Supply Chain Management Diploma in Canada: Details

Are you eager to know the details about supply chain management diploma in Canada? Then this article is for you. In fact, supply chain management (SCM) programs are the best way to prepare for a successful career, particularly if you want to work in Canada.

The SCM is one of those specialties that often leads to an individual taking on multiple hats, either within their current role or as they progress through their career.

There are many schools with supply chain management diplomas and certificate courses across the Canada. So, I’ve got everything you need to get started on your path to the SCM excellence, and this guide will walk you through all of it.

Why Study Supply Chain Management?

Canada is one of a handful of countries offering degree and diplomas in supply chain management. However, unlike many other countries, such as Great Britain and Germany, Canadian schools do not require students to study this subject at a bachelor’s level before they can be awarded their diploma.

This means that you have access to everything required to run an efficient supply chain from day one; no prior training or experience is necessary.

By understanding how supply chain management works at an advanced level, you’ll be equipped to handle every aspect of your business, no matter how complex. You’ll also have a thorough understanding of management skills, including budgeting and forecasting.

Even with a diploma, however, there is no substitute for experience. It will take time to learn how to use your newly gained skills, but with dedication and perseverance, you’ll eventually develop into an invaluable asset to any organization.

The Best Schools, Offering the SCM diploma in Canada

 While there are several schools offering supply chain management diplomas in Canada, there are certain institutions that have a better reputation than others.

I’ve reviewed several schools in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and other cities across Ontario. Most notably, Carleton University and Ryerson University as top-tier institutions with good reputations among students and employers alike.

These two universities offer strong programs for those wishing to pursue a supply chain management diploma. Besides, there are currently over 20 Canadian universities that have programs in the SCM such as,

Top 20 Colleges for Supply Chain Management Diploma in Canada

Algonquin College, OttawaNorthern Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonton
Cambrian College, SudburyBritish Columbia Institute of Technology, Prince George
Collège Boréal, TorontoOkanagan College Kelowna, BC
Confederation College, Thunder BayRed River College, Winnipeg Manitoba
Durham College, OshawaSaskatchewan Polytechnic, Moose Jaw
Fanshawe College, LondonVancouver Community College
Georgian College, BarrieSaint Paul University, Ottawa
Lambton College, SarniaWilfrid Laurier University
Loyalist College, BathurstSheridan College, Oakville
Niagara College, WellandSouthern Alberta Institute of Technology

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How Long Does It Take To Complete The Program?

Depending on previous experience, you could complete an undergraduate program in supply chain management within one year or Two.

If you already have a business degree and are looking to add supply chain management as a minor, you could complete your studies in as little as two semesters.

An online MBA in supply chain management might require more time; since many of these programs include general business classes along with specific courses related to your chosen specialty, it could take longer than a single year to earn your degree.

Some schools offer sped up online degree programs, though these are typically reserved for business students who already have an undergraduate degree.

What Are My Career Options After Graduation?

You may wonder what your career options are once you’ve finished your supply chain management diploma in Canada. This often depends on where you want to work.

The Canadian supply chain management industry is highly competitive, and there are many job opportunities available to professionals. Average salary of a person working as supply chain management expert is $66,530 per year.

So, if you have an interest in consumer goods, health care products, or manufacturing, maybe logistics and planning will be your niche. From here, there are many possibilities for advancement.

You can also take on a more senior role and manage teams, or you may be interested in developing your career internationally. There are plenty of career opportunities available in Canada if you’re willing to work hard, be innovative, and set goals for yourself.

The SCM experts are also highly demanded in many countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Qatar, and Kuwait, etc. So if someone wants to make a career in international business then he must gain education qualification (s) like logistics and supply chain management diplomas & degrees.

Eligibility for a diploma?

Students must meet all the requirements set by college to pursue a Canadian diploma in supply chain management. In general:

  • Have a secondary school diploma from an accredited educational institution (high school). Students who do not have a diploma may be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis.
  • Your credentials of previous schooling.
  • Applicants may require to write a common entrance exam.
  • Strong mathematics skills are required. Also,
  • English language proficiency.

Tuition Fee & Cost?

Usually, the duration of diploma in supply chain management is for 2 years, and it costs approx. $9,200. The tuition fee and expenses varies from University to University also for domestic and international students.

Besides, tuition fee, an average student spends around $3,000 on books and other study materials per year. This gives a total annual expenditure of about $12,700. So, it may vary from university to university depending on their agreements with the publisher of study material, etc.

Also, students are provided with accommodation facility by some colleges or universities free of cost for which they will not have to pay any extra amount. But to get accommodation facility you need to appear for aptitude test conducted by individual college.

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Common Career Paths

Supply chain management is one of those specialties that often leads to an individual taking on multiple hats, either within their current role or as they progress through their career. Furthermore, supply chain managers manage their company’s logistics and inventory needs. They provide analysis, develop new processes and make sure that suppliers and employees are following these processes.

These courses can vary by institution, but they usually include marketing management, project management and supply chain planning. Some universities also offer diploma programs with concentrations in the SCM or operations. This can help give you an edge when looking for positions.

The SCM roles can vary widely depending on your company’s needs and its location. As a supply chain manager, you could work with distributors, manufacturers, or suppliers to manage product distribution to customers. If you work for an international company, expect to travel overseas occasionally as well.

How to find an accredited college or university in Canada?

In reality, accreditation isn’t mandatory for all Canadian schools, but you can tell if a school is accredited for supply chain management courses by checking its website or by calling. A good university will have several accreditations and rankings from various organizations, including international ones.

An accredited program is your best bet for getting a good job after graduating, so if it’s available at your preferred university, take advantage of it. Here are some other ways to determine if a university has accreditation or not:

So, check on list of educational programs which are accredited and registered with government of Canada on their official website.

Moreover, you can also find the details on studying in Canada; choosing a school, college or university that is another official site.


A supply chain management diploma in Canada could be a milestone in a professional career. It has some important benefits that make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to start a successful career in business management or logistics.

Whether you’re going to start your own business or taking on an entry-level position with an established company, this educational path will give you the knowledge and training you need to be successful in your chosen field.

In fact, graduates of similar programs often find that they have better employment prospects than their peers, so this investment can pay off in more ways than one.

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