How to apply in NLPNP Priority Skills Stream for Canada PR

Finally, the Canadian province Newfoundland and Labrador showcase full details about the new ‘Priority skill stream’ under NLPNP, on 2nd Jan 2021. Therefore, immigration to Canada without a job offer has been easy for many people.

So, if you want to apply to this additional stream of NLPNP. Then, follow the steps mention in this article. Hence, have a look at some best features of this program and those are below;

  • No need for a job offer.
  • Age limit 21 to 59.
  • You don’t need any Canadian work experience.
  • Its nominee program for Canadian PR Visa.
  • The option of a Canadian work permit.
  • You can include family members in your PR application.
  • No CRS or express entry profile requirement.
  • You don’t need any connections to the province.

A brief of NLPNP Priority Skills Stream

In fact, it is a provincial nominee program of Newfoundland. By the same token, the province started it to fill-up the skilled worker shortage in three sectors. So, the program includes 35 highly in-demand occupations on a priority basis. For example;

1- Agriculture sector 

In this sector, 7 occupations are on the priority list.

2- IT & technology sector 

There are 20 Occupations enlisted.

3- Healthcare Sector 

This category has 8 occupations on the priority list.

Now, go through the most important detail one by one. Such as who can apply, priority occupations, and how to apply for this new program.

You can apply even you are outside Canada

Mainly, this program has two different categories such as ‘In-demand Work Candidates’ & ‘In-demand Academic Candidates’. So, you either have to have one year of paid work experience in one of the specific occupations.

Otherwise, you need to have graduated from their local university with a master’s or a Ph.D. in technology, health care, aquaculture, or agriculture. So, the name of that university is Memorial University. In reality, most of the aspirants are overseas and don’t have a degree from the memorial university of Canada.

So, if you’re one of them. Then, you will choose the option of the ‘In-demand Work Candidates’ category. Hence, in the next paragraph, look at specific occupations of the program. 

List of approved occupations for NLPNP Priority Skills Stream

As I already mentioned earlier in this article that there are three main sectors. So, the Newfound needs skilled worker who have enough work experience in the specific occupation as below;

Farming / Feeding ManagerArea Managers
Site Manager (with water quality expertise)Facility Technicians
Captains (certification of FM4 required)Assistant Managers
OthersCage Site Technicians
1- Agriculture/Aquaculture Jobs list
Web DeveloperElectrical Engineer
Software DeveloperMechanical Engineer
UI/UX DeveloperInfrastructure Engineer
AI DeveloperTechnical Specialists
Python DeveloperBiomedical Engineer
.NET DeveloperOcean Mapping Specialist
Computer Network SupportBio-informatics
Security SpecialistResearch Associate
Cloud SpecialistOffshore Technician
Data AnalyticsROV Operator
Technical WriterOthers.
2- IT & Technology In demand jobs NL Canada
Personal Care Attendant PCARadiation Therapist
Nurse PractitionerLicensed Practical Nurse
Clinical PsychologistDosimetrist
PhysicianMedical Physicist
Family Medicine, Radiology
Psychiatry, Pathology
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
General Internal Medicine
Paediatric Intensivists (PICU)
Neonatologists (NICU)
Healthcare Sector in demand jobs NL Canada

How to apply? 

In this paragraph, I’m going to explain the steps by step process to apply for the NLPNP Priority Skills Stream. So, it is as follows;

Step – 1

Fill Online Questionnaire 

So, the first step is you complete a questionnaire online. In fact, the province needs to confirm that you speak English at a CLB, level five or higher. Then, you need to confirm that you have one year of full-time paid work experience in one of the specific occupations.

Step – 2

Submit Resume & Cover letter

Above all, if you meet the eligibility criteria. Then, you will need to submit a resume and a letter of motivation (cover letter). In the other words, submit details, such as your name, address, and citizenship details.

To be eligible to apply for the NLPNP priority skills stream, be at least 21 years of age. So, if you’re under the age of 21, you can’t apply. 

Another requirement is an English language test report. So, you must have CLB 5 or equivalent in IELTS or CELPIP. Your language test results have to have been within the last 12 months. You need to prove that you have an intention to live and work in Newfoundland. 


Submit Expression of Interest 

Indeed, you need to make sure that you’re a competent candidate and meeting all the eligibility criteria. This is very important. Because it will lead you to get a provincial nomination from Newfoundland.

Hence, if you find yourself eligible. Then, visit the Newfoundland immigration website and submit an expression of interest EOI online.

What is the next step?

So, once you’ve submitted an expression of interest, NL immigration will review it. Besides, keep in mind that they will not be picking 1000s of applicants. So, it’s only a few candidates up to 350. Hence, the quota is less, and competition is very high. Therefore, submit your application and documents accurately. Because you have to stand out too.

Canadian work permit option

Indeed, you don’t need a job offer to apply in the NLPNP priority skills stream. However, having a job offer from Newfoundland’s employer will increase your chances. It’s not guaranteed, but something could happen.

For instance, if you have a valid job offer. Then, you can request NL immigration for a work support letter. While your residency application is under review.

Meanwhile, you can apply for a work permit too. So, there is a possibility that you could work in Canada before they issue your permanent residency card.

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What are the selection criteria for getting a nomination from Newfoundland?

They base the selection for NLPNP on the points system. So, a candidate gets the points of eligibility factors. Such as age, education, work experience, and language abilities.

So, the qualifying points are 60. In fact, they are going to select the candidates with the highest score. As a result, it is crystal clear that, to get a nomination from Newfoundland, achieve maximum points. 

How long the process will complete? 

In reality, there are different stages from submitting an EOI to apply for Canadian PR. Hence, there is no specific time-frame. However, if get a nomination from the province and applying for PR online. Then it may take six months to process. Unlike, a paper-based application can take 18 months to process.

Important Note:

In conclusion, this program ‘NLPNP priority skills’ is a ”stream. So, this means is it open for a couple of years. There is a yearly cap of 350. Hence, once the quota is exhausted. Then, you cannot apply, unless the province issues the new one.

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