Aaron Rodgers joined on Pat McAfee's show to highlight the benefits of Panchakarma, an alternative cleansing and healing process.

Aaron explained, "I just finished a 12-day cleanse in which you eat a specific diet and go through these treatments every day."

Rodgers said, "You're not doing anything else." You'll have to turn off everything else. You're not exercising, straining, or anything like that.

It's like a re-centering; it not only heals you physically, but it also relieves mental stress, in my opinion. Then there's the spiritual aspect.

I think it allows you to enjoy the meditations a little bit more.

What is Panchakarma, exactly? Ayurveda, a complementary medicine, is linked to Panchakarma. It is rooted in India that dates back thousands of years.

Ayurveda is “more than a mere healing system; it is a science and an art of appropriate living that helps to achieve longevity,” targeting diet, living habits and exercise.

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