How to apply for a Malta work permit? A Guide

Obtaining a Malta work permit for a foreign worker is now easier than ever before. Because under the new immigration laws, single permits now allow aspirants to live and work in Malta. Furthermore, Malta is a small peninsular country in the Schengen zone of Europe, but its economy is very strong.

Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea with a population of around 400,000. It was a British colony until 1964. It is an island that is part of the European Union. In order to work in Malta, you will need a work visa.

Therefore, there are tons of job opportunities not only for locals, Europeans, Westerners but also for third country nationals. In general, the Maltese employment permit application process is straightforward. However, you must understand the new procedure as I explained in this blog.

malta employment permit

Do foreigners need a Malta work permit or single permits?

First, you understand that since 2014 the Maltese government has been issuing single permits for those who want work and live in Malta for a specific period. Hence, you can consider a Maltese single permit as a work and residence permit that remains valid for one year.

Who needs to apply for a Malta single permit?

Citizens of the European Union, EEA, and Switzerland do not need a work permit to work in Malta because of exemption. Despite this, it is mandatory to be registered in the ETC Malta (Employment and Training Corporation) through your employer.

In addition, all non-EU citizens need a work visa to enter Malta, then a single permit in order to perform employment in Malta. For example, if you are from Africa, India, Nepal, or Philippines, you will need to get a single permit that is a Malta work permit.

How can a non-EU foreigner get a Malta work permit?

The process of obtaining a work visa in Malta is lengthy. Consequently, to apply for a Malta work permit requires the applicant to go through several steps. It is also possible to apply for a single permit by filling out an online application form on the Maltese government’s official portal.

However, you cannot start your Maltese work permit application, your employer does. So, first you get a job offer, second, a permit approval letter from a Maltese employer. Because, while workers are abroad, employers can apply online for a Single-Work Permit for third-country nationals.

The employer will fill out the application form and upload the documents. If your Maltese employer gets an approval from the government (identity Malta), he/she will send you a copy. Usually, single permit applications in Malta require 6 to 8 weeks to complete the process.

So, once you get a single permit approval letter and a job contract, apply for a Malta work visa under the D-visa category. After arriving in Malta, you will need to launch your application in immigration office called Identity Malta. Finally, on the completion of biometrics and other verification they issue a card that is your Maltese work & residence permit.

How can I find an employer in Malta?

First, you can explore online platforms where Maltese employers feature vacancies. Otherwise, you can search companies’ sites on Google, or you can find recruitment agencies in Malta which connect workers and employers. In another article on this website, I already featured a list of employment agencies in Malta, CV format and job site details. You can check them.

What jobs are highly in-demand in Malta?

Malta or any other country, job market trends change over time. However, the occupations that are most in demand in Malta in general are:

  • Software Engineers
  • Administration Clerk
  • Construction workers
  • Accounts Clerk
  • Sales Managers/Assistants
  • Cleaners / Housekeepers
  • Domestic Helpers
  • Technicians

What is the process to apply for a Malta work visa?

Work visa is the first step in obtaining a Maltese work permit. In addition, the procedures and requirements for Maltese work visas are the same in almost all countries. For example, you will need to contact the Maltese embassy, consulate or visa application center in your country then apply for a D type national visa. Generally, Malta work visa required documents are:

  • Application Form
  • One Passport size photograph (white background 3.5cm/4.5cm)
  • Malta’s work permit approval letter
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Employment contract
  • Travel Medical Insurance
  • Confirmed Travel Itinerary

The work visa fee for Malta is around 66 Euros and application processing takes 7 to 30 working days.


Can I bring my family to Malta while working there?

Your single permit is actually a residence permit that allows you to live and work in Malta. It also gives you an opportunity to bring your family there by following the process. For example, a citizen of a third country who holds a one year residence permit can submit a family-reunification request at Identity Malta to bring his/her family members to Malta. In addition, Maltese immigration defines family members as,
1- The sponsor’s spouse, 21-year-old.
2- The unmarried minor children or adopted children.
Moreover, your family member will need a confirmation letter to proceed to Malta to join you. Furthermore, once they enter Malta, they must apply for a residence permit and pay the application fee of €27.50. Also, this will require an application form along with CEA Form G, and Form ID 1A.

Can I renew my work permit in Malta?

Yes, you can apply for your employment permit renewal in Malta if your employer gives you a job contract for another term. Otherwise, if you change your job and employer, then your new employer will apply to Identity Malta for a single permit. Meanwhile, you may work temporarily with the same employer until a single permit application gets approved.

Can a foreigner studying in Malta engage in employment after completing studies?

Third country students in Malta such as Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi, can apply for employment after completing studies at Level 5 upwards. To do so, they must provide proof of the completion of their studies.


Industrially and economically, Malta has developed as fast as any of the major European countries. Many of the world’s leading technology and manufacturing companies have their offices in Malta, which is also considered a hub for gaming and information technology companies.

In addition, Malta’s humid climate attracts tourists from all over the world, making tourism a major industry in Malta. That is why in Malta there are always ample opportunities for all kinds of jobs, from driver jobs to construction and engineering. Many non-EU artisans are involved in various fields in Malta, while thousands of foreign aspirants are interested in acquiring Maltese work.

So in this article I have included the information about the Maltese work permit which is now also known as Single Permit. So that those who want to work and live there can know the correct procedure. In addition, I have highlighted all the links so that you can use the official websites of Malta for details.

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