UAE Citizenship for Foreigners: UAE opens Citizenship

After an official announcement on the 30th of Jan 2021, UAE citizenship for talented foreigners became possible. Now artists, engineers, doctors, investors, and their families will get UAE citizenship.

In a landmark move, the UAE pronounced some changes to its citizenship law. The UAE, now allowing naturalization for talented & specialized foreign professionals.

So, the new law allows skilled foreigners and their families to keep their first nationality. In contrast, the previous rule didn’t allow for dual-citizenship.

Prime Minister of the UAE Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced in a tweet;

Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum on UAE Citizenship for foreigners

Criteria of the UAE Citizenship for Foreigners

Investors who own property can become a citizen in the UAE. Subsequently, Professionals and doctors must be in an exceptional field of science.

Also must have contributed to studies and research that have a scientific value. Inventors must have 10-years of experience in that field, also have membership in the prestigious organization. Scientists must be an active researcher in the field at the university or research institute for the private sector.

They must have at least 10-years of experience and scientific contributions. Such as winning prestigious scientific awards or having secured significant funding for research. Inventors must have had at least one patent relevant to the UAE economy and certified by a top UAE body. Intellectuals and artists must be pioneers in culture arts and another talent with at least one international award.

Dubai Amazing Views
Dubai Amazing Views

Who qualifies for Citizenship?

Yet, there is no procedure set for UAE citizenship. Instead, aspirants will be selected by UAE officials & royals. The UAE officials would then decide to approve or reject applicants.

How do previous residency laws add up? The UAE has taken several steps in the recent past. To ensure the social stability of those with long-time residency in the country.

By introducing in 2019 permanent residency schemes granting five and 10-year golden visas to many categories of residence. Thousands, including investors, medical professionals, engineers, scientists, and specialized talents, have given the gold visa in the past.

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UAE citizenship for foreigners, not for low-income workers?

Dubai Burj Khalifa view
Dubai Burj Khalifa view

The foreign workers in UAE usually have renewable visas on an employment basis. However, Labourers & low-income workers are also the backbones of the UAE economy. Many of them have spent years over there, but low-income workers have no formal pathway to permanent residency in the UAE.

That labor class has no access to the benefits of the social welfare system. So instead of the citizenship law amendments in UAE, low-income workers remain overlooked.

Dubai Downtown view
Dubai Downtown view

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