Queen of rap in United States Nicki Minaj, tried to meet her fans in London — until too many of them mobbed her car.

A Nicki Minaj fan claims the rapper shoved him as he tried to get a selfie with her during a chaotic meet-and-greet.

After Wireless Festival she posted on Insta and invited fans to come at Cafe Koko because she was unable to speak with them directly at the venue.

I need you guys to spread the word about something really quickly, she said. “First of all, tonight was one of my best evenings.

I wasn’t able to interact with the cool folks that came to see the event the way I usually do because of how the venue was set up outside.

Around Cafe Koko, a bar and pizza in the Camden district, hundreds of Barbz, Minaj’s followers, crowded the streets.

Before long, the antsy crowd grew out of control, prompting Minaj to quote-tweet a video of fans mobbing what appears to be her vehicle, pleading for calm.

"Guys, if you don’t get in a contained space they won’t let me get out the cars," she tweeted. "Pls don’t run in the streets.

Fans were waiting outside Cafe Koko for over six hours after Minaj announced on her social media that she was hosting an event there.

The fan further claimed in the comment section of his video that he was “just happy Nicki touched” him.