Ireland Visa Processing and Requirements-How to apply?

Compared to other European countries, Ireland visa processing system is simple and easy. So, if you understand its visa process and requirements correctly. Then, your chances of success can increase significantly.

Keep in mind that there are several categories of Irish visas. However, we will mention visitors or tourists here and share information related to it.

Thus, if you are a citizen of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, or any other country and want to apply for a tourist visa to Ireland. Then, you can take advantage of the important information given in this blog. So, let’s understand Ireland’s visa requirements and its step-by-step process.

What is a Short Stay Visa of Ireland?

For Ireland, entry visas of less than three months or up to 90 days are also called short stay ‘C’ visits and tourist visas. This visa allows you to take not only tourism but also short study courses such as language courses. Besides, upon arrival in Ireland, this visa may be extended in certain circumstances.

Ireland Visa Processing Steps

Here are the 5 steps you need to take to apply for an Irish tourist visa. For example;

  1. Fill out the Irish online visa application form
  2. Gather all supporting documents
  3. Submission of visa application
  4. Pay Visa fees and submit documents
  5. Decision on the Irish visa application

The steps outlined above can be very helpful for you in Ireland visa processing. So, let’s learn more about them one by one.

01: Ireland Visa Application Online- How to do it?

You need to create your visa application online on AVATS, which is Ireland’s official portal. The AVATS is a visa application system where you have to answer some questions. Once you complete your visa application, a summary will appear. This application summary includes these two things;

  1. Transaction Number of Visa Application
  2. Application summary sheets

Afterward, you need to print and sign your application summary and attach it to supporting documents. Also, include visa fee receipt, and submit all to the designated Visa Service Center, Embassy, or Irish Consulate.

02: Documents required for Ireland visa

  • Visa application summary sheets
  • Cover letter
  • Accommodation proof
  • Travel / Health Insurance 
  • Passport (current & previous)
  • Travel plan
  • Photographs
  • Finance plan 
  • Income proof / Bank statement
  • Proof you will return home

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Application summary sheets

You must complete the Visa Application form on AVATS carefully and enter all the data correctly. Then, get a clean print of the summary sheets that should be readable.

Visa Cover letter or application letter

In this letter, state why you want to visit Ireland. Also, enter your full name, address, phone number, etc. in it. Besides, in this cover letter, enter your arrival and departure dates in Ireland.

Also, you must write to the visa officer stating that you will comply with all Irish visa requirements and will return to your country from Ireland by the time the visa expires.

Accommodation proof

You will need to provide documentary proof of where you will stay during the tour in Ireland, usually a hotel or hostel booking. Besides, if you stay at the house of a relative or friend, a letter from him/her stating details. Also, proof of his/her legal status in Ireland. 

There are many excellent hotels in the Irish capital Dublin and in other cities. So you can book any hotel online according to your budget.

Travel / Health Insurance 

Travel health insurance is also mandatory for obtaining an Irish tourist visa. Therefore, you need to get medical insurance for the number of days you have to stay there.

Passport (current & previous)

You will also need to submit your current passport and photocopies of all its pages with the visa application. Besides, if you are applying for an Ireland visa from a third country other than your home country. In that case, you must also submit proof of residence (such as a TR card or work permit) with your passport.

Travel plan

You need to write about your travel plan, which places you will visit in Ireland. Also, all the tourist attractions where you want to go for tourism, write their names and brief details.


You will also need to include two color photographs in the visa application. Also, on the back of the pictures, write your ‘name’ and ‘ (AVATS) Application Transaction Number’ in your native language.

Besides, your color picture size must be 35-38mm in width and 45-50mm in height for an Irish visa application. Thus, you can also find more details on the Irish Immigration website.

Finance plan 

You must state in your finance plan how much you will spend on the Ireland tour. For example, how much will you spend on a return ticket, accommodation, and local travel? Also, if your tour is sponsored, the sponsor’s income proof (bank statement) and a letter from him must be attached.

Income proof / Bank statement

Whether you are working, self-employed, or doing a business. You must provide proof of income to get an Ireland visa. For example, if you work somewhere, then attach a three-month salary slip to the application.

Otherwise, the source of income proof and six months original bank statement must be included. It is not necessary to have a fixed amount in the bank account. Instead, you need to show enough money in your bank account to justify your income, savings, and Ireland tour expenses.

Proof you will return home

The most important part of success in Ireland visa processing is that you prove you will return to your home country from Ireland. The Visa Officer assesses a candidate’s application based on his or her circumstances such as economic, social, or family reasons.

Therefore, to prove this, the candidate can include proof of his/her family documents (such as marriage certificate, children’s birth certificates), job or business papers and property documents.

The candidate has to prove that he/she has certain obligations to return home country and he/she will not stay in Ireland beyond the visa period.

03: Submission of visa application

After completing the visa application file, the submission stage comes. You must contact the Irish Visa Application Center, Embassy, or Consulate. Therefore, you need to see where to apply for an Irish visa in the country you are living.

If you are applying for an Irish visa from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or any Gulf country. So, in these countries, book an appointment online with VFS Global. Also, submit the visa file and pay the visa fee there. Often, the candidate also has to give biometrics.

How much is Ireland’s visa fee?

Ireland’s single entry (Short stay ‘C’ visa) tourist visa fee is 60 euros and multiple entry (Short stay ‘C’ visa) fee is 100 euros. Besides, there may be other charges such as consular fees or application center fees.

04: Decision on the Irish visa application

How long does it take to get a visa to Ireland?

Usually, Ireland visa processing takes 8 weeks to complete. Afterward, you get a decision on your application. Finally, if your application gets approval, they will place an Irish visa (sticker) into a blank page of your passport or travel document.

Can I go to Ireland with a United Kingdom visa?

In general, a UK’s short stay visitor visa is valid for travel to Ireland and you don’t need to get an Ireland visa separately. However, you must be a national of an approved country. Similarly, you can visit the United Kingdom, if you are having an Ireland Tourist/visit Visa. So, check more details here;

  • Short Stay Visa Waiver Programme
  • British-Irish Visa Scheme

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Ireland is a beautiful and economically strong country in Europe. Importantly, Ireland’s short-stay visa offers the option of study and tourism for three months, which is also a great opportunity for many people.

Thus, we have furnished for you a brief of Ireland visa processing and its requirements. So, if you want to know more about it, visit the official website.

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