What is the UAE Golden Visa? | Complete Details Here

The UAE golden visa program has become increasingly popular among foreigners. Because the Emirates has now granted golden visas to thousands of foreigners.

In addition, they are giving out the UAE long-term residence visas for 5 to 10 years. And, there are no worries about visa validity because it gets renewed automatically.

So, golden visas permits foreigners to work, business and study in the UAE without the condition of an Emirati host. Also, investors are enabled to own full control of their businesses.  

Let’s find out now who can benefit from this United Arab Emirates residency program and how to apply.

Who can take advantage of the UAE’s Golden Residency?

The UAE golden visa program facilitates foreign entrepreneurs, individuals, and investors with specialized skills. In general, six types of categories are eligible for the golden residency visas:

  1. Talented Students      
  2. Scientists & Researchers
  3. The Investors 
  4. Entrepreneurs 
  5. Executives, and
  6. Professionals in Art & Culture.

Furthermore, the family of the golden visa holder, such as children and spouse, may also apply for the golden residency card in Emirates.

So, the main benefit for foreigners in the United Arab Emirates is the hassle-free lifestyle. In addition, the UAE government facilitates talent who wish to live in the UAE for a longer period.

To further understand the UAE’s residency program, we now review its categories and the eligibility criteria set for them.

benefits of golden visa uae

10 year Golden Visa UAE – Eligibility & Requirements 

Foreigners who fall into the following categories are eligible to apply for the UAE 10-year Golden visa:

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Doctors, Specialists
  • Scientists 
  • Executives
  • Creative Individuals (Art & Culture)

Moreover, a 10-year golden visa also covers the children and spouse of the main applicant. 

UAE Golden Visa Requirements for Investors & Business Partners

To qualify for the UAE 10-year visa, foreign investors must invest at least 10 million AED in public projects. 

As part of the golden visa scheme, the business partners of holders are also eligible to apply if they contribute 10 million AED to the business. Thus, an investment can take a variety of forms, for example:

  • Dh10 million deposit into an investment fund in the UAE.
  • So, at least 10 million AED in financial solvency is required.
  • A minimum capital of ten million AED is required to form a company in Emirates.
  • For three years, the investment amount should be kept.
  • A patent about investment value.
  • Partnership with an existing or new company whose shares are worth at least AED10 million.
  • Total 60 percent investment is required other than real estate.
  • Investments made with loaned amounts are not allowed.

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10 Year UAE Golden Visa Requirements for Professionals

The UAE 10 year long-term residence card is not only open to investors but also talented professionals and their families. However, candidates must fulfill the requirements.

Scientists: they need accreditation certificate from Scientists Council in the UAE. Additionally, they must publish scientific research articles in world-class journals. Otherwise, secure a privilege to uphold their work.

Professionals in Art & Culture: They must have accreditation by the UAE Ministry of Culture and Youth.

Executives: MUST own and operate internationally recognized companies. Otherwise, they must have outstanding academic achievements and positions.

Doctors and specialists: To qualify they must meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • A Ph.D. with 10-years of work experience.
  • Have a receipt of appreciation or an award.
  • An award or certificate of recognition for work.
  • A contribution to a major scientific research project in the respective field.
  • Articles and scientific publications that have been published.
  • Membership of an institution related to profession.

In addition, all professionals from the above categories must have a contract of employment in the UAE.

UAE 5 Year Golden Visa – Requirements & Eligibility

A 5 year UAE golden visa is available to the following 3 categories of talented individuals:

  1. Exceptional Students
  2. Investors in Property, and
  3. Entrepreneurs

In addition, you would love to know that this includes families as well. Applicants of the above categories can extend UAE residency to their families for five years. Moreover, as an applicant you need to fulfill other conditions as well.


To qualify for a UAE five-year golden visa, students with grades of 95% or higher must have grades of 3.75.

Investors in Property

As an investor, you must invest at least 5 million AED in property to qualify for a UAE 5 year long-term residency visa.

Additionally, you must maintain the property in the United Arab Emirates for a minimum of 3 years. Above all, if the money was borrowed and invested in the property, you are not eligible.


