Famous Places in Spain: 10 Beautiful Places You Can Visit

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There are many amazing and famous places in Spain where you can go on your vacations and have some fun. In addition, delicious Spanish cuisines, soulful music, traditional dances, sandy beaches, and colorful nightlife are the main elements that fascinate tourists from all over the world.

 So, apart from the attractions of ancient historical sites, this country also has immense natural beauty. Spain is located on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula. Thus, it includes 17 autonomous regions with diverse geography and cultures. 

So, here this 2019’s study had several international visitors, amounting to 84 million approx. Also, the most visited touristic attractions in Spain are;

  1. Barcelona 
  2. Alicante
  3. The Royal Palace of Madrid
  4. Alcazar of Segovia
  5. Zaragoza
  6.  Plaza Mayor 
  7.  Toledo
  8.  Ronda 
  9.  Seville
  10.  Valencia

Barcelona, Best in Famous Places in Spain list

Barcelona is one of the fabulous cities in Spain. Therefore, it is Spain’s foremost city and has been a center of art and culture for centuries.

Barcelona has stunning sunny beaches that flaunt its beauty and amazing lifestyle.However, you can visit several places there. So, one of the most historical sites is the Basílica de la Sagrada Família, which is in the northern part of the city.

Also, Park Güell and Casa Milà are worth seeing places where always a swarm of tourists from all over the world. Hence, you can make your trip memorable by visiting some more places in Barcelona such as;

  1. La Barceloneta
  2. La Rambla
  3. Casa Batlló
  4. Montjuïc the Magic Fountain 
  5. Art Museums in Montjuïc
  6. Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter)
  7. Palau de la Música Catalana

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Alicante, a unique choice among the famous places in Spain

Now, here the second place on our list is Alicante, one of Spain’s best tourist attractions. Importantly, Alicante, the city is easily reachable by many European countries’ airports.

Alicante, is located in south-eastern Costa Blanca and it is the capital of the Alicante province. The city has an international airport at El Altet.

Thus, Alicante has a diverse range of food from international delicacies to exquisite Spanish cuisines. Further, this is the second-largest Spanish city in the beautiful Valencia region. The population is over 340,000. 

Usually, sunlight lovers head to Benidorm a place north of Alicante. It has many attractions and beaches less crowded compare to other seaside destinations in Spain.

Immaculate seashores at the base of stunning mountains, colorful houses everywhere you can experience in Benidorm. So, some top rate destinations in Alicante are;

  • Castillo de Santa Barbara
  • Museo Arqueológico
  • Explanada de España
  • Basilica de Santa Maria
  • Playa Del Postiguet

The Royal Palace of Madrid

Do you know Madrid is home to one of the most impressive, royal, and famous palaces in Spain?

Madrid palace is located in the heart of Spain’s capital city, & over 2000 luxuriously decorated rooms, from which 50 are open for the public.

The Royal Palace provides an hour guided tour just for 4 euros per person (Ticket) and you can visit through many of the rooms and banqueting halls.

The place is used on many important occasions like the head of state visits and lots of other important ceremonies. So, if you are planning to visit Spain, you can add the royal palace in Madrid to your list.

Because this place is not only one of the popular destination but has geographical and political importance as well. 

Alcazar of Segovia, Spain

Next on our list is a splendid castle called Alcázar de Segovia. Importantly, it is one of the most peculiar ancient buildings in Spain because of its unique shape. 

Therefore, the castle is one of the top tourist attractions of Spain. Alcázar de Segovia is rising out on a rocky cliff above the confluence of two rivers near the mountains of Guadarrama.

Hence, the castle has a very gorgeous view and is mainly used as a museum and a military archive. 

The first reference to the castle was in 1120, residences of the monarchs of Castile in the middle ages. Also, it had a Royal Residential importance around the 12th century.

Zaragoza, Spain

Zaragoza is the capital of the northeastern Aragon region in Spain. The city is known as the home to the magnificent Roman Catholic Basilica Zaragoza. Also, it is the fifth most populated city in the country. 

