Nova Scotia PNP Eligibility for Foreign Workers–All You Need to Know

If you are looking for an easy option to move to Canada, you would love to know about Nova Scotia PNP eligibility for foreign workers.

Hence, Nova Scotia is the best province to live and work in and it offers many ways to migrate to Canada. In reality, it is observed that the province’s small and large businesses facing the brunt of labor shortage. Consequently, the demand for foreign workers is growing.

Therefore, skilled workers have a great opportunity to get Canadian permanent residence through nine streams of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP). So let’s look at how NSNP works.

Canada PR programs under NSNP

Nova Scotia PNP Categories/Streams

Nova Scotia nominee program provides nine ways for aspirants to immigrate to Canada. Thus, if you meet Nova Scotia PNP eligibility criteria of one of the nine categories, you may get the nomination letter. So, let’s review Nova Scotia streams:

  1. Skilled Worker
  2. Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities
  3. Occupations in Demand
  4. Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry
  5. Labour Market Priorities for Physicians
  6. Physician
  7. Entrepreneur
  8. International Graduates In-Demand. Also;
  9. International Graduate Entrepreneur

So, if you are wondering which stream of NSNP is suitable for you, then go through it one by one. Because every stream has specific requirements and eligibility factors.

NSNP Canada eligibility facts

1) Nova Scotia PNP Eligibility for Skilled Worker Stream

Nova Scotia’s Skilled Worker stream caters to foreign workers and fresh graduated international students. So Employers in Nova Scotia can hire skilled foreign workers if there is no suitable candidate available in Canada (permanent resident or Canadian citizen).

Eligibility to Apply

  • Age Limit 21 to 55 years;
  • Must have a full-time job offer from an employer in Nova Scotia;
  • The high skilled worker must have 1 year of Work Experience;
  • 6-months work experience required for semi-skilled and low-skilled workers;
  • Education Minimum high school diploma;
  • Have the proper training, skills, and/or authorization for the job;
  • English proficiency CLB 5 is required for the highly skilled workers. Also;
  • The semi-skilled and low-skilled workers must have CLB 4 in English language testing;

2) Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities is linked to the federal express entry system (EE) of Canada. Therefore, the candidates who are in the express entry pool and receive the LOI (letter of interest) from Nova Scotia can apply through this stream.

Requirements & Eligibility

  • Be eligible for IRCC criteria and have a valid Express Entry profile number;
  • Receive an LOI (letter of interest) from Nova Scotia immigration through express entry system;
  • Apply within 30 days, after receiving your letter of interest;
  • Fulfill minimum work experience criteria;
  • Show proof of funds for immigration cost and to establish in Nova Scotia for yourself and family. Also;
  • You must have a legal status in the country you are applying from.

3) Occupations in Demand 

The Occupations in Demand stream works under the Nova Scotia nominee program. Hence, this stream specifically targets NOC groups C and D according to labor market needs and demand. However, Nova Scotia immigration categorized some in-demand occupations such as;

  • NOC 7511, Transport truck drivers;
  • 7611 NOC, Construction trades helpers and laborers;
  • NOC 3413, Nurse Aides, orderlies, and patient service associates. Also;
  • NOC 7521, Heavy equipment operators (except crane).

This stream is also known as Nova Scotia Truck Driver PNP among the Indian and Pakistani workers. Eligible occupations are subject to change because of labor market needs.

Eligibility to Apply

  • Age between 21-55 years
  • Have a full-time job offer from a Nova Scotia employer, for one of the eligible NOCs;
  • Minimum 1-year work experience;
  • Have a high school education/diploma;
  • You must have job-related training and skills;
  • English skills CLB level 4 is required. Also,
  • Show proof of funds and financial resources.

4) Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

The Nova Scotia Experience stream is linked to the Express Entry. Thus, this program is tailored to choose highly skilled individuals who plan to live and work permanently in Nova Scotia. Above all, it targets Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC) 0, A, and B.

Criteria to Apply

  • You must have an active profile in Express Entry Canada;
  • Minimum work experience is required 1 year in Nova Scotia
  • Age must be 21 to 55 years;
  • Education, Canadian high school or equivalent;
  • Have English ability CLB 7 for NOC 0 and A, positions. Also;
  • Have English proficiency CLB 5 for NOC B, jobs.

5) Labour Market Priorities for Physicians

As the name suggests, the Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream for physicians focuses on physicians. Hence, qualified physicians can apply for nomination letters via Canada’s federal Express Entry system. However, for this stream eligible NOCs are;

  • NOC 3112 Family Physicians & General practitioners. Also,
  • NOC 3111 Specialist physicians

Eligibility to Apply

Above all, the candidates who have approved offers from IWK Health Centre and Nova Scotia Health Authority may receive an LOI (Letter of Interest) from the Nova Scotia immigration office. Hence, for further details, you can go through the official Page.

