New Brunswick PNP for Canada Immigration

Canadian province New Brunswick PNP is tailored for foreign workers who aspire to immigrate to Canada. Therefore, New Brunswick immigration through its nominee programs offers a diverse way of life and exciting career chances.

In fact, the NBPNP quickens the Permanent Resident application process for foreign workers and qualified business people and their family members who aspire to settle in the Canadian province New Brunswick permanently.

First, consider that the province is located in the Atlantic region of Canada, along the eastern coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, Fredericton is the capital of New Brunswick. However, by comparison, Saint John in New Brunswick is the most popular city.

Most immigrants move to popular areas of Canada, such as Alberta and Ontario, and very few choose New Brunswick to settle. It is one of the four largest provinces in Canada, with a stable economy. Therefore, there are ample opportunities for employment and permanent settlement.

If you also want to get a permanent residency in Canada through the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program. Then, in this article, we have covered a lot of important information that can be very useful for you. So let’s move on with no delay.

NB PNP Categories

New Brunswick’s Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) is very comprehensive. In which people from almost all walks of life can apply. Hence, it has some categories, such as;

  1. New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream (NB SW)
  2. New Brunswick Express Entry Stream (NB EE)
  3. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)
  4. New Brunswick Strategic Initiative stream for French Speaking applicants (NB SI)
  5. New Brunswick Business Immigration stream

The eligibility criteria for each of these categories or programs are different. Their main goal is to fill the labor shortage gap in the province by making foreign nationals a dynamic part of New Brunswick’s economy. So let’s look at a brief introduction to the different programs of the New Brunswick Immigration.

New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream

New Brunswick’s Skilled Worker Stream is at the top of the list for all Canadian immigration programs. 

Because it is very clear that through this program, the province allows its employers to hire foreign skilled workers and international graduates to meet the labor shortage.

Candidates must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the program. In addition, eligible candidates must have a real job offer from a New Brunswick employer. 

While they also have to prove that they intend to live and work in the province permanently. Some of the salient features of this requirement are:

NB Skilled Worker Stream–Eligibility

  • Age 19 to 55 years
  • Eligible NOCs 0, A, B, C & D
  • English Proficiency IELTS/CLB 4 (minimum)
  • Genuine Job offer
  • Work experience: 1-year full time (minimum)
  • Education: Canadian secondary/high school diploma or a foreign high school diploma

Selection Criteria

In this program, points are awarded based on selection factors. For example, a candidate with one year of work experience gets 4 points while a candidate with 5 years of experience gets 20 points. In addition, all selection factors have 100 points, of which 60 points must be taken.

How does this stream work?

Candidates who meet all the requirements are required to submit an online expression of interest (EOI) on the New Brunswick Immigration website.

After that, the province sends an e-mail containing ‘invitation to apply’ (ITA) to the selected candidates. That enables them to apply a provincial nomination letter by paying the prescribed fee.

Thus, successful candidates receiving nominations from New Brunswick apply for permanent residency in Canadian immigration (IRCC). So, Visit the program’s official page to find out the full requirements and procedures.

New Brunswick Express Entry Stream

As the name suggests, the program is linked to Canada’s Federal Express Entry System. Therefore, candidates who are already in the Express Entry Pool. But seeking a provincial nomination from New Brunswick, the eligibility criteria for them are:

  1. The candidate has submitted a federal Express Entry Profile and has an active EE Profile Number. Also, Job Seeker Validation Code.
  2. The applicants who are currently living in New Brunswick and are one or the other.

Process of NB Express Entry stream

Usually, New Brunswick invites candidates’ right from the federal Express Entry pool because of its provincial labor-market requirements.

If a candidate selected in this manner receives a Letter of Interest (LOI) from New Brunswick through his/her Federal Express Entry account. 

Afterward, a successful candidate needs to register in the INB portal and submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) for the New Brunswick Express Entry Stream.

Thus, after submission of an EOI, the candidate will need to contact New Brunswick immigration via email. 

Once they verify your LOI, may send you an ITA (Invitation to Apply) to the New Brunswick Express Entry Stream through your INB Notification Centre.  

Later, the candidates have to submit a complete application for a nomination letter from the province. Finally, after obtaining a provincial nomination from New Brunswick, candidates launch their PR application at IRCC (Canada Immigration).

Importantly, this program has several stages and different requirements. So, be sure to visit the official website of New Brunswick PNP programs for details.

