Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

Mostly, in-demand jobs in Canada for foreigners are being showcased on several websites. However, most of the candidates do not get a positive response from the employers. Therefore, I am presenting a practical solution to this problem.

First, you need to learn that how to fit-in eligibility criteria. So, understand that Canada regulate many occupations to protect safety and public health.

Thus, you need a certificate or license from the regulatory organization that administrates those types of professions. Although, many of them are non-regulated occupations. In fact, most job seekers do not know that they need to get an occupational certification before applying for a job.

As a result, they keep submitting their resume but get no success. Because for that reason Canadian employers do not entertain their job applications.

It is almost impossible for candidates to go to Canada for obtaining certification. So, the question is, what’s the solution? No worries, in this article you will find alternative ways. 

Regulated Professions in Canada

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few points about regulated jobs in Canada. For instance, the Canadian government regulates professions that affect several individuals.

Therefore, every Canadian province and territory is in authority for managing the occupations within their territorial borders.

It is important to know that certifications and licenses are valid only within the region of issuance. Hence, you must reapply for new certification in the same region, you plan to work.

Non-Regulated Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

Let’s move on to the most important topic that is non-regulated occupations. In fact, as an overseas worker, finding a non-licensed job in Canada can relieve your stress.

Also, alternative careers are occupations within your arena that do not entail you to re-license.

Therefore, non-regulated jobs are ideal for internationally qualified professionals. Who needs to continue working in their fields but do not want to experience re-licensing.

Now you may wonder that how can I do that? So, go through the process as explained below.   

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Find non-regulated occupations in Canada

There are several trades in Canada that fall under-regulated and unregulated categories. Hence, you can easily find it out suitable jobs in Canada for foreigners by following simple steps. 

Step – 01

Go to the Canadian Information Center for International Credentials website.

Step – 02

Make sure you tap the option as shown in image 01.

CICIC Canada website screen shot - Find out your occupation is regulated or not
Image 01

Step – 03

Scroll down; you will see the determination tool whether your trade, occupation, or profession is regulated or not. See image 02.

CICIC's directory of Occupational profiles - screen shot
Image 02

Step – 04

Enter your NOC code or title of your occupation. Next, choose the Canadian province or territory you want to work in. Then hit the search button. For example, civil engineer NOC is 2131.

Let’s find out details as shown in image 03.

CICIC's directory of Occupational profiles - screen shot 02
Image 03

You can see the result. That, to work in Canada, civil engineers need a certification or a license from a regulatory body.

Now, tap on the occupation title to explore the status of that occupation in other Canadian provinces, see image 04.

However, a similar profession of construction managers, NOC 0711 is a non-regulated trade, with no certification mandatory.

See image below 04B. Let’s find out teacher NOC 4032 and repeat the similar steps.

Non-regulated Occupation identification - screen shot
Image 04B

The result for NOC 4032 is not revealing that elementary school and kindergarten teacher’s trade is regulated in Alberta (see image 05).

So, what about in other provinces? To confirm it, tap the occupation title. 

CICIC's directory of Occupational profiles - screen shot 03
Image 05

Yes, the NOC 4032 is a regulated occupation all over Canada. Check image 06 below.

Although related NOC 4413 Elementary and secondary school teacher assistant is a non-regulated profession in all Canadian provinces, it does not require any license or certificate.

See image 06B. Now check Plumber’s NOC 7251.

CICIC's directory of Occupational profiles - screen shot 04
Image 06
Canadian regulated & non-regulated job explained by Provincial Map
Image 06B

Last Step

You can go through image 07. You can see that plumber occupation is non-regulated in seven Canadian regions. Also, it does not require any licensing or certification. 

CICIC's directory of Occupational profiles - screen shot 05
Image 07

If you don’t know what is NOC? Tap this: How to find NOC for Canada.


Canada is facing a shortage of human resources in various sectors of its economy. For example, there is a huge shortage of workforce in agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, and so on.

Therefore, many jobs in Canada for foreigners are available. However, the Canadian recruiters prefer to hire the most competent skilled workers. 

If you are searching for employment in Canada, whether for a work permit or a permanent residency. Then you have to be eligible for that. You need to prove that you are the best candidate for the vacant position. 

