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Among all visa-free countries, Cape Verde is prominent for its soulful beaches and fastest citizenship program. However, a Cape Verde visa on arrival or e-visa requires a pre-arrival online registration. That is pretty simple.

By the same token, some visitors have visa-free access to Cape Verde. But some others require getting a visa on arrival. Pre-registration is compulsory for all. Basically, the pre-arrival approval is an evisa of Cape Verde. Thus, it’s all depending upon visitors’ nationality.

So, if you are planning to explore the beauty of this amazing island. Then you can fulfill your desire on a tiny budget. Let’s unveil the requirements and have a look at more details.

Is Cape Verde expensive?

Before moving to know about Cape Verde visa on arrival or e-visa requirements & the process. This is important to learn some interesting facts.   

So, if you want to enjoy warm sunny beaches and thrilling nightlife on a low budget. Then Cape Verde Island is your dream destination. However, you can also book a holiday package.

There are many tour operators who offer very nominal packages for families, couples, and solo travelers. You can easily find them online.

Accommodation is cheap, and people are so welcoming across the Islands. Cape Verde is a multiracial West African country. Its culture reflects the Europeans’ shades along with African beauty. And the reason is that the Island was a Portuguese colony a long time ago.

Interestingly, the official language of Cape Verde is Portuguese, and the currency is Cape Verdean Escudos. Besides, the Euro is a common exchange currency on the Island. You can shop anything in US dollars or Euros either.

Cape Verde visa on arrival & foreign Businesspersons  

Another important this is to highlight. That e-visa & ease in visa on arrival of Cape Verde is a blessing for businesspersons. Henceforth, many entrepreneurs and investors choose citizenship by investment program of Island to get a second passport.

In reality, the Cape Verde passport opens the doors of new markets for entrepreneurs. Such as they can access the 66 other visa-free destinations worldwide.

Particularly, citizenship by marriage in Cape Verde is super-fast. For instance, if a foreigner marries a Cape Verdean citizen. Then, he or she can apply for citizenship right after the marriage registration.

There are no prior residency conditions to become a citizen of Cape Verde. Now, let’s discuss the principal topic.

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Cost of the online registration process for Cape Verde visa

As you already learn that you need to complete the online registration before traveling to Cape Verde Island. Cape Verde visa on arrival is just a stamping & permission.

Therefore, you need to present a pre-approved evisa at the airport. The single entry permit is valid for 30 days, which is extendable.

If you are going over there by air. Then, fill-up an online form. The current visa fees or costs you can check on the Cape Verde government website.

Before launching an electronic application. Ensure your passport is valid for over six months. You need to upload some scanned copies of the supporting document as below;

  1. Passport bio-data page
  2. Hotel/accommodation booking
  3. Flight reservation
  4. Travel Plan

Do online registration from 5 to 7 days before your trip to the Island. This is an evisa. So, once you apply online, it will take a few days to process.

Finally, you will get a decision on your visa application via email. So, if you want to know, what Cape Verde is famous for, continue reading.  

Portal: Pre-Arrival Registration

Pre Arrival Online Registration Form for Cape Verde Visa
Pre Arrival Registration Form for Cape Verde Visa – Screen Shot

Is Cape Verde safe for tourists?

Yes, of course, Cape Verde is a safe, touristic destination. In reality, the crime rate across the island is too low. This African nation is following Portuguese thoughts. Cape Verdeans lifestyle is an accurate reflection of Afro-European culture.

Therefore, a notable number of foreigners, especially European are living and doing business on the Island. They are living a peaceful life and enjoying the courtesy of the Cape Verdeans.

The Island’s economy depends on the tourism industry. Every year, especially in summer, many tourists visit Cape Verde. As a result, locals have been familiar with the tourists.

Facts about Republic of Cape Verde

Another name of Cape Verde is ‘Cabo Verde’ that is actually a Portuguese word. They colonized it in the 15th and 16th centuries. The Island comprises ten different Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

Approximately, the total population is half a million, and the name of the capital city is ‘Praia’. Maritime borders connect Cape Verde to Senegal, Gambia, Mauritania, and Guinea-Bissau.

Cape Verde has a positive image internationally. They are a most liberal nation and established democracy in the African continent. The living standard of Cape Verdeans is higher than in the whole of Africa. The climate of the island is tropical with thrilling aridity and usually modest.

Islands and International Airport

A good thing is that Cape Verde has a connection to the Americas, Europe, and Africa via four international airports of Boa Vista, Sal, and São Vicente. Cape Verde has ten beautiful Islands. Their names are;

  1. Sal Island
  2. Santa Luzia Island
  3. São Nicolau Island
  4. Santo Antão Island
  5. Santiago Island
  6. São Vicente Island
  7. Boa Vista Island
  8. Brava Island
  9. Maio Island
  10. Fogo Island

Touristic Cities of Cape Verde

You can see the beauty of Cape Verde in various places. However, the most high-rated touristic places on the Island are;

  • Praia the capital city – On Island of Santiago
  • Espargos–Airport city on Sal Island
  • Cidade Velha – A historic town in Santiago
  • Port city Mindelo – On Island of São Vicente
  • Santa Maria–a most visited city on Sal Island
  • Sao Filipe–An ancient, beautiful town on Fogo Island
  • Assomada city–on Santiago Island
Cape Verde visa on arrival, Evisa, and regular visa

In conclusion, this is important to explain that this article is an overview. Besides, Cape Verde visa on arrival and evisa there is a regular visa system as well. Because Cape Verde has embassies and consulates in various countries. Such as the United States, UK, Germany, and so on. So, if you need more details. Contact any nearest diplomatic representative office of Cape Verde.   

Cape Verde Visa-Free detail in Hindi and Urdu:

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