Prince Edward Island PNP Eligibility in 2021: All you need to know

Canadian province Prince Edward Island is suitable for 18 to 59 age group immigration aspirants. Therefore, I unfolded core aspects of Prince Edward Island PNP eligibility.

First, the PEI PNP has many super easy ways to Canadian permanent residence for experienced professionals, new graduates, and businesspersons.

Second, the Prince Edward Island provincial nominee program speed up immigration to Canada process for individual and their families.

Hence, the province operates overall 7 immigration programs which fall under three main immigration categories. For example; 

  1. Express Entry Stream of Prince Edward Island
  2. Skilled Workers outside Canada, Stream
  3. Critical Workers Stream, PEI PNP
  4. Skilled Workers in PEI
  5. International Graduates Stream
  6. Business Impact Work Permit Stream, and
  7. Atlantic Immigration Pilot (PEI AIP)

Importantly, features and the requirements for each program are different. So, let’s deep dive into further details.

Prince Edward Island PNP Eligibility

Express Entry Streams (PEI PNP)

The PEI PNP program is also linked to the federal express entry system of Canadian immigration. The candidates in the express entry pool can choose Prince Edward Island provincial nominee program to speed up their PR journey. 

As a foreign national, the main advantage to be in PEI express entry stream, you can get 600 points to raise your CRS score by getting a provincial nomination. 

As a result, your chances are high to get an ITA and further a federal nomination for your Canadian PR application. 

Eligibility & Process for PEI Express Entry Category?

The province gives two corridors to the aspirants to get Canadian PR via PEI PNP Express Entry Category. So, one pathway does not require a job offer unlike on second way you need a valid job offer. 

Further, the potential candidates of PEI express entry stream must be eligible for at least one of the federal economic immigration classes such as;

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program 
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program, and
  • Canadian Experience Class  


If you are perfectly fit in the eligibility criteria of the category itemized above, then you can submit an EOI (expression of interest) online to Prince Edward Island immigration.

Next, you will need to create a profile and submit your details in the PEI EOI system that is super easy to complete and verify.    

The candidate’s profile remains active on the PEI PNP EOI system for six months. After that, a candidate will need to wait for the PEI PNP draw.

If PEI immigration selects your profile you will receive an ITA (invitation to apply). Then, you will need to launch your application for a provincial nomination

The frequency of Prince Edward Island PNP draws and ITA (invitation to apply), depends on the annual nomination quota. 

There are a points system, and many other selection factors. Therefore, you must go through the Prince Edward Island PNP eligibility for the Express Entry category on their official site.

Skilled Workers Outside Canada Stream (PEI PNP)

The Prince Edward Island immigration design this skilled workers stream for professionals who are outside Canada. As a result, foreign nationals such as Indians, Africans, Chinese, Filipinos, and others, can apply for provincial nominations to get Canada’s PR.

The PEI companies and employers recruit overseas professionals through skilled workers outside Canada stream. In addition, a candidate who is seeking a work permit can get a work permit support letter from the PEI immigration.

Eligibility: Skilled Workers outside Canada Stream

The PEI PNP’s Skilled Workers outside Canada Stream is an employer-driven category and focuses on high-skilled and mid-skilled foreign workers. It has certain eligibility requirements as;

Minimum Eligibility

  • Age: 18 to 59
  • Work Experience: 2-year full time
  • Skill level: NOC 0, A & B
  • Language proficiency: English CLB 4 / French NCLC 4
  • Education: Post-secondary 2-years 
  • Proof of Funds: Yes
  • Express Entry Profile: No
  • Job Offer: Yes

In short, this pathway may be appropriate for many foreign nationals. Above all, if you want to apply, then look at Prince Edward Island PNP eligibility for the skilled workers outside Canada stream, on the official page.

Prince Edward pnp requirements

Critical Workers Stream (PEI PNP)

Anyone who is already working in Prince Edward Island can apply for a provincial nomination through the Critical Worker stream of PEI PNP. Unlike, there is an exception for employees who are working in the Trucking sector in other Canadian provinces.

This is also an employer-driven stream. So, a potential candidate will need a valid job offer from an employer on Prince Edward Island. Further, PEI PNP’s Critical Worker stream allows workers who are intermediate-skilled and unskilled. 

Prince Edward Island PNP Eligibility for Critical Worker stream

  • Skill level: NOC C & D
  • Age: 18 to 59
  • Work Experience: 6-month full time in PEI
  • Legal Status in Canada: Required
  • Language skills: English CLB 4 / French NCLC 4
  • Education: Secondary school  
  • Proof of Funds: Required
  • Express Entry Profile: No
  • Job Offer: Required

The Critical Workers Stream is useful for those who have Canadian work experience and are already in Prince Edward Island. In addition, other details are available on the Provincial Immigration Portal that you can use.

Skilled Workers in PEI Stream

Prince Edward Island’s skilled worker in the PEI stream caters to qualified professionals who are presently employed and working in the province.

The program is a pathway for them to apply for a provincial nomination for Canadian permanent residency. Thus, the skilled worker stream is employer-driven and requires certain eligibility of candidates. 

Skilled Worker in PEI Stream: Eligibility/Requirements

  • Skill level: NOC 0, A & B
  • Work Experience: 2-year full time in PEI
  • Age: 18 to 59
  • Legal Status in Canada: Required
  • Language skills: English CLB 4 / French NCLC 4
  • Education: Post-secondary 2-year (diploma/degree) 
  • Express Entry Profile: No
  • Proof of Funds: Required
  • Job Offer: Required

International Graduates Stream (PEI PNP)

The PEI’s International Graduates Stream is especially for foreign nationals, who are graduated from a PEI post-secondary publicly funded institution.

