Serbia Visa | Serbia Visa Free: Requirements & Process

The European country Serbia welcomes the tourists on prior approved visas. Also, on arrival visas. That means some country’s nationals need to get a Serbia visa before traveling. Unlike some other citizens who have visa-free access to Serbia. In both cases, all visitors have to fulfill some entry requirements such as;

  • Up to six months’ valid passport.
  • Confirmation of hotel booking to stay in Serbia.
  • Confirm return flight booking.
  • Money, you must have a show-money amount.
  • Good travel history to increase your entry chances in Serbia.

Which countries need a Serbia visa?

Serbia stunning view of Belgrade
Serbia stunning view of Belgrade

So, before traveling to Serbia, you must check whether you need a visa. You can check the republic of the Serbia Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. For instance, you don’t need to gain a pre-approved visa. Then you will have to present some documents upon arrival, showing the purpose of your visit to Serbia.

Who can enter without a Visa?

The Republic of Serbia decided in 2014 to allow visa-free entry for holders of a valid USA, UK, Schengen, and other member states. Also, visa-free entry, for holders of foreign passports having residence permits of the EU, Schengen area, or the United States of America.

That category of foreign nationals may, without prior visa, transit, enter or stay in Serbia up to 90 days during six months, but not exceeding the expiring date of the said visas or residence permits.

Is Serbia visa free, for Indian citizens & nationals?

It would be good to know that in Europe, Serbia is the only country that gives visa-free access to Indian citizens. So, ordinary Indian passport holders can enter and stay up to 30 days in Serbia.

Visa for Pakistani / Bangladeshi

A Street of Novi-Sad Serbia
A Street of Novi-Sad Serbia

Pakistani and Bangladeshi citizens having ordinary passports have required a visa to enter Serbia. Usually, applications for a visa need to submit to the consulate or embassy in the respective country. But there is no Serbian diplomatic mission in Bangladesh.

So the embassy of Serbia in India (New Delhi) receives visa applications from Bangladeshi citizens. Similarly, there is no Serbian diplomatic representation in Pakistan. Therefore, the embassy of Serbia in China (Beijing) and in Iran (Tehran) entertain the Pakistani national who aspire to visit Serbia.

General requirements for Visa

  1. Valid passport (passport must be valid at least 90 days)
  2. So, for a tourist trip–a proof of payment for the trip issued by a Serbian travel agency 
  3. Visa application form
  4. Photo (size 3.5×4.5cm)
  5. Return ticket or Itinerary 
  6. Proof of sufficient funds
  7. Health insurance
  8. Visa fee
  9. Family Registration Certificate
  10. Birth Certificate

For the visa application form and more information, you can visit the official website.

More details, you can find in this video;
How to apply for Serbia: Process
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