Netherlands Work Visa: Basics & Requirements

Your Netherlands work visa will allow you to live and work in the Netherlands full-time. It gives the ability to bring family members to Netherlands if you choose.

However, it’s an important process to go through before moving to another country.

Hence, your application should be flawless. Also, you should familiarize yourself with the process of applying, what the requirements are, and how long it will take.

Thus, this article will take you through the process of getting a Dutch work visa step by step.

Netherlands work visa requirements

Basics of a Netherlands Work Visa?

To work in The Netherlands, you need to have a residence permit. The duration of your stay on a residence permit is determined by your work contract. Once you have found employment, you can apply for a residence permit at your local municipality (gemeente).

To qualify, you will need: – A valid passport or EU identity card – A signed and dated job offer stating wage and date of commencement.

Also, your employer will submit an application with you as an annex, must also pay processing fee in order to obtain an ‘invitation letter’ from IND.

If other people are included in your work contract (like family members), these costs will be added on top of that.

When applying for a work visa at your local Dutch embassy/consulate abroad, they will most likely ask for proof of accommodation and income.

After you’ve submitted all necessary documents, it normally takes 3-4 weeks before you receive your work permit. Upon arrival in The Netherlands, you should register at your local municipality within 3 months after arrival or risk being fined or deported back to your home country.

Supporting Documents

When applying for a work permit in The Netherlands, you’ll need to submit an application at your local Dutch embassy or consulate. Also, you have to submit along with various supporting documents.

This includes copies of your travel documents (such as your passport and airline tickets), current employment contract and health insurance proof.

The list of requirements can vary by country but is typically provided by each embassy on their website. A non-European Union citizen who is planning on working in The Netherlands must apply through their local consular office.

To qualify for a work visa in The Netherlands, you must have previously been employed by that company outside of Europe within three years prior to moving to The Netherlands.

There are also some specific cases where it may be possible to obtain a work visa. One can get it without first having worked abroad including being married to someone who lives or works in The Netherlands.

To learn more about whether or not you qualify for a work visa based on these criteria, contact your nearest Dutch embassy or consulate directly.

How to find a suitable job in The Netherlands?

You can visit online job boards or do some research on Dutch companies that might need English-speaking employees. It will help your chances if you already know someone who works there and can act as your sponsor when applying for work permits.

So, you can find a suitable job by utilizing resources like:




What is next after getting a work permit?

The first step after getting your Netherlands work permit is applying for your residence permit. This process takes an average of 3 months, but can take longer if there are any issues in your application.

Once NL immigration approves your residence permit, register at Local Municipal office (BRP)

Once you have been issued with your residence permit you are required to register at your local Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP).

Usually, you need a Dutch employer who will sponsor your work visa. It’s illegal for foreigners to do freelance or contract work without first acquiring authorization.

Moreover, your employer by law will need to provide health insurance and social security coverage. So, don’t worry that taking a job here could leave you uninsured or under-insured.

Types of work permit in Netherlands

The Netherlands offers two kinds of residence and work permits: the TWV permit, and the single permit that is the GVVA. Primarily, foreign workers can only apply for a single permit. Conversely, employers are the only party who can apply for an Employment permit (TWV).

The NL Immigration grants a Single Permit if a worker posses essential skills that is highly in-demand in Netherlands. The duration of a Single Permit is more than three months. However, candidate can extend it duration.

An employer needs a permit when hiring a non-EU citizen who plans to stay in The Netherlands for less than three months. For example:

  • Foreign worker: to work for less than 3 months in Netherlands;
  • International Students: who have a residence permit but need Netherlands work visa;
  • Asylum seekers: awaiting a decision and want to work in Netherlands.

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netherlands immigration website image

Netherlands permit for seasonal work

A seasonal work permit and it allows foreign nationals to work in the Dutch agricultural sector. The seasonal worker does not have a separate category within the residence title system. But, has to apply for an employment permit of type TWV, in combination with one of the residence titles II or IV.

To obtain that permit, an employer must first obtain an approval by means of a single permit GVVA. If the seasonal worker is staying less than six months in total, he/she can also apply for a short-term visa to work in the Netherlands.


In order to get your Netherlands work visa success, you must first submit your application via your employers sponsorship. Afterwards, you must wait for visa processing.

After completion of the process, you will have 90 days from that date to enter into The Netherlands and begin working.

Last but not least, Netherlands in the Europe is an ideal country for foreigners to live and work. Therefore, I tailored this blog to highlight the important aspects. As a result, you will be able to apply confidently and save yourself any anxiety or stress.

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