In case, you are regularly applying for job postings but for a long time getting no result. Then, make sure that your occupation is in the non-regulated category. Otherwise, chances of your success are almost none. 

In that context, I have furnished a logical solution. So follow the steps as I mentioned and make your dream true to migrate to Canada. 

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  1. Hi dear sir
    I have 8 years old licence in UAE . I’m still working in Dubai from 2013 in sales. I need to go Canada now so can you please give you mob no far camplet information. Thanks .I need to tak with you thanks.

      • Hi dear
        My name is Muhammad Faizan and I am Civil Engineer currently working in Qatar Doha, I am from Pakistan.
        I have Bs Civil Engineering Technology Degree 4 years
        DAE Diploma of Associate Engineering 3 years
        Education – 07 years engineering
        Experience – 02 years
        Please tell me how can I come to Canada
        My WhatsApp number is +974 30494538

        • Sir,
          The best and fastest way is Fed. Express entry without a job offer. Moreover, NOC of civil Eng. is a regulated occupation, you can understand it more by reading this article. Thanks

  2. Hello sir, I did my diploma in civil engineering (3 yrs) after my pre university which is of 2 (yrs) so which occupation NOC is best for me so that I don’t have to worry about license?? Kindly let me know the NOC code as well. Also which province is suitable for me so that they hire candidates with the background of My education without any license.

    Thank you

  3. Hello Sir,
    I am from India, I am a professional Bartender/ Mixologist and I have 7 years of experience.
    How can I apply for this job?

  4. Hi hello, I’m Abey from india,i have 15 years experience in driving job, I’m both indian and saudi truck license holder, any chance to get a driver job on their, +919539403629 this is my watsapp number and this is my email id shall you give me your mail id I’m forward my cv

  5. Hi sir my name is Rahul and I’m working in govt of India as a car driver . Before in this job I’m working in state government . But 2016 I’m joining GOVT of India as a car driver till date I drive a India law minister car can I get any benefit in this experience to come higher diploma in library, master in history

  6. Hii..kindly share your contact number please if possible..i ask to lots of people about get a job in canada everybody tell me another way every time when i go thru with your informatic videos i understand what is the right way to get a positive response but still confuse about process no body tell exact points and way..hope you understand my problem.

  7. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am from India I am a Web Designer / Developer having 3 years of experience, So what is the best way to move to canada, Please suggest. I have Bachelor Degree and a Master degree (Distance).

  8. Is it possible for a foreigner to get licence in regulated trade , as my NOC is 2133 . If yes than what are the eligibility criteria ? Please post the link or if possible than make a video.

    • Hi Ashish,
      Yes, this is a very good pathway. Its increase employability and also gives a chance to Canada physically.
      In fact, Canadian employers prefer to hire licensed workers. Also, if your NOC is regulated in Canada then without a license no chance of employment.

    • Yes, We have shared details in our recent article ” Canada Red Seal Eligibility”, please go thorough that.

  9. Salam sir
    Nouman here from Pakistan
    Clinical technician pulmonologist
    I have 3 Year Experience at Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, I have done Plural Taps, Biopsy and Intubation under the Supervision of Senior Doctors & worked in TB control program at OPD for registration of patient, I have also bit knowledge of ICU
    3 Year Experience at Ali Pharmacy.
    in which category I can apply kindly guide me
    i request u sir kindly snd me the cv & cover letter template on my gmail account

  10. I have done Bachelors in arts in 2013. Currently, Im planning on going to canada for truck license on visit visa and find job in trucking afterwards. Is it possible to find respective job without any prior experience (without ielts)
    Could u please guide me in this regard with affordable options for LMIA?
    Best regards

  11. Respect sir/ madam
    May name is shahzad from Pakistan. I have been working in dubai as a senior Electrician technician and assistant super visor also for 5 years. I have completed Associate engineering in Electrical 3years. I want to apply for Canada. Recently I got overall 6 band in ielts exam and my noc number is 7241.
    Please guide me what should I do?
    Which program will suitable for my file?

  12. I want to join Canada as dental surgeon having exp of eight years in my field wt extra exp of lecturer in uttranchal medical research institute uttra khand india


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