The Cost of Canadian PR: Do you know?

If you’re thinking about immigrating to Canada, you’ve likely thought about the cost of Canadian PR. But, the process can seem constraining.

There are several key steps that need to be taken, and each of them comes with an application fee, some of which are non-refundable (meaning you have to pay up front).

The full cost of Canadian PR may come as a surprise! However, it’s not nearly as costly as you might guess. Here’s what you need to know about the cost of Canadian PR.

cost of PR in canadian

Residency Requirements

To apply for permanent residency (PR) in Canada, there are two steps. The first step is applying for your temporary resident visa at an embassy or consulate outside of Canada.

This visa allows you to stay in Canada for up to six months. Once that period is up, you’ll need to apply for permanent resident status (formerly called landed immigrant status) at a local office within Canada.

You’ll also need proof that you have enough money for your trip and living expenses while in Canada.

If you are married or will work in Canada, you may be required to prove financial support from a family member or employer.

Economic immigration Fees

Immigrant applicants are assessed on their ability to support themselves and their dependents, as well as any accompanying family members. The cost of immigration depends on several factors, including region, nationality and marital status.

A True Cost of Canadian PR Visa

Canada’s Permanent Residence visa application and processing fees under economic immigration, which includes 8-categories:

  1. Federal skilled workers
  2. Federal skilled trades
  3. Provincial nominee
  4. Atlantic immigration program
  5. Quebec-selected skilled workers
  6. Canadian experience class
  7. Agri-food pilot
  8. Rural and northern immigration pilot

Principle applicant / Spouse

  • Processing: Fee $CAN 850
  • Right of PR: Fee $CAN 515
  • Total Cost: $1,365/each

A dependent (child)

  • Fee $CAN 230/per child

Of course, you’ll also have to pay for your medical examination (around $100), as well as any translation and/or legal fees.

So, your entire cost can vary depending on if you’re using an immigration lawyer or doing everything yourself.

Moreover, if you plan on bringing your family along, they’ll also have to get their own permanent residence, so be ready to spend more cash.

PR Vs. Work Permit

A work permit differs from a permanent resident card (PR Card) because it is temporary. It allows you to work for your employer in Canada for up to 24 months.

Unlike, if you want to continue working after that time you’ll need to apply for another one.

Conversely, permanent resident status allows you to remain in Canada and gives you access to government benefits such as healthcare, unemployment insurance and coverage through tax deductions.

If you earn more than $3,800 annually or have RRSPs with more than $75,000 in them, then you won’t be eligible for provincial healthcare coverage.

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How to apply?

In fact, application for permanent resident status is handled by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

You can submit your PR application online by yourself otherwise hire an immigration consultant or lawyer in order to help with your application.

You’ll need to fill out your details on their online account as well as submit documents proving that you’re eligible for residency and meet specific criteria outlined in Canada’s immigration laws.

Once you apply, IRCC will send you an acknowledgement letter confirming that they have received your application.

They will guide and communicate via email, and you may have to submit your biometrics and passport for a Canadian PR visa.

You can check the processing time based on your nationality and country when the IRCC reviews your PR application.

Finally, if immigration finds you eligible and approves your application, you can fly to your dreamland Canada.


So, when it comes down to answering what is the cost of Canadian PR, you really have to determine which category you fall into.

Thus, as a rough estimate we can say that attaining a Canadian permanent residence it may cost $CAD 2000 more or less.

Hence, in this blog I featured the compulsory cost of immigration to Canada just to give you an idea of expenses.

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