign worker program (TFWP) to move there for an employment. Canada’s TFWP is a way for business-owners to recruit foreigners temporarily to address skill-shortages. Likewise, aspirants to work in Canada can get a work permit.

This program is jointly operated by immigration refugees and citizenship Canada IRCC and employment and social development Canada ESDC. Under the temporary foreign worker program, Canadian employers may hire temporary foreign workers through any of the following streams:

  • High-wage / Low-wage workers,
  • Global talent stream,
  • Foreign agricultural workers,
  • Care-giver Program
  • Foreign academics.
Canadian temporary foreign worker program

High Wage & Low-Wage workers Streams

High-wage workers program is a program that allows the best and the brightest to immigrate to Canada. It aims to encourage individuals who have unique skills or experience that will contribute to the growth of our economy. Thus, the experienced professionals raising high-salaries can come to Canada and work there temporarily.

Likewise, common workers with low or average education and skills are also eligible to apply for Canadian work permit via TFWP. You can easily figure out low and high-wage jobs by considering average hourly wages in a Canadian province you going to work. For instance,

ProvincePer Hour Wage (Average)
British Columbia$25.00
New Brunswick$20.12
Nova Scotia$20.00
Newfoundland and Labrador$23.00
Reference: IRCC Canada

Hence, if your employer is offering you an hourly wage above median wage of the province you are going to work, then apply for high-wage stream. Otherwise, if that is below the provincial average salary, you can apply under low-wage stream.

Global Talent Stream in Canada

Foreign nationals with specific talent can get a work permit within 15-days through Global Talent Stream (GTS). Because a skilled worker from a foreign country may be hired via GTS process by a Canadian employer.

Canada’s Global Talent Stream provides a solution to the challenges that employers face when trying to attract global talent. It is a fast and flexible service that can help employers get their skilled foreign workers to Canada in as little as 2 weeks. Above all, this stream works under Canadian temporary worker program.

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Agricultural Worker Stream

Temporary foreign agricultural worker program, also known as TFWP in Canada. Thus, the program brings foreign workers to Canada to fill temporary labour and skills shortages.

There are several employment options available to Canadians and migrants under the TFWP. Which is including full-time, part-time and seasonal work. As a result, farmers and agriculture worker can come to Canada via TFWP and work in there temporarily.

In-home Caregiver Program

This program allows Canadian families to hire a foreign worker as a caregiver. Although, Caregivers can be temporary or permanent. A foreign caregiver performs various duties such as to help seniors, children, and the people with medical needs. Hence, foreign caregivers can get a job offer and apply for a work permit under Canadian temporary worker program.

Foreign Academics

Canadian universities have historically been a haven for foreign academics seeking to gain experience in a Canadian educational environment.

Universities across the country, however, are finding themselves in a difficult position, as they are looking for new ways to attract and keep talented academics. In view of Canadian institution’s personnel and teaching demands, foreign academics can proceed to Canada through TFWP to work there.

TFWP Canada Requirements

To be eligible for the TFWP (Canadian temporary foreign worker program), a job offer is mandatory for candidates from a Canadian employer. Also, a foreign worker must meet the TFWP requirements, for example:

  • Foreign worker must be admissible to Canada,
  • Not have a criminal record, and
  • Be medically & financially fit to come to Canada.

Such employer must have an approved labour market impact assessment (LMIA) status to hire a foreign worker.

Job Offer under Canadian temporary foreign worker program

Getting a job offer and LMIA from a Canadian employer is the first-stage of the TFW program. Unless your employment-position is exempt from LMIA.

Because once you secure a job the whole process will be a lot easier. Although, the challenge people have is how to search and apply for jobs in Canada while they are in overseas countries.

In fact, job-bank Canada is the official job board of the Canadian government where many jobs are listed. You can search for vacant positions on the site in several ways.

So, one way you can browse jobs according to your need. In addition, the official portal shows you in-demand jobs such as by region, sections, and so on. Furthermore, you can use the search field or/and job-title at the portal to find suitable jobs.

Additionally, you cannot apply for a job through job-bank if you do not have a profile in Express Entry pool. However, you can note down an employer’s email or website and submit your resume directly.

If you get a job offer from a Canadian employer, he/she will provide you with an LMIA. Then, you can apply for your Canadian closed-work permit.

Moreover, there is another very useful portal called ‘‘Canada-Career-Site’’ to find real Canadian employers and companies.

Work Permit

One thing worthy of note here is that a closed work permit under TFWP means it will only be valid for a period of a maximum of one year. Because of this, you cannot change company or employers once you landed in Canada.

Furthermore, employer based in Quebec will need to get a certification of approval from Quebec government. Finally, the application for the work permit should be made once you have a job contract or employment offer from a Canadian employer.


In fact, one common characteristic of Canadian TWF program is the requirement for a labour market impact assessment (LMIA). That means any Canadian employer who wish to bring in foreign workers to come and work in Canada must first obtain an LMIA.  

Getting an LMIA means employer is proving there is no Canadian citizen or permanent residence in Canada who could do the job. Therefore, employer is hiring a foreign national.

Nevertheless, in Canada some professions and categories are exempt from LMIA and aspirants can still apply for a temporary foreign worker program.  

LMIA Exemption

Under the IMP (International Mobility Program), employers and companies can hire temporary foreign workers to ease labour shortages in Canada.

The Canadian government has granted LMIA exemption for certain occupations, but not all of them are within the International Mobility Program (IMP). There are many factors that need to be considered when determining your eligibility under the IMP.

Can you stay in Canada permanently?

Canada has made it possible for temporary foreign workers to apply for permanent residence, many of them have been able to attain this status. The procedure, however, may have been complexes for other foreign nationals.

There are several challenges when applying for permanent residence in Canada, especially for temporary foreign workers. This is because it is complex to determine whether they are eligible for permanent residence. However, a few prominent options to apply for permanent residence under the TFWP are:

  • Caregiver Program in Canada,
  • The CEC (Canadian Experience Class), and
  • Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).


Canada is the country of opportunities. It offers various job opportunities to foreign workers. Likewise, the Canadian temporary foreign worker program (TFWP) helps employers to recruit foreigners when they cannot find suitable Canadians or permanent residents to hold a vacancy. The program addresses labour needs temporarily, but it gives various opportunities to settle in Canada permanently.

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