Northwest Territories PNP: Requirements for Immigration to Canada

One of the best Canadian immigration programs is Northwest Territories PNP (NWT NP). There are many opportunities for skilled workers to settle in this Canadian Region.

The official name of this pathways is The Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP). Also, technically it is not a Canadian province.

If you are tired of hearing about the complex programs of Canada Permanent Residence. Then, this new information can be a milestone for your bright future.

The Northwest Territories is Canada’s northern region with extremely cold weather. Its capital city is Yellowknife. Let’s look at the immigration opportunities in Northwest Territories.

Categories: Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NWT NP)

There are two categories of NWT NP for foreign workers and entrepreneurs through which they can migrate to the Region. Such as;

  • Employer-Driven Stream
  • Business Stream (closed)

Importantly, its first category Employer-Driven Stream is further divided into three streams named:

  1. Skilled Worker
  2. Semi-Skilled Occupations/Entry Level
  3. NWT Express Entry

All these streams have their requirements which the candidate has to fulfill.

Therefore, we tell you about the eligibility criteria for all streams in order. This will enable you to choose the right program based on your qualifications.

Note: The Business stream of the NWT Nominee Program has been closed as notification seen on May 19th, 2021. Thus, for further information, you can reach out to Immigratenwt.  

Employer Driven Stream NWT NP

Region’s employer driven stream is tailored to support employers. So that they can recruit skilled workers.

Northwest Territories employers can hire foreign workers if there are no suitable Canadian candidates available to fill the vacant positions. 

Although, the candidates will need to meet program eligibility criteria. Also, they need to prove the required skills, work experience, and education. 

In addition, proprietors are liable for submitting the applications to nominate applicants for Canadian permanent residency.

Benefits: Northwest Territories Nominee Program

Before we move on, let me tell you a few facts about the Northwest Territories PNP benefits, such as;

  • All skill types, A, B, C, and D, can apply
  • Easy eligibility requirements 
  • Low competition 
  • Easy application process
  • High chances for a nomination letter

Due to all these positive factors, the nominee program of this Region is a viable path for many candidates.

Skilled Worker Stream (NWT NP Canada)

This immigration category is aimed to upsurge the labor pool for skilled level jobs in Northwest Territories.

The nomination application of the candidates who get the job offer is started by the employer himself.

Northwest Nominee Program has a refined online application system that permits Employers to submit applications electronically on the NTNP portal.

After scrutinizing the candidates and employers, the NWT immigration office issues a nomination letter to the selected candidate.

Later, candidates can apply for permanent residence in the IRCC Canada.

Northwest Territories PNP Eligibility for Skilled Worker Stream

  • Skill type 0, A, and B
  • Full-time Job Offer
  • Positive LMIA
  • Valid Work Permit
  • Work Experience
  • ECA (Education credential assessment)
  • Settlement Funds
  • Language skills (English/French) IELTS CLB 7 for Skill Type 0, and A
  • English/French IELTS CLB 5 for Skill Type B

This outlines brief requirements of this program so you can get more details from the official page of the program.

Semi-Skilled Occupations/Entry Level Stream

The Entry Level/Semi-Skilled stream helps employers to fill labor shortages when they cannot find the right Canadian worker locally.

Moreover, this category aims to escalate the labor pool for semi-skilled jobs within the skill levels C and D in National occupational classification Canada.

Therefore, to be eligible, foreign nationals must be worthy of the requirements of their temporary foreign work permits.

Semi-Skilled Occupations Eligibility–A brief

  • Skill level C and D
  • Valid Job Offer
  • Work Experience 6 months
  • Language Skills CLB 4 (English / French)
  • Positive LMIA
  • Valid Work Permit
  • Education credential assessment (ECA)
  • Settlement Funds

Moreover, the application process for this stream is the same as for the Skilled Worker category.

Hence, the candidate’s nomination will be submitted online by his / her employer on the NTNP portal. Also, full details are available in the program guidelines.

NWT Express Entry- Process

The Northwest Territories Express Entry stream is associated with the federal Express Entry system.

In reality, candidates accepted to this stream are already in Northwest Territories and have Canadian work permits.

However, under exceptional situations, the Northwest Territories immigration may accept an application from a candidate living overseas.

Requirements / Eligibility

  • Valid Express Entry Profile Number
  • Skill Level 0, A, and B
  • Full-time Job Offer
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • Applicant’s Work Permit
  • Work Experience
  • Education credential assessment (ECA)
  • Language Requirements CLB 7 (English or French) for Skill level 0, & A
  • Skill Level B CLB 7 (English or French)

Northwest Territories PNP application for EE stream

If you are in the express entry pool and are interested in immigrating to the Northwest Territories, you must wonder how to apply for it.

So, you will be happy to know that as a candidate you only have to give your complete documents to the employers because the rest is his responsibility.

Thus, the employer, after satisfying the candidate’s eligibility, electronically submits a complete application on the NTNP portal.

So that the candidate can be nominated by the Region for permanent residency in Canada.

Northwest Territories PNP Jobs Search

Under all categories of Employer-Driven stream, a candidate must have a job offer from an NWT employer.

Also, the Northwest Territories immigration does not accept EOI (expressions of interest) from applicants without a job offer, and they do not issue any ITA (invitations to apply).

Hence, to find a potential employer in NWT, you can go through online resources. Those websites list job opportunities in the NWT, such as;

  1. GNWT Careers
  2. Edge North Job Board
  3. Northern News Services Job Listings
  4. Indeed Jobs – Northwest Territories
  5. Canada Job Bank (find Northwest Territories),
  6. LinkedIn

Finding a job in Canada for foreigners is like digging a mountain, but not impossible. Therefore, success comes only to those who keep striving. So make a good Canadian-style resume and keep applying for vacancies.

See: How to Make a Canadian Style Resume

FAQs / People also ask

How do I apply to Northwest Territories?

To apply for the Northwest Territories NP, you must have a job offer from an employer in that region.
In addition, you cannot apply for the program yourself as a candidate. Rather, the employer is eligible to apply for your nomination if you meet the eligibility criteria for a category of NWT-NP.

How do I immigrate to the Northwest Territories?

There are three categories to immigrate to the Northwest Territories Canada, such as;
1- Skilled Worker
2- NWT Express Entry
3- Semi-Skilled Occupations/Entry Level
Therefore, after fulfilling the eligibility criteria of these categories, you can follow the process and migrate to this region.

What is NWT NP?

The NWT NP stands for Northwest Territories Nomination Program, and Northwest Territories is a Canadian region.
The program provides foreign nationals, pathways to work, and permanent residency in this Canadian region.


In reality, for Canada’s PR through the Northwest Territories Nominee Program, getting Nomination is only possible for foreign workers who are already in Canada. In addition, the Northwest Territories does not issue any work permit support letters to candidates.

Although, if you belong to a country like India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, or Africa. And want to settle in the Northwest Territories. Then, we show you an easy way to do it. So, if you get a job offer from an employer in this Region, you can go to Canada by getting a temporary foreign work permit.

Learn more about Northwest Nominee Program in Hindi & Urdu videos;

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