Global Talent Stream Canada – Fastest Immigration Pathway for Canada Immigration

Work permits process complete within 30 days under global talent stream of Canada. Thus, it is the fastest way to immigrate to Canada for international skilled workers in some specified occupations. Let’s go through more details.

Indeed, this amazing program allows Canadian employers to select candidates temporarily. So you can get two years work permit under the global talent stream (GTS).

So, if you are working in technology, engineering or mathematics, or science and planning to move to Canada. Then, this is the quickest way to do that. But you have to find a Canadian employer who will support you with an LMIA.

The LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) processing takes only 10 to 15 days, and the work permit also takes 10 to 15 days. So this is a much-expedite process than the usual work permit application.

Understand The Global Talent Stream

They started the GTS in Canada in 2017. And it was just a ”pilot program” only for two years. However, the GTS gain popularity among the immigration aspirants.

Because of splendid success, the Canadian government made ”Global Talent” a ‘permanent program‘. In reality, this initiative is a part of Canada’s global skill strategy. Importantly, this program enables Canadian companies to hire ”talented professionals” in a short period. Now, move further to understand how it works. So, there are two categories in this program as;

  • A Category

Particularly for the scientists & Researchers

  • B Category

Specific NOCs mainly for Information Technology & Technology jobs

Who can apply under the Global Talent Stream of Canada?

Particularly, under ‘Category A‘ the people can apply, who are working in science, research and development.

It allows Canadian employers to hire high skilled talent in a sped up way. In contrast, some specific occupations fall under the ‘Category B‘. Such as;

Computer & Information
System Managers
Software EngineersSoftware Designers
Information System
Analysts & Consultants
Computer ProgrammersWeb Developers
Database analyst & AdministratorsComputer Network TechniciansInteractive Media Developers
Information System Testing TechniciansWeb DesignersEngineers
Canada’s Global Talent Stream – Occupations Table

Several categories of visual arts, video gaming industry, and digital media designers fall under this category. You can see the global talent occupation complete list on the Canada immigration website.

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Employers Role

Remember, the GTS is an employer-driven program. It means that the employer has to take part in the program. Then, to pay the fee per applicant.

Hence, the employer has to prove that his/her business is legitimate. Also, need to prove that employer cannot find this talent within Canada.

Therefore, GTS taking part employers have to go through an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) process. In short, employer compliance is a big part of this process.

How to find a Canadian employer who is hiring talent under GTS?

The structure of GTS is very professional and straightforward. For instance, the Canadian government designates specific employers for the global talent stream. There is an extensive list of the designated Canadian program partners for category A.

Hence, you can easily reach out to the Canadian employers. Also, you can submit your resume and request the employer to support you, with an LMIA.

Global talent stream, for Category A designated partners list here

How to find category B jobs & employers for Canada’s global talent stream?

If your occupation falls into Category B, you can search for Canadian employers and jobs on any online platform for example Jobbank Canada or LinkedIn. You can also contact the Recruitment and Employment Agencies that guide job seekers in some Canadian provinces such as;

If you get a job offer from the designated employer of GTS

Once, you successfully achieve a Canadian job offer with an LMIA support letter. Then you have to apply for a work permit on the Canadian immigration website.

Above all, you must ready all your documents before initiating an online application. After submission of the application package, you will receive a decision within 15 days. Luckily, if your work permit visa request gets approval. Then you are ready to fly to Canada as a temporary foreign worker for two years.

How to apply Canada work Permit Website.

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  1. Hello Sir / Madam,
    Myself Masood Pasha, I am not able to find employers list through the link provided to check who are all employers I have to apply, it is redirecting me Government of Canada website, please help.

    My NOC :
    Computer and information systems managers (0213) Skill Level A and Skill Type 0

  2. I am a graphic designer having 9 years of experience.I am 42 yrs old. Am I eligible for this program? But I don’t have a qualification certificate as same as my profession. I have a certificate of diploma in computer engineering.

  3. hi, my husband need work visa in canada, plz kind information in this visa , my husband work experence in sale markiting job in 25 Years in sudia Arabia in jeedah ,,thnks

    • Ma’m, you can email us your spouse short profile details such as age, education, IELTS score, and title of the occupation. Thanks

      • Hello,
        I have done MBA finance and have 14 years experience of different posts ranging from operations manager, production manager, fin ace manager, to director level posts in companies.
        What option is best for me to move to Canada

  4. Hello,

    I’m from pakistan and working in the field of ERP since 2017, want to apply for a work permit either immigration. So can you pls guide me where my field fall in which category.

  5. Sir mene computer hardware and networking ka course jetking se Kiya tha Kya me es program ke liye elizible hu Kya .mere computer hardware and networking ke documents es program ke liye Manny hai.plese reply me

  6. Hi, I want to apply for post’s Computer network technicians and code is ( 2281 ) & Computer and information systems managers ( 0213 ), i don’t understand how can apply for this post please guide me how i can apply for this post’s. I need some help, contact me on gmail.

  7. JazakAllahu Khairan,
    Thank you, for your video and this article.
    The link of designated employers shared in the article does not mention employers for GROUP B (IT/Computers).
    It just has mentioned designated partners for GROUP B. Am I missing something.?

  8. I am 45 years of age and heaving 20 years of experience of Administration and HR, i have done my Masters in HR,
    kindly guide me for quick immigration,

  9. Thanks for sharing valuable info. List of designated employers for category B cannot be found at the link provided. Please help.

  10. Hi Grace,

    I went through the link that is mentioned in youtube to download Employers list. It is showing list for Category A only. If you have proper link for that then please share directly on your youtube description, why are you making confusion on it.

  11. hello, i am working in logistics as operation supervisor in UAE / Dubai, valid D/A, do you any position for logistics field,

  12. hello, i am 28 years old. i have 3.5 years experience in IT profession. I have score CLB 8 in IELTS GT. I have done my ECA with WES.. there have consider my Master dgree. ao how can apply work permit.. i need employer

  13. On YouTube I watched the video of work permit with in 30days for the specific positions .Iam a UI designer I have an experience of 3years am eligible for the Canada work permit

  14. On YouTube I watched the video of work permit with in 30days for the specific positions .Iam a UI designer I have an experience of 3years am eligible for the Canada work permit

  15. Hello mam I am from India I have completed my masters in english..3yrs experience in teaching.i have completed my diploma in garment designing and have three years experience in fashion merchandising also.i want work permit visa in canada please help me out what to do and how to do

  16. Hello sir how are you am a driver in dubai UAE i need job in Canada I have experience in 7 years please sir give me chance thanku


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