Ketanji Brown Jackson

First Black woman ever appointed as a US Supreme Court Justice.

President Biden  confirmed US Circuit Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is his nominee  to replace Supreme  Court Justice Stephen Breyer, this year.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Age 51-year, Harvard Law in 1996, Born in Washington, DC, Jackson grew up  in Miami.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Husband: Patrick Jackson, Daughter: Talia and Leila

Jackson has held numerous jobs in the legal field. She has clerked for three federal jurists. She worked as an assistant federal public defender in Washington, DC, between 2005 and 2007.

She used to work at as a reporter and researcher before returning to Harvard.

Ketanji Brown Jackson is an attorney and jurist from the United States. Serving on the Court of Appeals for the of Columbia, she is a federal judge.