New Brunswick Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program- NB AIPP

Many people are unaware that the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) establish for New Brunswick employers.

Hence, we can say that the AIPP is a part of New Brunswick PNP (provincial nominee program)

So that they can hire foreign workers and international graduates who want to live and work in the province of New Brunswick. 

Thus, the NB AIPP helps employers to hire capable aspirants for jobs that haven’t been filled locally.

The employers can recruit candidates from overseas (such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Africa) or already living in Canada.  Aspirants can apply through three categories, such as;

  1. Atlantic High-skilled Program
  2. Atlantic Intermediate-skilled Program
  3. International Graduate Program Atlantic

Importantly, each category of the program has requirements that candidates must fulfill. Hence, check out our detailed article Canada AIPP program to learn more about it.

New Brunswick Strategic Initiative stream for French Speaking Candidates

This NB Strategic Initiative stream provides an opportunity to the French-speaking skilled workers for permanent residency and works in Canada. Here is a summary of the qualifications or requirements set for it;

  • Age 19-55 Years
  • French Language NCLC 5 (Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens) 
  • Intend to live in New Brunswick
  • Education minimum Canadian secondary (high school) diploma
  • Connection to New Brunswick,
  • Settlement Funds (conditional)

Candidates for this program are selected based on a points system. Therefore, review the official program guide for a comprehensive description of the selection factors, their requirements, and points.

New Brunswick Business Immigration stream

You can gauge the New Brunswick PNP because it also allows business people to settle in the province.

Thus, the New Brunswick Business Immigration stream is a corridor for qualified entrepreneurs who are ready to start, operate, and maintain a business in New Brunswick permanently.

It has four stages of the process, such as;

  • 1: Application for Work Permit letter of support
  • 2: Get Work Permit from Canadian Government (IRCC)
  • 3: Establish & start a Business in New Brunswick
  • 4: Apply for PR Visa on Canada immigration

Aspirants must meet the program eligibility criteria to submit an EOI (expression of interest). For example, the minimum investment threshold is CAD 150,000. There are more important requirements, eligible and ineligible businesses & others criteria you can find in the program guide catalog.

New Brunswick jobs for foreign workers

If you are planning to apply for a New Brunswick PNP stream that requires a job offer. Then, of course, the question that comes to your mind is how to get a job offer from a company or employer in this province?

Don’t worry, we’ll show you two easy ways that will lead you to reach out the employers of the province.

The first way is to visit the official job board of New Brunswick and see the current job listing there. If you find a job there according to your profession, you can feel free to apply for it.

In addition, you will be pleased to learn that New Brunswick releases a list of employers looking to hire foreign workers to meet the needs of its labor market.

So, you can find the desired company or employers from that list and send them your resume to apply for the vacancy. The following resources may be helpful to you in the job search process;

New Brunswick Job Fair

Importantly, New Brunswick also hosts job fairs. These are international recruitment events that take place both virtually and physically. At events in different parts of the world, New Brunswick employers hire workers directly by conducting one-on-one interviews.

In addition, there are also online job events where the desired candidates submit their applications. Thus, job seekers can also take advantage of these options.

New Brunswick In demand sectors

TitleNBPNP Priority Sectors
5Business Service Centers
New Brunswick High demand Job sectors


How can I get a PNP in New Brunswick?

There are some immigration streams available for acquiring New Brunswick PNP. So, you need to choose one stream according to your education, work experience, language proficiency, and other qualifications. For example:

1. New Brunswick Express Entry Stream
2. Skilled Worker Stream New Brunswick
3. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
4. New Brunswick Business Immigration stream
5. Strategic Initiative stream for French Speaking Candidates

Importantly, New Brunswick Immigration has set separate eligibility criteria for each PNP stream.
Therefore, if you wish to apply, you must meet the requirements of one stream of the New Brunswick PNP.

How many points are required to qualify for New Brunswick PNP?

Candidates of NB-PNP via skilled worker stream must score 60 points out of 100 to qualify.
New Brunswick PNP potential candidates for the Express Entry stream require at least 67 points of 100 to be successful.
The immigration awards the points based on selection criteria such as;
1. Age
. Education
. Language skills
. Work experience
. Employment (if applicable)
. Adaptability


The New Brunswick PNP provides a viable and easy way for eligible candidates seeking permanent residence and employment in Canada. In this article, we have covered some basic information about existing programs so that you can easily understand their process.

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