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We appreciate everybody sharing their thoughts in-shape of words in the Guest Posting. Hence, you are a blogger or a brand, you can advertise with us, and write for usPixsTube needs to hear from you.

Therefore, we are accepting Guest post submissions for;

  • Travel
  • Tourism & Holidays
  • Immigration
  • Study (abroad)
  • Product Reviews (Related)
  • Business Immigration
  • Residence permits
  • Investment immigration
  • Citizenship for immigration
  • Visa and Work permits (any country)

If your guest blog content is significant and relevant, you can add a backlink. However, we permit only one Do-Follow backlinks which applies and focuses on your content.

We will publish your article if that would be high quality and fully SEO optimized. Otherwise, you can ask for our help as well.

So, if you want to write-for-us, contact info@pixstube.com for more details. Also, follow the guidelines.

Guidelines for Sponsored Guest Articles/blogs

Topics: Travel, Journey, Study, Immigration, Visa/Work permits.

Length: Minimum 1000 words

Copy: 100% Plagiarism free

Links: 1 Link /300 Words & 2-3 Links Max.

Images: 2 Max.

Add: Q & A max 3.

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Write For Us & Submit your Sponsor Post

We are very selective about what Guest posts we publish. Therefore, your write-up should be well written, unique, and informative.

You can write for us over one guest blog on the travel & immigration topics that should inspire our readers. We suggest you go through our site archive for a better understanding.

So, if you find yourself ready to join PixsTube & Partners, contact us here at info@pixstube.com to submit your guest blog.


Q: What is write-for-us in blogging?

Many websites offer the option of write-for-us. It means that if you want to write an article for that website, they will publish it.
However, blog posting websites have set some standards, and the blog has to meet them to get published.
In addition, write-for-us is also called a guest posting, guest blog, or sponsor post. So, most freelance writers post their blogs on reputable websites to improve their professional profiles to use them for reference.
On the other hand, some website owners require quality backlinks through sponsored blogs to increase their website’s domain authority (D.A.).

Q: How much should you charge for a guest post?

If you own a website, you can charge in dollars for publishing guest posts. However, the charges should depend on your website’s domain authority (D.A.), domain rating, and monthly traffic.
In addition, according to market trends, the guest article charges are as follows;
D.A. $ Publishing Charges
10-20 $15-$25
20-50 $30-$50
50-90 $50-$200
To sum up, the charges mentioned above are not final. Therefore, you can set $ Price for publishing guest blogs according to your site Statistics.