Duke basketball  coach

Mike Krzyzewski announced his retirement last June, so he could have one last season.

Did Coach-K win his last game? Duke lost to UNC in its final game. The UNC beat Blue Devils 94-81 in his final game at Cameron.

For what did Coach-K apologize? After Duke's loss to UNC, Coach K (Mike Krzyzewski) apologizes to fans.

When did Mike Krzyzewski start at Duke? He has coached Duke University's basketball team for 47 years since he was hired in 1980.

Is Coach K the most successful coach? His 1,196-365 record is the best in men's college basketball history.

How much is coach-k worth? Krzyzewski is the  all-time winningest coach in men's college basketball with a net worth of $45 million.

Does Coach-K have children? Mike Krzyzewski has three daughters:  Debbie, Jamie, and  Lindy Frasher.