One-Year Diploma Courses in Canada: The Best and Affordable

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There are many affordable and best one-year diploma courses in Canada for international students. That might suit students who want to jump into a career rather than taking a few years to get a degree. Although, many countries offer some valuable professional courses. However, those diplomas hardly give you future exposure. 

Unlike, one-year courses in Canada allow you to get a head start in your career. Therefore, in this blog, I surface the details of their admissions, eligibility, fee, Courses names & benefits. So, gone are the days when international students had to wait a few years to get accepted into courses that they wanted.

Above all, The new relaxed admission rules have increased the acceptance rate for international students seeking courses at Canadian colleges and universities. Thus, many courses have an annual acceptance rate of 75 percent and 90 percent. So, before moving further, have a look at some core advantages of study in Canada in the next paragraph.

One year diploma courses in Canada

Benefits of Study in Canada 

There are enormous benefits for foreign students to study in Canada for a successful career. Because Canadian institutions offer the student a distinctive blend of quality education at an affordable fee. 

Thus, Canada provides astonishing educational facilities and flexible visa processing for foreign students. Therefore, the number of international students huddling to study in Canada is increasing every year. 

Also, another amazing fact you would love to know that 18 Canadian universities were on the top among 500 in the world university ranking in 2019.

Hence, international students may work in Canada alongside the study. That means as a student you can get a Canadian work permit. Also, while you are studying in Canada, your immediate family such as your spouse and children can come to see you on a visitor’s visa.

Popular One-Year Diploma Courses Categories

Designed schools in Canada provide industry-oriented education. Similarly, 1-year courses also offer a wide range of doable options so the popular ones are:

  1. IT & Technology
  2. Industrial Trades
  3. Healthcare 
  4. Human Resources 
  5. Management 
  6. Accounting / Finance
  7. Customer Service
  8. Emergency and Disaster Management
  9. Information System Security. Also,
  10. Business Management
Best diplomas to get in Canada

PG diploma courses in Canada- Overview

Canadian Postgraduate diplomas (PGD or PG) are very famous among international students. Because of less duration and cost-effectiveness of that courses. Also, PGDs give them professional exposure and making them employable for jobs especially in Canada.

So, in Canada, postgraduate diplomas duration is one or 2-years. Thus, students can choose one year course or two years combine to achieve the specialization

Certainly, PG one-year diploma courses in Canada provide necessary skills to international students and enhance chances of employment in a very competitive environment.

Unlike, those diplomas are very affordable and approximately cost around $ CAD 8000 to 20000 plus. Usually, the course duration stretches on 2 semesters or 3, depending upon the subject and the policy of the college.  

Famous PG Diploma Colleges in Canada

NameLocationTuition Fee (1-year est.)
Fanshawe CollegeLondon, Ontario Canada$3,997.28 (most programs)
British Columbia Institute of TechnologyBurnaby, BC$9000
NBCC (New Brunswick Community College)New Brunswick, Canada$9,468
Holland CollegeCharlottetown, Prince Edward Island$5000
School of Business (Saskatchewan Polytechnic)Moose Jaw / Prince Albert, SK$19,387
Parkland CollegeYorkton, Saskatchewan$18,000
Prairie Regional CollegeGrande Prairie, Alberta$17,539.22
Bow Valley CollegeAirdrie, Strathmore, Alberta$9,899
Red River CollegeRobin Centre, Manitoba$14,790
Montreal College of Information TechnologyMontreal, Quebecn/a
List of affordable Canadian Colleges for PGD 1-year courses.

Best Colleges in Canada for Undergraduate Diploma 

CollegeLocationCourse cost (estimated)
Saskatchewan PolytechnicSaskatoon$10,000
Niagara CollegeOntario$16,361.90
Coquitlam CollegeCoquitlam, British Colombia$7000
Parkland CollegeCanora, Saskatchewan$15,500
Community CollegeNova Scotia$13,980
Bow Valley CollegeCalgary, Alberta$6,123
Institute of Trades & TechnologyWinnipeg, Manitoba$16,400
College of the North AtlanticAvalon, Newfoundland and Labrador$9,465
Mohawk CollegeHamilton, Ontario$18,025
Lasalle CollegeMontréal, Québecn/a
List of cheap colleges for Undergraduate students for 1-year diploma
short courses in Canada for foreign students

Best, One-Year Diploma Courses in Canada – List

There are countless one-year diploma courses offered in Canada. However, I am sharing the names of some selected courses for your ease. Hence, as a student, you can choose the most relevant course according to your category and preference.

