Recently, Grant Gustin was trending as the possible replacement for Ezra Miller as the Scarlet Speedster.

In an emergency meeting about Ezra Miller, Warner Bros. decided to hit pause on all the actor’s projects, including the upcoming high profile Flash film

Miller has had an increasingly bizarre series of outbursts and public alterations, culminating in their arrest in Hilo, Hawaii

The Flash is played by Miller in the live-action movie. Meanwhile, Gustin plays the same character in the CW's live-action DC universe, often dubbed the "Arrowverse."

if Warner Bros. is not moving forward with Ezra Miller, Fans are rallying to say Gustin deserves a chance to shine on the big screen.

Grant Gustin, the actor has played the Flash on the CW across eight seasons and 150+ episodes since 2014, and he’s just signed on for a ninth season.

Miller was arrested in Hawaii last month, Warner Bros. executives reportedly getting pretty nervous about Ezra Miller.

Miller has been off the promotional tour for The Secrets Of Dumbledore—reportedly because Warner is saving their contractually mandated promo appearances for The Flash

Ezra Miller is  going through a rough patch in their personal life ahead of what should be one of the biggest movie releases of 2023. Even though The Flash completed filming nearly six months ago.