Ukraine Immigration Visa: Work, Business & Investment Benefits

Ukraine is a very important and second-largest country in Europe. Because of affordable and amazing tourism, the country is a favourite destination for millions of visitors. Ukraine immigration visa gives countless advantages for work or business. 

Fertile agricultural lands and heavy industries are the strength of the Ukrainian economy. Hence, as a foreigner, if you are planning to start a startup, invest or work in Ukraine, go through the details below. 

Benefits of Ukraine Immigration Visa for Employment

Every foreign worker in Ukraine gets Ukrainian temporary residence permit. The period of residence varies from 6 months to 3 years but, in any case, it can be prolonged every time.

Also, a foreign employee gets all the benefits and rights as Ukrainians, e.g. minimum annual paid leave, sick leaves, the maximum number of working hours, social insurance, pension allocations, etc.

The Ukrainian labor law also fixes the minimum salary amount to guarantee that an employee will not get less. It is interesting that for foreigners this minimum salary is, usually, 10 times higher.

The current Ukrainian labor legislation and court practice protect the rights of employees very well, and it is relatively easy for an employee, including a foreign employee, to protect their rights.

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Benefits of doing Business in Ukraine

If you are a businessperson, you can explore several opportunities in the country because a Ukraine immigration visa gives you this option. 

It is very easy, fast, and cheap to set up a company in Ukraine. Now it is even possible to register a business online with zero costs, provided that you have had some preparations already

So, it may cost you nothing (really zero) to start a business. Although, as a foreigner, you will need legal help to complete the documentation and registration process. Hiring a lawyer in Ukraine won’t cost you much as compared to other European countries. 

More important for a business is taxes. Ukraine offers really low taxes that make more and more popular among citizens from the EU and the U. S. who move their business to Ukraine as a much cheaper tax jurisdiction. 

For example, the most frequently paid tax in Ukraine is only 5%. However, it is not an official off-shore jurisdiction like the British Virgin Islands. 

It is also very easy to open a corporate bank account in Ukraine. A bank manager even will come to your office free, only to get you among their clients. Apart from extremely attractive taxes, Ukrainian offers very cheap labor, actually it is one of the cheapest in Europe

If you plan to do export or import business, then you will take advantage of the favorable geographical location of Ukraine that is a connection between Europe and Asia. And of course, the Black Sea is crucial for sea delivery.

Benefits of buying property in Ukraine

Having real-estate gives a foreigner a right to apply for a 90-day Ukraine immigration visa. Apart from the visa, the Ukrainian real estate market shows a steady growth after the prices hit the bottom in 2008. 

Thus, it is quite possible to have a 10% interest rate from investing in residential real estate and even more from investments into commercial real estate. 

However, that real estate is in demand not everywhere in Ukraine. In rural areas or areas distant from bit cities, real estate is less attractive for investment, yet it is much cheaper. 

For instance, the average price of residential real estate in Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) is around 1000 US dollars per square meter, while in a rural area, it could be a price for a hectare of land.

Last Words about Ukraine immigration visa

Ukraine’s economy is booming these days. The country has been very welcoming towards tourists and foreign investors. Therefore, this the best time to visit Europe’s cheapest destination for better future growth.

Ukraine immigration visa has many categories that require certain criteria to fulfill. So, you can check our visa requirements according to your country and citizenship.

LocationEast Europe
CapitalKyiv (Kiev)
CurrencyHryvnya (UAH)
LanguageUkrainian / Russian
Population44.39 million (2019)
NeighboringRussia, Poland, Romania, Belarus

By Serhii Aleksandrov

The author of this blog is a lawyer in Kyiv, Ukraine. He has over 15 years of legal practice, especially in immigration. 

Mr. Serhii is an immigration expert, frequently invited and interviewed by national and international mass media, TV channels, and video blogs.

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