Saskatchewan Immigration Launches 2 New PNP Streams for Foreigners

Those wishing to settle in Canada will be pleased to learn that Saskatchewan Immigration has introduced 2 new and easier programs for international workers in year 2022.

Saskatchewan is a Canadian province that is economically dynamic and therefore has a large labor market. Through its programs, Saskatchewan Immigration welcomes skilled individuals with families to the province who have a severe shortage of professionals.

sinp canada new programs

Thus, foreign skilled workers can apply for any Canadian permanent residency program through Saskatchewan provincial nominee programs (PNPs). The Saskatchewan’s Occupation in Demand program (SINP OID) is already very popular among immigrants because it can be applied for without a job offer.

Above all, there is still a shortage of skilled workers in the province. Hence, Saskatchewan Immigration has introduced two new programs with more lenient terms so that more foreign workers can be brought to Canada.

The SINP two new pilots have been launched and candidates with in-demand occupations can now apply under this initiative, which shortens the processing time. In the article, I have compiled information regarding these new provincial nominee programs in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Immigration’s 2 New PNP Streams

1- SINP Hard-to-fill Pilot for International Skilled Worker

This pilot program will make it easier to immigrate to Saskatchewan if you have specialized skills that are in demand by companies within the province.

Basically, it is a sub-category that caters to low-skilled & intermediate foreign workers. Moreover, potential candidate’s occupation must be listed in Eligible-Occupations list also have a job offer.

If your skills would qualify you to take part in the Saskatchewan PNP Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot program.

Qualifying Jobs for SINP Hard-to-fill Pilot

Saskatchewan’s Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot focuses on qualified immigrants who have exceptional skills in the following hard-to-fill areas:

Low-Skilled Jobs

Job TitleNOC No.
General farm workers8431
Construction trades helpers & labourers7611
labourers in processing, manufacturing & utilities9619
Labourers in food, beverage & associated Products processing9617
Labourers in Metal fabrication9612
Transport truck drivers7511
Janitors, caretakers & building superintendents6733
Light duty cleaners6731
Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers & related support occupations6711
Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations4412

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Intermediate-Skill Jobs

Job TitleNOC No.
Industrial painters, coaters & Metal finishing workers9536
Mechanical assemblers and inspectors9526
Process control/machine operators, food, beverage and others9461
Sawmill machine operators9431
Metalworking and forging machine operators9416
Heavy Equipment operators (except crane)7521
Hotel front desk clerks6525
Material handlers7452
Food and beverage servers6513
Assisting occupations in support of health services3414
Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates3413
Shippers and receivers1521

Eligibility & Requirements

In order to be eligible for participation in SINP hard-to-fill category, you must have obtained at least 1-year work experience in the past 3-year (if you are outside Canada). If you are already employed in Saskatchewan, have six-month work experience. Your profession must be classified within one of Saskatchewan’s hard-to-fill Job-List.

You must have a minimum education that is equivalent to Canadian post-secondary education, thus provide ECA report (education credential assessment). And, English language proficiency should be CLB-4 or higher.

Furthermore, individuals with post-secondary education credentials in health care must provide an equivalency assessment performed by a Canadian regulatory body.

Most importantly, a potential candidate must have an SINP-approved full-time job offer within Saskatchewan. You will need to furnish a Job Approval Letter that your employer will provide you. Remember that Job Approval Letter issues by Saskatchewan immigration to the employers who are hiring foreign worker (s).

Job Offer

The Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot provides opportunity to employers to hire people with valid job offers. That Jobs are hard-to-find or in-demand skills. So employers and companies in Saskatchewan can hire workers from around the world and immigrate them to Canada permanently through SINP.

So, as a candidate you will need to get a job offer from an employer in Saskatchewan. You can start your job search through following ways:

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How to apply?

You must meet all the eligibility requirements before you apply for a Saskatchewan Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot. For example, a valid job offer and an approval letter from your Saskatchewan’s employer.

Then you can launch your online application on SINP official portal and submit all required documents. Application process is pretty simple and Saskatchewan immigration provide complete guidelines at every stage.

2- SINP International Healthcare Worker EOI Pool

No doubt Saskatchewan’s International Healthcare Worker EOI Pool is a great opportunity for foreign healthcare professionals to migrate to Canada and work there permanently.

So, if you are the one working in healthcare sector, create an expression of interest profile online at SINP official site. Saskatchewan’s employers and recruiters will review your profile and will contact you if that job is in, in-demand in the province. If you qualify, get a job offer paying no money, that’s great, right?

Most importantly, your healthcare occupation must be within 21 jobs that listed by Saskatchewan.

Eligible occupations for SINP healthcare EOI

Low Skill Occupations

Job TitleNOC No.
Continuing Care Assistant3413
Emergency Medical Technician3234
Pharmacy Technician3219
Dental technologists, technicians and laboratory assistants3223
Combined Laboratory & X‐ray Technologist, Clinical Genetics Technologist, and Medical Laboratory Technologist3211
Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’ assistants3212
Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist3141
Physical Therapist3142
Occupational Therapist3143

Intermediate Skill Occupations

Job TitleNOC No.
Psychologist (Masters and PhD)4151
Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment3237
Licensed Practical Nurse3233
Respiratory Therapists, Cardiopulmonary Function Technologist, Perfusionist3214
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist, Medical Radiation Technologist, Nuclear Medicine Technologist3215
Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer3216
Cardiology Technologist and Cardiovascular Technologist, Electro neurophysiology Technologist3217
Health Information Management Practitioner1252
Registered Nurse and Registered Psychiatric Nurse3012
Nurse Practitioner3124


If you’re looking to immigrate to Canada and build a future for you and your family, look no further than Saskatchewan. Its growing economy is creating exciting opportunities for newcomers across the province.

So, two new programs of Saskatchewan immigration that I explained in this blog, are a great opportunity for the eligible foreigners.

Saskatchewan employers can recruit candidates from countries other than Canada. The goal of the Saskatchewan Nominee Program is to help Saskatchewan employers grow their business and create jobs.

Hence, go through the programs details, have any question mention in the comment section, or visit Saskatchewan’s official site.

2 Canadian PR New Programs | Saskatchewan Immigration 2022 | Easy Options

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  2. Hi,

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