The UAE also offers five-year golden visas to entrepreneurs. There is a requirement to have an established project with a capital of AED 500,000. Otherwise, get an approval from any business incubator in the UAE.

How does a candidate apply for a UAE Golden Visa?

There are three easy steps to apply online for an Emirates golden visa, such as;

1st Step

Login and register at the UAE Golden visa eservices. That is an official portal.

2nd Step

You will see a box there as “Visa – Golden Visa – Nomination Request for Golden Residence – New Request”. Then, submit a formal request for the nomination if you haven’t got it yet.

So, you will need to choose your category and write your details and your Unified Identification Number (6 digits UID) in an online form.

3rd Step

The UAE immigration will review your nomination request for the golden visa and notify you within 30 days via email.

If they approve your nomination, you will see a link to upload your supporting documents for the golden visa. And wait for a few weeks.

4th & Final Step

Finally, if your completed application’s review is positive, receive your Golden Visa from ICA (UAE Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship).

Besides, if you applied for the UAE golden visa within the Emirates, The ICA will give you a one-month temporary visa. So, you can get your golden residency card.

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What does the UAE golden visa cost?

Approximately the cost of a golden visa in the UAE is:

  • The cost of the 10-year Golden Visa UAE is Dh1150.
  • Golden visas for 5-years in the UAE cost Dh650

It also includes 150 AED in processing costs and visa approval fees. 

Celebrities who received the UAE Golden Residency

In contrast to the common people, and almost 300 doctors, some renowned celebrities also possess UAE Golden residency visas for long-term residency, for example:

  • Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood movie star 
  • Sanjay Dutt, Indian film star
  • Sania Mirza, Indian tennis star
  • Shoaib Malik, Pakistani Cricketer
  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese footballer
  • Novak Djokovic, a Serbian tennis player
  • Fakhr-e-Alam, Pakistani singer & Actor
  • Paul Pogba, French footballer

Can I apply for a golden visa from outside the UAE?

You can apply for a United Arab Emirates golden residency visa from United States, India any other country. Here, if your application gets approval, they will grant you a six-month UAE visa. 

Besides, the visa could be multi or single entry to the UAE, depending on your golden visa category. Thus, during six months, you will convert your temporary visa into a residency permit in the UAE.

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How doctors can get a golden visa in UAE?

Doctors can apply for UAE golden visas online on the Emirates immigration website. If they receive a nomination. And their application is approved within 30 days of the review. The doctor can get a UAE Golden Visa
Generally, foreign national doctors get a 10-year long-term residency in the UAE or Golden Visa. However, the doctors must meet certain eligibility criteria. Only then will they be qualified for a long-term Golden Visa.

Can a foreigner live in Dubai permanently?

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates that does not give permanent residency to any foreigner unless a foreigner marries an Emirati national. 
Moreover, selected foreigners with special talents and their families can attain UAE citizenship under certain circumstances.
Conversely, if a foreigner wants to take up permanent residence in Dubai, he or she can get a long-term residence visa. There are several categories to apply for a long-term visa in the UAE, for example:
UAE Golden Visa for 5 or 10 residency 
Business & Investment Visas in UAE
UAE long-term residence visa

What is the cost of a golden visa in Dubai?

If you want to stay in Dubai based on a golden visa, it will cost you around Dh1150 for ten years. As an alternative, you can make your stay in Dubai for five years with a golden visa, which costs Dh650


The Emirates introduced the golden visa pathways to recognize the contribution of expatriates living and working there. The UAE’s new long-term residency program is referred to as the Dubai golden visa by some. The correct term is UAE golden visa.

Thus, I have described all the important details of the long-term residency program for five and ten years in this article.

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  1. Is there any exception to apply for a 10 year Golden Visa residency if the applicant is currently our of UAE (on a business trip)? There is no specific date for the return yet..

    I have already started the application on the portal but the status is currently on “draft”.
    The payment doesn’t allow me to proceed because the applicant is out of UAE.

    Will the application be automatically cancelled? Or is there a validity of the application?


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