Turkish visa requirements for U.S citizens & others

Turkey is a top tourist destination on the globe. In short, the combination of affordable accommodation, rich food, and breath-taking beauty attracts millions of tourists every year. Therefore, the essential requirements of a Turkish visa for US citizens, and some other countries nationals, you can find in this article.

Hence, you need to understand that some visitors need a sticker visa to enter Turkey. Likewise, many others need an e-visa of Turkey for tourism. However, some citizens may enter Turkey on their national IDs. So go through the details below. 

Who needs Turkey’s regular visa, E-visa, or exemption?

First, the type of Turkish visa and entry requirements varies according to the citizenship of the applicants. So you have to research before traveling. A few examples are below;  

United States

It requires the US ordinary and official passport holders to have visa to enter Turkey. Subsequently, ordinary passport holders & USA citizens may require a Turkish e-visa.

United Kingdom

UK citizens, ordinary and diplomatic passport holders, do not require a visa for Turkey. Also, they can stay up to 90 days in Turkey within six months. 


It requires Canadian citizens to have a visa to visit Turkey. Besides, Canadian ordinary passport holders can apply for three-month multiple entry e-Visas online.


They require Pakistani ordinary passport holders to get a regular sticker visa from the Turkish embassy. Besides, ordinary passport holders with a valid UK visa, USA visa, Schengen visa, or residence permit may apply for a Turkish visa online. Remember, that would be for a 30 day’s single entry visa only for tourism.  


Indian ordinary, special passport and service passport holders need a visa to enter Turkey. In case, if they have a valid USA visa, UK visa, Schengen visa, or residence permit, they can get 30 day’s single entry e-visa of Turkey.

Note: For more detail, you can visit mfa.gov.tr

Turkey Tourist Visa Requirements 

For Turkey’s e-visa, U. S citizens, European countries national, and some Asians are eligible. Turkish Visa requirements, fees, and documents are subject to your nationality and legal status. Therefore, you need to make sure what type of visa you need.

Similarly, you need to know that what is eligibility criteria and required documents. Hence, for more clarity, you can have a look at some general requirements below;

  • The Visa application form needs to fill online
  • Passport, six months validity
  • Copies of new & old passport used pages
  • Two-color photographs on a white background. Size of 5×5 cm.
  • Travel health insurance, covering the Euros 30.000, or period of stay. 
  • Bank account maintenance certificate.
  • Bank statements of the last three months (original).
  • Hotel reservation. 
  • Polio vaccination certificate. 
  • Copy of the flight reservation.
  • Cover Letter.
  • Travel Plan. 
  • Consent letter of the applicant for verification of documents.
  • Family Registration Certificate if the applicant is traveling with family.
  • Employment letter (if applicant doing a job)
  • Salary slips of the last three months.
  • Proofs of business registration (if applicable).  

As mentioned above, the visa requirements may change because of your nationality. If you need a visa to Turkey, then you have to understand how to apply. Therefore, we have summarized the Turkey visa process.

How to apply?

Certainly, you can apply for a regular sticker visa for tourist at the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate. Although, in some countries, private Dropbox centers (visa services) receive the visa applications.

In this view, you can submit your visa application along with supporting documents at the visa service center. However, you can contact the visa service center before a physical visit. In case, getting an online Turkish visa, you can apply easily by visiting the official e-visa website.

Country’s citizens, who may enter Turkey with expired passports

  • Citizens of Germany–If passports / ID’s expired during the last 12 months.
  • Portugal – If passports expired during the last 5years.
  • Citizens of France – If passports expired within the past 5years.
  • Belgium – If passports expired within the past 5years.
  • Citizens of Switzerland – If passports expired within the past 5years.
  • Spain – If passports expired within the past 5years.
  • Citizens of Luxemburg – If passports expired within the past 5years.

Visa renewal or extension process

This is the most relevant to explain that can a tourist stay in Turkey longer than his/her visa validity? For example, if a visa is valid for a maximum of 30 days or 90 days, can it renew?

To sum up, the answer is no. However, foreigners can stay in Turkey longer visa validity by obtaining a short term resident permit or a tourist card.

A tourist card allows foreigners to stay in Turkey for one year. Meanwhile, foreigners can enjoy tourism or can do some business-related activities in Turkey.

Remember, there are certain requirements to get a short-term residence permit in Turkey.
You can go through the detail at Turkiye gov .

Is Turkey Safe for Foreigners / Tourists?

The quick answer is yes, Turkey is safe for visitors, either male or female. Turkey is beyond the holiday paradise. Therefore, many European and American backpackers settled in Turkey. Many foreigners who are investing in property and local business are skyrocketing.

Undoubtedly, it is happening just because of a safe environment. Besides, some foreigners may have an unpleasant experience in some parts of Istanbul.

But it does not represent the whole scenario. Overall, the crime rate in Turkey is very low. Many people will surprise to know that Policing and municipal system in Turkey is as same as in Europe or UK.

That’s the reason, not only large cities but villages and remote areas in Turkey are also receiving a huge number of tourists’ round the year. Turkey offers a worthy-life with cheerful remembrances to all tourists.

Some Important Facts–Turkey

Turkey has an amazing geographical location and connects Asia to Europe. It is surrounded by the oceans on three sides as the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Black Sea.

The magnificence of Turkey is aligned with sunny beaches, pine forests, and ancient ruins. Therefore, UNESCO enlisted sixteen historical sites as a world heritage. 

Lira is a Turkish currency that is weaker than to US dollar, Euros, and UK Pounds. You can enjoy cheap accommodation and lovely food across Turkey.

We know Turkey because of Istanbul, but its capital is Ankara. Besides, most Muslims Turkey is officially a secular country with an 82 million population approximately.

Hence, after getting a Turkey visa you should make a travel plan. So if you are wondering about the best and cheap destinations in Turkey, check out our pick below;

  1. Istanbul
  2. Ankara
  3. Izmir
  4. Bursa
  5. Fethiye
  6. Cappadocia
  7. Antalya
  8. Pamukkale
If you want to know more details about Turkey visa for Pakistani and Indian citizen, you can watch the video below.

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