Eileen Gu

A Freestyle Skier Half American half Chinese?

She won 2 gold medals and 1 silver in Beijing 2022 Olympics.

Eileen Gu competed for the United States at the 2018–19 FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup. But she represents China in Beijing Olympics 2022.

Eileen GU: She is a US-born Chinese athlete and model.

Chinese name, GU Ailing: born in September 3, 2003 San Francisco, California, United States.

What ethnicity is Eileen Gu? She born in San Francisco to a Chinese mother and an American father.

Why did Gu represent China? She gave up her US citizenship in 2019, and decided to compete for China.

She said: The opportunity to help inspire millions of young people where my mom was born.

Net worth of $20m Height: 1.75 m Parents: Yan Gu Education: San Francisco