What is the benefit of studying abroad, and 5 common myths?

Many people want to know that what the benefit of studying abroad is. Because, there are five common myths about it. Therefore, those who want to study in foreign countries are reluctant to do so.

So, young people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many other countries want to pursue degrees in foreign countries to get the best job opportunities.

In reality, such myths are destructive for students and impact their careers greatly. Therefore, it is very important to burst the myths.

Thus, this article mainly discusses the real advantages and unreal myths about studying abroad. To make it easier for students to decide on this important milestone in their future.

Myth 1: Foreign education is costly

It is one of the most common false myths that foreign educations are very expensive for third countries nationals. 

However, the cost of education varies from country to country depending on a lot of factors such as the location, legacy of the university, and the duration of the course that one opts for. 

Hence, it is pertinent to consider the total expenditure by evaluating all the important factors. Besides, the return value of the course is the biggest advantage. 

Because a degree from an educational institution in Canada, the United States, and Europe is more beneficial than an educational institution in a third-world country.

Besides, many foreign universities and educational institutions offer free admissions, scholarships, and loans to international students.

Myth 02: Difficulty in accessing scholarships for international students

So, it is also a misconception that it is almost impossible for international students to get scholarships. 

However, the fact is that countries like Japan, UK, Australia, and New Zealand provide merit-based scholarships and financial aid to students.

This is to ensure that finances do not become a bar for continuing with a particular course when one has merit for the same.

Also, Germany, Sweden, France, Canada, and many other countries allow international students to work and study. So, students can maintain their expenses.

Myth 03: If Employers give less importance to foreign degrees so what is the benefit of studying abroad?

So, the theory that if you have a foreign degree, employers will not give you a job is completely wrong.

Unfortunately, many students, believing in some myths, wonder why they should go abroad to study when the foreign degree is of no use to them in the future.

The GMAC an NGO released a survey report in 2016. This shows us that a foreign degree is a key factor in success in the job market.

According to the Corporate Recruiters Survey Report, most of the companies give preference to students from foreign universities and hire maximum students with a foreign degree course. 

Also, the report stated that 43% of technology firms prefer new employees directly from the Master’s in Data Analytics programs from a foreign university. ` 

Myth 04: Studying abroad gives no exposure

Some people try to mislead students with the argument that studying in foreign countries gives you no exposure in life.

However, the reality is quite the opposite. Because, when you spend time in another country, you understand and learn the culture of the people of that country.

Similarly, when students of distinct races come together to a foreign university, they get to know each other’s language and culture.

Of course, the best friends and colleagues in universities are a valuable asset for any student in the future.

Thus, sharing the same platform with students belonging to different cultural backgrounds offers a wonderful opportunity for inter-cultural interactions.

Myth 05: Foreign Lands are not safe for International students

Another common myth among the students is that foreign universities are not safe for Indian, Pakistanis, Bangladeshi, and third countries students. 

Hence, it is said that in Western educational institutions, Asian and African students are harassed. Because there is a lot of racism.

As a result, many students and their parents think that overseas study is not a good idea because they will not be safe in foreign countries.

So, such myths are based on false media reports that exaggerate what is happening. Therefore, even such rumors are untrue because all Western countries have a rule of law. So, there is nothing to be afraid of.

05 Best & Safe Countries for Study Abroad

  1. Canada
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Ireland
  4. Australia
  5. New Zealand


Now, you have learned about some common myths and what is the benefit of studying abroad. So, if you are a student or a parent, remember that study abroad is a golden pathway to a professional career.

Therefore, you may have noticed that graduates from the United States, Canada, Europe, and other countries are more successful in their professional and personal lives.

Mr. Azad is the author of this blog and is from West Bengal, India. Besides, he is a journalist by profession and writes informative articles for his website.

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