Red Seal Canada Eligibility: A Guide for Skilled Trade Workers

If you are planning to work in Canada, know about the Red Seal Canada eligibility criteria. Because trade certification is a must-do for the workers.

Hence, for skilled trade workers, the red seal certification is the standard of excellence in Canada. Also, it provides a modest employment advantage and mobility to work across Canada.

Hence, a multiple-choice exam of just four hours adds stars to your professional portfolio. Later, Canadian companies and employers can easily hire you.

Many people consider Canada’s Red Seal program by names such as Journeyman and apprenticeship. So, we highlight what this program is and who can apply for it. So first things first and let’s get started.

What is a Red Seal certification in Canada?

Red Seal Canada is a trade certification program that certifies the skills of workers in Canada. Therefore, it sets collective standards to evaluate the skills of trade-workers across Canada.

So, the candidate has to write a test or exam which lasts for four hours. In case of success, the candidate receives an endorsement letter. Thus, trade Certification endorsement letter workers get journeyman status in Canada.

Of course, there is a great demand in Canada for trade workers who have the status of Journeymen because they are legally eligible to work in Canada.

The certification shows the workers are competent and well equipped to make any business successful. Also, Canadian provinces and territories handle trade exams and certification in their jurisdictions.

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What is Red Seal Canada Eligibility for Foreign Workers?

Of course, many would like to know if the red seal program is only for people already in Canada, or whether workers in India, China, the Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, and the Gulf can benefit from it.

So, the simple answer is yes. However, if you a trade worker and was trained outside of Canada, you must have relevant work experience and qualifications to be eligible to write the red seal exam.

According to some immigration experts, you must have some qualifications such as;

Red Seal Canada Eligibility Factors

  • Challenger or Trade qualifier (experienced trade workers),
  • Apprentice (completing an apprenticeship program in Canada),
  • Journeyperson (not yet certified as a Journeyman in Canada),
  • Valid Trade Certificate Proof,
  • Proof of Diploma, also
  • 4-to-6 years’ work experience.

Importantly, the tradespersons who are self-employed can also get trade certification by proving their qualification. Also, if you are an experienced trade worker, who is outside Canada such as India, the Philippines, China, Pakistan, Africa, or else. 

Then, you will need to apply as a challenger or trade qualifier for the Red Seal test.

Designated Red Seal Trades in Canada

The Canadian government has designated many trades for the red seal program. Hence, the regulations outline procedures, standards, and conditions of training for specific trades. Thus, eligible or designated trades for the red seal are;

Red Seal Trades List

NOC 7312Agricultural Equipment TechnicianNOC 6332Baker
NOC 7332Appliance Service TechnicianNOC 7234Boilermaker
NOC 7322Auto Body and Collision TechnicianNOC 7281Bricklayer
NOC 7322Automotive Refinishing TechnicianNOC 7272Cabinetmaker
NOC 7321Automotive Service TechnicianNOC 7271Carpenter
NOC 7282Concrete FinisherNOC 7333Electric Motor System Technician
NOC 7611Construction Craft WorkerNOC 7295Floor-covering Installer
NOC 7241Construction ElectricianNOC 7253Gas-fitter – Class A
NOC 6322CookNOC 7253Gas-fitter – Class B
NOC 7284Drywall Finisher and PlastererNOC 7292Glazier
NOC 6341HairstylistNOC 7242Industrial Electrician
NOC 7312Heavy Duty Equipment TechnicianNOC 7311Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
NOC 7521Heavy Equipment Operator (Dozer)NOC 2243Instrumentation and Control Technician
NOC 7521Heavy Equipment Operator (Excavator)NOC 7293Insulator (Heat and Frost)
NOC 7521Heavy Equipment Operator (Tractor-Loader-Backhoe)NOC 7236Iron-worker (Generalist)
NOC 1522Parts TechnicianNOC 8232Rig Technician
NOC 7251PlumberNOC 7291Roofer
NOC 7244Power-line TechnicianNOC 7233Sheet Metal Worker
NOC 7384Recreation Vehicle TechnicianNOC 7252Sprinkler Fitter
NOC 7313Refrigeration/Air Conditioning MechanicNOC 7252Steamfitter/Pipe-fitter
NOC 7236Iron-worker (Reinforcing)NOC 7235Metal Fabricator (Fitter)
NOC 7236Iron-worker (Structural/Ornamental)NOC 7371Mobile Crane Operator
NOC 2225Landscape HorticulturistNOC 7334Motorcycle Technician
NOC 7284Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic)NOC 7331Oil Heat System Technician
NOC 7231MachinistNOC 7294Painter and Decorator
NOC 7283Tile-setterNOC 7321Transport Trailer Technician
NOC 7232Tool and Die MakerNOC 7321Truck and Transport Mechanic
NOC 7371Tower Crane OperatorNOC 7337Welder

Canada Red Seal Program-How it works?

We’ve outlined the steps for the Canada Red Seal program for your understanding. So, you can understand how this program works and what you need to do to apply.

