Cleveland Browns football QB Deshaun Watson suspended six games for violating NFL's personal-conduct policy. Sad Story

Deshaun was sued by 24 women who accused him of misconduct in massage sessions in 2020 and early 2021.

Judge issued her decision against Deshaun Watson that mentions a certain piece of evidence nine times in 16 pages.

Robinson found Browns QB Deshaun Watson guilty of violating the league's personal conduct policy in three ways.

Therapists typically provide larger sheets to drape clients as a way to avoid unwanted exposure of their clients’ private parts.

The women generally said Watson exposed his private parts to them in massage sessions and caused his tool to touch them.

“Deshaun Watson reached out to women whose professional qualifications were unknown and unimportant to him,”

The NFL's investigators do not have subpoena power and thus cannot compel all 24 of the women to talk to them.

They interviewed 12, and of those 12, they decided four would form the basis of their argument Watson violated the policy.

Robinson concludes Watson "had a purpose -- not just a therapeutic purpose -- in making these arrangements.