So, if you are an international student and need a high-quality, affordable one-year courses in Canada for your studies, you can’t miss checking this list;

Undergraduate Courses in Canada

So, the courses names are;

  • Agricultural Equipment Technician
  • Auto Body Technician
  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Art and Design Foundation
  • Arts Certificate
  • Applied Leadership
  • Baking and Pastry Arts
  • Building Systems Technician
  • Business Administrative Assistant 
  • Carpentry
  • CAD Technician
  • Automated Systems Technician Computer
  • Computer Systems Technology
  • Continuing Care Assistant
  • Computer Science
  • Culinary Arts
  • Carpentry and Renovation Techniques
  • Community Pharmacy Assistant
  • Dental Assisting
  • Dental Office Administration
  • Electrical Techniques
  • Electronics Technician
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Fabricator – Welder
  • Geographic Information Science
  • Heavy Equipment and Truck and Transport Technician
  • Healthcare Aide
  • Hairstyling
  • Hotel & Hospitality Services
  • Industrial Mechanics
  • Landscape Horticulture Techniques
  • Machinist
  • Nursing Programs
  • Networking Technician Computer
  • Office Administration–General
  • Personal Support Worker
  • Parts Management Technician
  • Power Engineering Technician
  • Professional Cooking. Also,
  • Tourism & Hospitality

Postgraduate (PG) Diplomas in Canada-Name list

  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Software Development
  • Business Accountancy
  • Business Management
  • Chemical Technology
  • Cloud Computing and Blockchain
  • Cyber Security
  • GIS Applications Specialist
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Services
  • HR Learning & Development
  • International Management 
  • Leadership & Management 
  • Medical Laboratory Technologists
  • Programs in Nursing
  • Project Management
  • Software Developer
  • Supply Chain Management. Also,
  • Welding

1 Year Master’s Degree Program in Canada

So, many graduates wonder they can get a master’s degree by doing one year course in Canada? Luckily, yes, several top-rated colleges are offering 1-year degree programs in Canada.

Thus, one-year Master’s courses in Canada are likely to weigh on practical learning. So, the students are correspondingly equipped with the essential skills in a short period.

By the way, all educational institutions in Canada provide quality education. However, the universities that offer one-year master’s courses and where international students from all over the world turn are:

  1. McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
  2. University of British Columbia
  3. Western University (Ivey Business School), Ontario
  4. University of Toronto, Ontario
  5. Westford University College, Ontario
  6. University of Winnipeg, Manitoba
  7. McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
  8. The University of Guelph, Ontario
  9. Thompson Rivers University, British Colombia
  10. Fanshawe College, Ontario
  11. The University of Alberta
  12. Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec
  13. Simon Fraser University, British Colombia

It is important to note that the Canadian universities mentioned above offer specific one-year Master’s programs. Therefore, choose the university according to your subject i.e. area of ​​study. Hence, here are some examples to help you understand more;

Best Master’s Programs in Canada (1 Year)

  • Executive MBA
  • M.E. Civil Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Health Sciences 
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Biomedical Science
  • Food Science
  • Psychology
  • Computer Science
  • MBA, Accelerated
  • Communication
  • Management in Finance (MMF)
  • Digital Media
  • Financial Analytics
  • International Business
  • Global Management
  • Museum Studies
  • Theological Studies
  • Agribusiness Development
  • Hospitality Management
  • Global Banking and Finance 
  • Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. Also,
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering

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Admission Requirements for One-Year Diploma Courses in Canada

Students in both the undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) categories can be taken to one-year diploma courses at Canadian educational institutions.

However, there are several important things to keep in mind for aspiring students, as admission to the course depends on many factors, such as;

  • Field of study/Subject
  • Minimum education requirement 
  • Course-specific criteria 
  • Policy of college. Also,
  • Language proficiency 

In addition, for your convenience, we list below the minimum eligibility for one-year courses. Because, this criterion is common to courses in almost all fields, for example;

  1. Higher Secondary (10+2).
  2. IELTS (6.5) /TOEFL.
  3. GPA Grade Point Average.
  4. Letter of Recommendation.
  5. Proof of finances. Also,
  6. Transcripts of previous education.

