Newfoundland PNP for Canada PR – How To Apply?

Out of many ways to apply for a Canadian permanent residence. The Newfoundland and Labrador provincial nominee programs (NLPNP) can be the best choices for you. Newfoundland pnp program gives you many options to live and work in Canada along with the family. The good thing is, that the eligibility requirements for NLPNP are very low. 

Canadian province, ‘Newfoundland and Labrador’ welcomes talented skilled workers from all over the world. To overcome the increasing skills shortage in the province. Therefore, this province manages many categories under the main nominee program. Thus, before moving forward just have a look have some interesting facts about the program.   

Newfoundland PNP Program’s Important Features

There are many plus points of the NL provincial nominee programs overall. Few are as below;

  • Age Eligibility Range 21- 59 years 
  • All skill types are eligible (0, A, B, C, & D) 
  • Low education 
  • PR Visa programs
  • Work Permit support letter option

Newfoundland and Labrador PNP categories

Newfoundland runs six different immigration programs. Such as;

  1. Skilled Worker Program
  2. Priority Skills NL
  3. Express Entry Skilled Worker
  4. International Graduates 
  5. International Entrepreneur 
  6. Graduate Entrepreneur International 

Aspirants need to undergo a specific PNP category according to their qualifications and circumstances.

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Newfoundland and Labrador PNP Programs List

Which is the best category of NLPNP?

If you want to apply in NLPNP from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, or Afghanistan, you have two suitable choices. First skilled worker program and second is the skilled worker express entry program.

Newfoundland and Labrador PNP Eligibility

If you want to apply for a Canadian PR (residence) through the ‘Newfoundland provincial nominee program’. Then, you need to choose a suitable category. Also, check your eligibility. There are two major factors to qualify for the Newfoundland PNP. Such as;

1- Job Offer (Permanent Full Time)

2- Meet Eligibility of a Specific Category

So, the eligibility and selection criteria vary from category to category. For example, if you want to go through the ‘Skilled Worker’ category. You must meet the minimum requirements of language proficiency. Also, the other requirements. 

Job Offer / Designated Employers in Newfoundland

To apply for PNP, you need a full-time job offer from an employer in Newfoundland. However, the province provides complete guidelines to job seekers. There is a ‘list of the designated employers’ who hire skilled workers. 

You can find a suitable employer for the designated employer’s list. To achieve a job offer. That must be full-time and for years. Otherwise, you can also check the vacancies that showcase on the websites. Such as;

  • Job Bank Canada
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn

Work Permit Support Letter option under Newfoundland PNP

Now, you already understand that you have to get a job contract from a Newfoundland company or employer. Meanwhile, the employer who selects a candidate. He/she will have to undergo a Job Vacancy assessment (JVA) at the immigration office. 

Afterward, the NL immigration sends an approval letter (in pdf format) by official email address to the employer and the candidate. The good thing is that the job vacancy assessment document is a work permit support letter as well. Once you submit your residency application in IRCC. You can apply for a temporary work permit on behalf of the vacancy assessment letter.

What are in-demand sectors in Newfoundland?

There is a huge labor gap in various sectors of the economy in Newfoundland. For instance;

  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare 
  • Technology 
  • Hospitality 
  • Aquaculture 

Unlike large industries, several small & medium scale businesses in the province. They also need human resources to run their businesses. 

Newfoundland Immigration Nominee Program – Process Flow

The immigration process of Newfoundland is quite simple and understandable. Hence, after getting a job contract and job vacancy assessment letter. The candidate who fulfills the complete criteria of any category. He/she can apply for an invitation to apply (ITA) online at the Newfoundland immigration portal.

The province selects candidates through draws from time to time. If they select your profile. They will send you an invitation to apply (ITA). Afterward, you can apply for a ‘Nomination letter’ online. Once you receive a nomination under the Newfoundland PNP program. Then, you can submit your permanent residence application to the Canadian immigration website.

Is NL PNP program 2021 is open?

Yes, the Newfoundland PNP program is open in 2021 and accepting applications from eligible candidates. Moreover, applicants for NLPNP express entry and other streams are still receiving invitations to proceed further for Canadian PR.


Is it easy to get PR in Newfoundland?

Yes, it may be easy to get Canadian PR through the Newfoundland PNP program depending upon your circumstances. First, foreigners prefer to move to famous cities and provinces in Canada, and Newfoundland is a remote region, so competition is less. Second, people from age 21 to 59 are acceptable to Newfoundland pnp programs.

What is priority skills NL?

The Priority Skills NL is an immigration stream in Canada that runs by the Canadian province of Newfoundland. So, the Priority Skills NL process is aimed at people who practice occupations in demand in the province.
The applicants must have a high level of education, language, and work experience to apply for NL priority skills. So, this stream is a pathway to settle in the province to become a permanent resident of Canada.

What jobs are in high demand in Newfoundland?

Usually, people can get a job offer in any field in Newfoundland and Labrador. However, high demand jobs in the Canadian province Newfoundland are:
Aquaculture and Marine,
Harvest Labourers,
Healthcare jobs,
Agriculture sectors, also

How do I become a resident of Newfoundland?

You can be a permanent resident in Newfoundland, Canada, through its immigration programs. So, you will need to apply for Canada PR via NL PNP. Many immigration streams work under the Newfoundland PNP program that requires certain eligibility. For example:
You must be 21 to 59 years old.
A valid job offer.
Have CLB/IELTS points 5 or above.
Thus, you will need to meet the complete eligibility criteria set for the NLPNP stream you are applying for.


Canada’s ‘Newfoundland and Labrador’ province is experiencing many demographic changes. For example; 

  • Shrinking Workforce
  • Shortage of labor 
  • Slow economic growth
  • Lowest fertility rate in Canada 
  • Low birth rate 
  • Less median age 

Therefore, this province has planned a policy to welcome new immigrants. So, those newcomers could become part of the community. Therefore, Newfoundland PNP is a great opportunity for the aspirants. Those are planning to migrate to Canada.  

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