01: Choose a Canadian province or territory, where you want to apply.

02: Also, contact the certification authority of the province or territory.

03: Then, submit forms, documents & fees for the registration.

04: Receive an endorsement letter from a certification authority (If the assessment was positive)

05: Then, prepare for a Red Seal exam.

06: Apply for a Canada visitor’s visa to write a Red Seal exam there (If you are outside Canada).

07: Land in Canada before the examination date.

08: Write a Red Seal exam. (Multiple-choice questions / Practical).

Step 09: Then, receive red seal exam result. 

Step 10: Also, receive red seal certificate (If passed). Also, as a qualified Journeyman, you can work in your trade, in Canada.

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How do I register for the Red Seal exam?

So, if you are a tradesperson, the first step in determining red seal Canada eligibility is a candidate’s qualification assessment.

This process is called red seal exam registration. So, you must make sure that you meet the red seal examination requirements. 

All Canadian provinces and territories, such as Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia, have separate trade certification authorities.

Therefore, you will need to go to a Canadian region certification authority’s website and register. Then, you need to fill out an online form, and submit your educational and experience documents along with fees.

Later, the certification authority will let you know either you qualify for the Red Seal exam or not.  Thus an endorsement letter is sent to the eligible candidate by the certification authority.

In addition, people who are in a country other than Canada apply for a visitor’s visa to Canada, based on this approval letter. So that they can arrive in Canada for a red seal test.

Red Seal Exam Fee

The fees of the red seal exam vary by Canadian province and territory. So, it could be 200 CAD, 400 CAD, or more, depending upon your trade as well. So, you need to check their website.

Above all, you can enquire the exact cost to your provincial or territorial office before the exam registration.

What is Canada Red Seal Exam?

Of course, the red seal exam is not too difficult for tradespersons. Because they only have to tick the right answers. So, multi-choice questions are about the trade they have years of experience working in.

Highlights of the Red Seal Exam Format

  • 100 to 150 questions per exam,
  • Multiple-Choice Questions (equal points),
  • 1 question has 4 answers choices (A, B, C, or D),
  • Exam duration is 4 hours maximum, also
  • Passing mark is 70%.

So, the program’s official website provides comprehensive information on the Red Seal test you can take advantage of.

Where do I apply for Red Seal exam?

List of Red Seal Certification Authorities in Canada

01. Alberta

Apprenticeship and Industry Training

02. British Columbia

Industry Training Authority

03. Manitoba

Apprenticeship, Manitoba

04. New Brunswick

Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification Branch

05. Newfoundland and Labrador

Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Division

06. Northwest Territories

Apprenticeship, Trades and Occupations

07. Nova Scotia

Apprenticeship Training and Skill Development

08. Nunavut

Apprenticeship, Trade and Occupations Certification

09. Ontario

Ontario College of Trades

10. Prince Edward Island

Apprenticeship Section

11. Quebec

Centre administratif de la qualification professionnelle

12. Saskatchewan

Apprenticeship & Trade Certification Commission

13. Yukon

Apprenticeship Training


Is red seal a diploma?

No, Red Seal program is not a diploma. However, it is a certification and endorsement for apprentices and experienced tradespersons to earn the status of journeyperson in Canada.
Red Seal exam determines whether a tradesperson meets the Canadian national standard in a particular trade.

What is the benefit of a Red Seal?

The primary benefit of red seal is that it increases your employability. And, as a trade worker, you get Journeyman status in Canada.
This means that your technical skills and qualifications are certified inter-provincially in Canada and you are qualified tradesperson.
Therefore, employers and companies in the Canadian provinces and territories prefer to hire certified trade workers.

How to get Red Seal certification outside Canada?

You cannot get a red seal certificate in another country outside of Canada. Unlike, you will need to go to Canada for a red seal certification.
So, the Canadian province and territories are entitled for red seal examinations and endorsements. Therefore, you can apply online for the red seal exam from any country.

How to get red seal certification in Ontario?

The Ontario College of Trades is an authorised institution for skilled trades’ certification. This college is an industry-driven, specialized regulatory body.
So, if you want to practice in your trade in Ontario then you have to register with the college to earn the red seal certification.
Because the College ensures that trades workers have the required training that is compulsory in Ontario.


Now you know all the important aspects of the Red Seal Canada eligibility criteria. Thus, as an experienced trade worker if you want to earn money in Canada for your prosperous future.  

Then, you will need to become a journeyman after passing a red seal exam in a Canadian province or territory.

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        My husband has been working as a welder and fabricator since 20 to 22 years. Practically he has a a great experience and working as self employed person. He doesn’t have any certificate or diploma to prove his experience . So kindly guide us how to apply for red seal program without any certification proof

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    • Sir,
      Red seal program is for trade workers so you can go through the complete list of occupation. Otherwise, you will need to check whether your NOC is regulated in Canada or not.
      Thus, if NOC is regulated you can go through the licensing accordingly. Find out post title Canada jobs for Foreigners (regulated/non regulated) to check your NOC.

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