UAE 5 Year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa Requirements for Foreigners

The UAE 5 year multiple entry tourist visa is a sigh of relief for the frequent tourists, foreign workers, and their families. The requirements for Emirate’s five-year visa are remarkably easy. For example, it is a self-sponsored visa category that means you can apply it on your own behalf, also all process is online and quick.

Generally, a UAE tourist visa lasts from 30 days to 90 days and has to be renewed for a longer stay. However, now the five-year long-term visa has eased the difficulty for those wishing to visit Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

So, what is the fee and how to apply for this visa, what documents are required, all these important information I have made the subject of this article.

tourist visa uae multiple entry five year

What is UAE 5 year multiple entry tourist visa?

The UAE 5 year multi-entry tourist visas are issued to individuals who wish to live in the UAE for 90 to 180 days, but less than 1 year. These visas allow the holder to enter the United Arab Emirates as many times as necessary, with no immigration visa or work visa.

The visa is valid for five years and can be extended once for a further five years, given that the visa holder continues to live in the UAE. There is no set limit on the number of times the visa can be extended. All entries into the UAE must be on this multiple entry visa.

Who Can Apply?

The UAE five-year multiple-entry tourist visa is open to everyone regardless of nationality. The new visa is open to those who want to visit Dubai and the United Arab Emirates for leisure, or to see friends and family.

You don’t need to be a resident of the UAE to apply for a five-year visa, and you don’t need a job or income in the UAE. You can easily apply for this visa online and do not need a travel agency or a reference from any friend or relative in Emirates.

International Workers

Dubai has launched five-year multi-entry visas to workers of multinational companies, this initiative called the Dubai Five-Year Visa. The Dubai 5-year multiple entry visa aims to make it easier for companies to bring international employees to Dubai to work. It works by letting companies apply for visas instead of individuals, which can be used by employees at their discretion.

This is a great way for companies to attract international talent without the long, complicated visa application process. However, companies pursuing multiple 5 year visa for their workers must be registered with Dubai Tourism department.


As you learned that citizens of all countries are eligible for the UAE five-year multiple entry tourist visa, though you will need to fulfill the requirements:

  • Passport with six-month validity,
  • A Photograph (35 x 45),
  • Proof of accommodation (example, hotel reservation or others),
  • Flight booking (two-ways),
  • Health insurance (valid for the UAE),
  • An account statement (last 6-months) showing a balance of $4,000 or equal in any currency such as Indian rupees or others.

Most importantly, you must scan all the supporting documents and convert those images into PDF file format, in order to submit your online visa application.

How to Apply?

Now, I am featuring steps & process to apply for a UAE 5-year multiple entry tourist visa online at official website of the ICA (Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship UAE). Conversely, if you already in Dubai or Emirates you can also benefit from this long-term visa through Emirate’s official typing or service centers.

A screenshot of ICA site for uae dubai visa

Application Process

First, visit the Smart-Services-ICA to the official portal, see the Public-Services tab, and then tap it to proceed for next step.

Second, find a box on the page, stating the 5-year long-term visas for all nationalities in the third column of the second row. Then, tap the Start-Service.

Third, you will see a visa application form, so fill it out correctly with all the details. The ICA requires to applicants to provide their personal and identification information.

Fourth, once you filled out the UAE 5-year multiple entry tourist visa then attach the supporting documents, pay the visa fee online, and submit the application.

Finally, after visa application submission, the ICA will review it, and notify you via email. Generally, the processing time for UAE five-year tourist visa is just a few days or sometimes a month.

screenshot of UAE multi entry visa application form

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Some important points & questions

The visa fees

Of the many features of the UAE five-year tourist visa, the 650 AED visa fee is the most prominent because it is very affordable. However, more or less 50 AED processing service fees you may need to pay as well.

What is UAE address in application form?

It is yours residential in UAE if you are applying within the Emirates. Otherwise, candidates applying for a five-year tourist visa outside the UAE can mention their hotel address in application, or friend’s or relative’s address.

Health Insurance

You can easily obtain medical insurance online for a five year UAE tourist visa, many companies that provide health insurance coverage to visitors and tourists. Usually, tourists get as many days of entry into the UAE as they have health insurance. Therefore, if you intend to stay there for a longer period, then the medical insurance should be accordingly.

List of Companies.

Is it UAE’s sticker visa?

No, the UAE five-year multiple tourist visas are not sticker visas, it is just like a one-page E-visa that you receive via email. Afterwards, visitors get an entry stamp on their passports while entering to Emirates. Most importantly, the approved visa holders must travel to UAE within 60 days (two-months).


No doubt the UAE 5 year multiple entry tourist visa is an easy pathway for people to explore the UAE and stay there for a longer period. This new visa is a welcome addition since the UAE has a lot to offer tourists. Travelers can experience the multi-cultures and enjoy the beaches especially in Dubai. The UAE has a lot of things that people will like.

Likewise, the Emirate’s new five-year validity visas are a perfect opportunity for the family members of foreign workers in Dubai and UAE. Therefore, I have tailored this article and highlighted important links.

Dubai UAE 5 Years Visa with Multiple Entries only in 650 AED (Hindi/Urdu)

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