How to Get a Student Visa for Canada in 20 days?

So, if as an international student you want to apply for a study visa from India, Pakistan, China, the Philippines, Morocco, Vietnam, or Senegal

Then, you can get a study permit quicker (in 20 days) through Student Direct Stream (SDS) by applying online. Because Canada immigration process most SDS applications on a priority basis within 20 calendar days and visa fee is only $150

So, here are the documents that international students need for a Canadian study visa:

  • An acceptance letter 
  • A valid passport 
  • Proof of Funds
  • Cover Letter. Also,
  • A certificat d’acceptation du Quebec/CAQ (to study in Quebec).

Once you choose your course and college to study in Canada, get admission to that college (designated learning institutions DLIs) and get an acceptance letter from them. Later, based on this letter, you submit an online application for a study permit or study visa.

On the other hand, you can submit a paper-based application. However, in such a case, it takes a long time to get the study permit approved.

Cost of living in Canada for International Students

Certainly, the cost of living for international students in Canada depends on which course, college, or university they choose and which area of ​​Canada they want to live in.

In addition, students’ lifestyle matters in spending. Therefore, we offer an analysis of costs based on estimates by some experts, such as;

No.ParticularsCost of Living (Avg.)
01Housing$500 to $1000/month
02Food $250 to 350/month
03Transportation $80 to $100
04Clothing $50/month
05Phone $50/month
06Laundry $30/month
07Recreation/entertainment $75/month
08Medical insurance coverage $1000 / year
09Dental insurance $120 / year
TOTALMinimum cost of living for students$ 1,128.33 or $1200/month

Why choose a one-year diploma course in Canada?

There are several reasons you would choose to take a one-year diploma course in Canada rather than a degree. Can’t afford the high cost of higher education?

So, If you are a student who can’t afford to take out loans and go to school, a one-year diploma course is a better option. It might cost a little more but you would earn on-the-job experience while you study.

Also, it is not as stressful as studying for a degree and you might find a lot of specialist diploma programs. However, an inexpensive year one Canada diploma can cost a couple of hundred dollars per month.

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Can I apply for a work permit while studying in Canada?

Generally, an international student in Canada could be eligible to work while studying. However, a student who has a study permit that includes permission for on-campus or off-campus work can do it.
In the other words, as an international student, you do not require getting a work permit if you have a study permit. In addition, you can find a job on-campus or off-campus and start working.

Can we get PR after a 1-year diploma course in Canada?

There are two best pathways to get PR in Canada after studying for a one-year diploma, such as;
Method 01: After completing a one-year diploma in Canada if you successfully get a 2-year work permit (TFWP) on behalf of a valid full-time job offer. Then, you may apply for a Canadian PR program.
Method 02: Once you achieve a one-year diploma in Canada and willing to apply for permanent residency. Then, you will need to complete graduation in Canada. 
Afterward, you can get a post-graduate work permit (PGWP) that will enable you to apply PR through Canada express entry or in any provincial nominee program.

Important Question

Is it easy to get a job after a diploma in Canada?

Getting a job after completing a diploma course in Canada is much easier for people who have a professional diploma, for example;
Industrial Trades
Technical trades
Information technology
Health Sciences
In contrast, diploma holders with only a formal education may find it difficult to get a job in Canada, as they face competition in the job market.


Canada is a heaven for international students for many reasons. Consequently, according to a report of the year 2019-20, Canada ranks 3rd globally for attracting 642,000 foreign students. 

Yet, Canada is famous for its pocket-friendly high-quality education, and diverse culture. Therefore, one-year diploma courses in Canada are highly in demand among international students. So, compared to traditional education, one-year courses are career-oriented and low-cost study pathways. 

Thus, in this blog, I have tried my best to highlight the options available for one-year diploma courses in Canada so that foreign students can benefit from them.

Therefore, not only have we done thorough research for the same, but we have also presented you with a list of a few programs that are an easy decision and your best bet to land the perfect diploma.In addition, I have only provided an estimate of the course fees and costs which should not be final. Thus, for complete information, contact the college where you are seeking admission.

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