How to find a job in Canada from overseas in 2021

Most of you are always looking for ways and means, and how you can find a job in Canada while outside Canada. And it is for a Canadian work permit or to increase the chance for a permanent residency program. So making your way easy to Canada, find some practical tips in this blog.

So, go through some statistics first. Canada is a country of 37.59 million people spread across 13 provinces and territories. Canada has already announced the new immigration quota of 1.2 million for 2021-2023.

Canadian government targets to receive 401,000 new permanent residents in year 2021, 411,000 in 2022, and 421,000 new immigrants in 2023. That makes for a lot of big numbers.

Despite all this. Canada issues over 100,000 work permits each year, which means these are not Canadian residents, not Canadian nationals. Do remember that many people find their job offers.

If you have a specific skill and have work experience, that requires in Canada. You can be successful.

First thing, there is no magic formula. Finding a job from outside Canada will not be easy. Job search is a job itself. There are several steps you need to take. Look at different ways to concentrate your efforts and see if you can get the job offer.

  1. Use authentic Job Portals.
  2. Try Canadian provincial job Boards.
  3. Be active on LinkedIn.
  4. Social networking method.
  5. You must have a phone number with a voice mail system.
  6. Make your resume as Canadian standards.
  7. Visit the employer website & check positions.
  8. Try the Intra company transfer option if you have one.

How can I find a job in Canada online?

A department called Service Canada runs an independent portal called job bank. Many Canadian employers advertise vacancies on the job bank, but you may not get a quick result. Because they are looking for people currently in Canada, as permanent residents or Citizens.

However, you still try your luck. And then you have the online job portals or job boards. All these are comprehensive job portals, and hopefully, they should yield some results for you.

What are the provincial Job Boards in Canada?

Canadian provincials’ job portals are the most effective ways to reach out to an employer to get a job offer from outside or inside Canada. You can visit them from time to time to target fresh job postings. Such as;

Farm working job

Applying for a job from outside Canada

The Canadian style resume; do not make a generic resume which will not work. Understand; most organizations, corporations, and companies in Canada using an applicant tracking system, and those automated systems are software.

They are looking for keywords, targeted skills. So, change your resume to adopt the Canadian system. So prepare your resume in a Canadian format. If you never know how to do it? Find details here.

Targeted Job search in Canada

You need to understand is that looking for a job in Canada is not just sending are blasting your CV to 10s and 1000s of employees at the same time. It will not work. Target your job search, and you will find something.

So, identify companies, industries, and then you need to target who in that company might interested in you. Also, who is in that company might influence your application.

Be aware of Canadian Job Scams

While you’re running around looking for jobs, be aware of frauds out there. It is illegal for an employer to charge you for this amount. So it will not be an employer who’s asking you for this payment.

Tips: How to find a job in Canada

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