So, the fresh graduates in Prince Edward Island, who are seeking Canadian PR, can apply for a nomination through this program.

The province employers may recruit the candidates via International Graduates Stream because it is also an employer’s-driven program. Thus, said the program is a great opportunity for foreigners to live and work permanently on Prince Edward Island.   

Prince Edward Island PNP eligibility: International Graduates Stream

  • Work Experience: Not Required
  • Age: 18 to 59
  • Skill level: All
  • Legal Status in Canada: Post-graduate work permit
  • Language skills: English CLB 4 / French NCLC 4
  • Education: Post-secondary 2-year (diploma/degree from PEI school) 
  • Express Entry Profile: No
  • Proof of Funds: Required

Business Impact Work Permit Stream (PEI PNP)

Prince Edward Island’s work permit stream works under the business impact category. So, this program backs the foreign nationals who are planning to own and operate a business in PEI.

So, experienced entrepreneurs can apply for a provincial nomination for Canadian permanent residency through the PEI PNP business impact work permit stream. 

However, individuals can come to PEI with a work permit, but they will need to operate a business for a minimum of one year before receiving a provincial nomination.

Eligibility: Work Permit Stream PEI PNP

  • Age: 21 to 59
  • Net Worth: $600,000
  • Business Experience: Required
  • Performance Agreement: Required
  • Language skills: English CLB 4 / French NCLC 4
  • Education: Secondary School
  • Connection to Province: No

Process: Work Permit Stream PEI PNP

The application process for the Work Permit Stream of PEI is pretty straightforward. First, you will need to make sure of your eligibility.

Second, create a profile on the PEI Immigration portal and submit an expression of interest (EOI). Your profile on the PEI EOI system will remain valid for 6-months.

Third, if your profile is selected, receive an invitation to apply (ITA) through email notification. Then, apply for nomination along with supporting documents.

Fourth, if PEI immigration accepts your application, attend an interview with immigration staff. They will discuss your business plan and family background, etc.

Fifth, if you are successful to meet the required eligibility criteria, receive a work permit support letter to start a business in Prince Edward Island.

Once you run a business in PEI for at least 12-month, get a performance agreement from Island Investment Development Inc. 

Finally, submit all the documents for the provincial nomination, if approved, apply for Canadian permanent residency for you and your family.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot (PEI PNP)

Prince Edward Island provincial nominee program is also linked to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP). 

Consequently, the application of AIP can choose Prince Edward Island to immigrate through its three streams such as;

  1. Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program 
  2. Semi-skilled individuals, and 
  3. Atlantic International Graduate Program

In short, if you are interested to apply, go through the complete detail of the Atlantic immigration pilot program.

prince edward island provincial nominee program

How Do I find an employer in PEI for a job offer?

Now you are already aware of Prince Edward Island PNP eligibility, and some of its streams require a valid full-time job offer. So, you can find PEI employers on;

To attract any employer, you will need and perfect resume according to the Canadian standard. It will increase your chances to get an employment in Prince Edward Island.

Also Read: How to Write Canadian Style Resume


What is the minimum score for PEI PNP?

The PEI PNP has six eligibility factors and 100 points are in the selection grid. However, there is no minimum score for most of the programs besides the business impact category.

Therefore, Prince Edward Island PNP candidates of Express Entry and Labor impact being selected by securing a maximum score out of 100 points.

Prince Edward Island Immigration invited overall 155 candidates in the 20th May 2021 draw. So, the business impact category’s 17 applicants got invitations, who had a minimum point threshold of 80.

Is Prince Edward Island Good for immigration?

Immigration to Prince Edward Island is an upright choice for many foreigners including Indians. Because being in the PEI gives you the intellect of what it is like to live and work for a successful future.

The PEI has 6 pillars of its strong economy such as agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing, tourism, entrepreneurship and bio-science. Thus, the Island has significant employment opportunities for migrants.

It is the smallest province in the country also known as Canada’s Food Island. The economy of the PEI is seeing continuous growth because of the vivacious business atmosphere.

Hence, Prince Edward Island is a great place to immigrate and settle there permanently. So, if you are planning to move there, then you must go through the Prince Edward Island PNP eligibility criteria.

Important Question

What jobs are in demand in Prince Edward Island?

There are 5 sorts of jobs that are highly in-demand in Prince Edward Island Canada, such as;
Harvesting occupations
Industrial professionals
IT & Tech experts 
Healthcare professionals 
However, the PEI is small by has great opportunities to make money as a professional. Importantly, the Island’s agriculture is very rich and produces various crops and products.
As a result, the farming and agriculture sector has more potential for jobs, especially for the new immigrants.


We have surfaced Prince Edward Island PNP eligibility requirements for its various categories. So, PEI PNP is a bunch of immigration pathways.

As a result, it gives the prospect to skilled workers, business people, and young fresh graduates. In conclusion, aspirants of immigration to Canada have an open chance to get provincial nominations through PEI PNP. Because it may speed up their journey to become Canadian permanent residents.

Immigrate to Canada via, Skilled Workers Outside Canada Stream, of PEI PNP /Hindi & Urdu

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