6) Physician Stream of NSNP

The Physician Stream is alike the Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream for Physicians, but not really. So understanding the difference, you can see its guide for physicians, which is linked to the official page of this stream.

7) Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream

The Entrepreneur Stream of Nova Scotia allows becoming Canadian permanent residents to businesspeople and business managers. So, if they want to settle in Nova Scotia, must start a new business or purchased any existing business.

However, a potential candidate needs to operate his/her business in Nova Scotia for a year. Afterward, Entrepreneurs may apply for a nomination letter to proceed with their Canadian PR application.

Requirements to Apply

  • Intention to live permanently in Nova Scotia;
  • Manage & operate a business in Nova Scotia for 1-year;
  • Age must be 21 years or older;
  • CAD 600,000 net worth is needed;
  • Invest at least CAD 150,000 to establish a business in Nova Scotia;
  • Have a minimum of 3 years’ experience to manage or owing a business;
  • Have English skill level 5 of Canadian Language Benchmark;
  • Submit an online EOI (Expression of Interest). Also;
  • Receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply) from the Nova Scotia Immigration to apply Canada’s PR.

8) International Graduates In-Demand

The International Graduates in Demand stream of NSNP targets fresh international graduates. However, the stream is presently open for 2 NOC groups such as;

  1. NOC 4214: early childhood educators and assistants, and
  2. NOC 3413: nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates

So, if you are planning to apply, must check Nova Scotia PNP eligibility for The International Graduates in Demand stream, on the program Page.

9) International Graduate Entrepreneur

Nova Scotia’s The International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream is tailored is for recent graduates of a Nova Scotia Community College or from the University of Nova Scotia.

However, the condition for getting a nomination letter, they must already run a business in Nova Scotia for at least a year. Moreover, you will need to meet Nova Scotia PNP eligibility criteria for this stream. So, find complete details here.

How to Apply for Canada’s NSNP?

You can apply online for the most of the streams of the Nova Scotia nominee program. However, you must meet Nova Scotia PNP eligibility criteria. For example;

  1. Age
  2. Education
  3. English Language Ability
  4. Work Experience, and
  5. Stream specific requirements

Processing time for the Nova Scotia PNP

For the NSNP’s eligible applications, the processing time can be 3-months or more. In contrast, once you receive a nomination letter, have 6-months to submit your Canada PR Visa application on IRCC Canada.

Finally, if you depend and your spouse meets the complete requirements, Canadian immigration (CIC) has the authority to approve permanent resident visas.

Canada Nova Scotia programs details for PR

Is it difficult to find a job in Nova Scotia?

If you belong to a profession that requires workers in Nova Scotia, it is easy for you to find a job there. Those who want permanent residence and work in Nova Scotia can search for jobs on online platforms. In addition, some recruitment agencies can be very helpful. For example;

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What is the minimum CRS score for Nova Scotia PNP?

There are no set criteria for a specific CRS score for Nova Scotia PNP. However, you must have a minimum of 67 points out of 100 for the NSNP streams which are linked to Canada’s Federal express entry system. For example;
Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry
Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities, and
Labour Market Priorities for Physicians
If you are eligible for Express Entry with a CRS score of 67, have an active profile in the EE pool, and receive a letter of interest. Then, you may be eligible for 3 streams of Nova Scotia PNP.

Is a job offer required for Nova Scotia PNP?

A valid full-time job offer from an employer in Nova Scotia requires for its 5 PNP streams. For instance;
Occupations in Demand
Skilled Worker
International Graduates In-Demand
Labour Market Priorities for Physicians

Does Nova Scotia have PNP?

Nova Scotia has a nominee program (NSNP) and 9 immigration streams are working under this program. Technically, Nova Scotia is a part of Canada’s Atlantic region. Therefore, the term of PNP (provincial nomination program) is not observed.

What jobs are in demand in Nova Scotia?

In the Canadian region, Nova Scotia’s highly in-demand jobs are;
Transport truck drivers
Financial officers
Construction laborers/ trades helpers
IT programmers
Patient service associates / Nurse Aides
Automotive industry workers
Heavy equipment operators
Early childhood educators and assistants


Immigration to Canada is a dream of many. However, to live and work in Canada as a foreign worker you need to choose the best suitable pathway to apply for a permanent residency. This is to say that, Canadian region of Nova Scotia is a great place to move. Therefore, this blog includes some significant information about NSNP streams.

Certainly, the Nova Scotia nominee program has a variety of immigration options for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and their families. However, to avoid the risk of refusal, you must explore the Nova Scotia PNP eligibility complete details on their website.

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