Therefore, Zaragoza is worldwide famous because of its amazing food streets, wonderful historical sites, and beautiful sceneries. In short, this city has everything for a perfect holiday plan

The city is approximately 160 miles (260 kilometers) away from Barcelona and your journey will take more or less 1h 30m. In addition, Some of its famous visitors’ places are:

  • Pablo Serrano Museum 
  • Fluvial Aquarium of Zaragoza
  • Educational Museum of Original in Zaragoza (EMZO)
  • Cathedral and Tapestry Museum
  • Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar 

Plaza Mayor, Spain 

Now, you are aware of some stunning, famous places in Spain, but don’t forget the Plaza Mayor.

It is a historical landmark, built-in (1589-1619) during the reign of Philip III. The Plaza Mayor was used to call “Plaza del Arrabal”.

It is located in the heart of Madrid. Moreover, Grand Arcade Square in the Plaza Mayor is the main tourist hub. 

Toledo, Spain

Toledo is located on the bank of the Tagus in central Iberia. Also, it is called the ‘City of Three Cultures’ because Muslims, Christians, and Jews emulated in its history.

Further, Toledo is having unique historical importance, was the capital from 542 to 725 AD of the Visigothic Kingdom.

Concluding with words that, if you love history, then Toledo city won’t disappoint you, and your visit there could be remarkable.  Following are some of the delightful places to visit in Toledo:

  • National Museum of the Great Lakes
  • Toledo Museum of Art
  • Imagination Station
  • Canal Experience 
  • Toledo Zoo

Ronda, Spain

The city of Ronda on a mountaintop town in the Malaga province of Spain. Although the city is small and has a population of about 35 to 36,000. 

Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Ronda. Thus, there is an incredible pathway that takes you from the old town to the El Tajo.

The city of Ronda is the hometown of the Spanish bullfight even in the modern era. In addition, the game has been around for centuries and has become an integral part of local culture.

In Ronda, another interesting for tourists is hanging balconies. If you wander along with the Paseo E Hemingway, you can see the impulsive balconies hanging on the verge of the Tajo gorge.

There are more astonishing touristic places in Ronda, Spain such as; 

  1. Casa del Rey Moro (Moorish King House),
  2. Museo Lara (The History Museum),
  3. La Ciudad (The Old Moorish Town),
  4. Puente Nuevo (New Bridge)

Seville, Spain

Seville is a gorgeous city in Spain and famous for its alluring sceneries. Unlike, the city is quite busy, having a population of around 690,000. 

Seville has a variety of things to explore such as Santa Semana (Holy Week Festival) and Casa de Pilatos. 

Many backpackers wonder that, Is Seville, Spain worth visiting?

Yes, Seville is worth visiting because it is full of life and possibilities. You can enjoy traditional Flamenco dance and explore places as;

  • Anuntamiento (Town Hall)
  • Museo del Baile Flamenco (Flamenco Dance, Museum)
  • Museo de Bellas Artes
  • Catedral de Sevilla
  • Real Alcázar 

Valencia, Spain (Art and Science City)

If you are wandering in Spain and haven’t visited Valencia, then your tour isn’t over yet. Because there is a worth seeing a city of Art & Science.

Further, this has become the most popular and fascinating cultural complex and Spain’s most recognizable attraction

The city of Art and Science is called the 12th treasure of Spain. Thus, anyone who visits there once is amazed to see this city.

Valencia is a port city and situated on the south-eastern coast of Spain. It has 2.5 million citizens. Also, Valencia is the super best among all famous places in Spain.

There are many worth seeing sites in Valencia for instance:

  • Bioparc Valéncia
  • Plaza de la Virgen
  • Mercado Central
  • Pceanográfic de Valéncia
  • Las Fallas Festival


To sum up, Spain is full of beautiful heritage, rich culture, delicious foods, and history. Hence, all famous places in Spain have the same reflection.

Therefore, Spain sees many tourists round the year, especially in summer. So, if you are planning to explore Spain, then book your hotel or hostel in advance.

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