Yukon Nominee Program YNP: A Unique way to migrate to Canada

The Yukon Nominee Program YNP allows you to immigrate to Canada from any country of the world. Moreover, Yukon immigration nominates individuals who want to settle in the territory. Also, it is Canada’s largest and northernmost region.

However, there are many other things that you should know before applying for this immigration program, because it is vital for you and your family.

Therefore, if you want to learn more about the YNP, then keep reading this blog.

Yukon PNP process

What is the YNP?

The Yukon Government’s point-based nominee program (PNP) is a fast and efficient process for nominating individuals for permanent residency in Canada. Under the terms of an agreement with Citizenship and Immigration Canada,

In fact, Yukon nominates as many eligible applicants as possible every year from its streams. As a result, the Yukon has five major immigration streams that have specific criteria, which are outlined below.

  1. YNP Skilled Worker
  2. Yukon Community Pilot
  3. YNP Express Entry
  4. Yukon Critical Impact Worker
  5. YNP Business Stream
  6. Yukon Skilled Worker stream

1. YNP Skilled Worker Stream

The Skilled Worker stream is one of the most popular pathways within the Yukon nominee program YNP. With that in mind, foreign nationals with certain qualifications and a Yukon job offer have time to obtain a Yukon nomination.

Consequently, if you are nominated under this stream, you can apply for Canadian permanent residence directly through the IRCC.

Most importantly, this category covers the National Occupational Classification (NOC) A, 0, or B.

2. Yukon Community Pilot program

The Yukon Community Pilot is part of a broader initiative by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). And its partners in Yukon to meet future labour market demands.

It also provides a unique opportunity for you to experience life in Yukon before moving there permanently.

The Community Pilot program will give individuals and families who have been referred by the IRCC. Similarly, for who have self-nominated an opportunity to experience life in Yukon, starting with an exploratory visit for three months.

Thus, you are eligible for exploratory visits if you are referred by IRCC; if you are a member of one of these three groups.

Otherwise, you choose to submit a self-nomination through one of these two programs: Express Entry, or Business Immigrants.

3. Yukon Express Entry stream

The federal Express Entry immigration system is available to candidates who have been invited by an eligible province or territory, and these candidates are referred to as Invited Applicants.

Candidates wishing to gain Canadian PR under the Yukon EE category, you will need to possess a valid express entry profile and have a job offer from a Yukon employer. Consequently, eligible candidates apply for a nomination letter from Yukon.

4. Yukon Critical Impact Worker Stream

To qualify for the Yukon Critical Impact Worker Stream, a foreign national’s profession must fall in one of the following National Occupational Classifications – namely, C or D.

This program provides opportunities to foreign workers with average and below-average skills. They can be nominated for immigration if they have a job offer from Yukon.

Hence, receiving nomination under the Yukon PNP gives them a chance to become a Canadian permanent resident.

5. Yukon Business Stream

The Yukon Business Nominee Program (YBNP) is a business immigration program for international entrepreneurs who want to live and work in Yukon.

It allows an applicant with a new or existing eligible business in Yukon. Otherwise, do it within an established corporation, and who meets specified criteria to apply for nomination.

This stream has different requirements and procedures compared with other economic immigration programs.

As an example, in order to qualify as a foreign entrepreneur, you need to have at least $500,000 CAD in assets. And have a combined liquid asset minimum of $300,000. Moreover. Furthermore, you have to attain at least 65 points on the assessment grid.

Yukon Nominee Program YNP requirements

All applicants to the Yukon PNP must meet the eligibility criteria of their desired immigration stream.

In general, the least eligibility for Yukon PNP is given below:

  • A Valid Job offer
  • IELTS or CLB level 4
  • 6 months of full-time work experience
  • Minimum a Canadian high school diploma or equivalent

Yukon Job Postings

The Yukon nominee program YNP encourages employers in Yukon to recruit candidates from overseas and facilitate their immigration process.

In reality, you are eligible for the Yukon PNP streams only if you receive a full-time job offer from an employer in Yukon.

Therefore, you can find employment opportunities in Yukon online by using many jobs sites, for example:

  • Canada Job Bank
  • Employment Central
  • Yuwin
  • LinkedIn

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Yukon nominee program YNP

Apply for an YNP nomination?

The Yukon provincial nominee program operates on a rolling-submission basis, which means you can submit your application any time of year.

You need to visit the Yukon Immigration website and get the application form depending on your situation. Once you fill it out, email it to their address.

However, the most popular time is in December and January, around Christmas and New Year’s Day when people are planning their move for next year.

The busiest months are from February through June and September through October.

But keep in mind that it could take a couple of months for you to receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence once your nomination has been approved.

Steps after Yukon PNP Nomination

To begin, fill out a Canadian PR application on the IRCC official site once you are nominated for the Yukon nominee program YNP.

Once your application is accepted and you’ve paid all applicable fees, you’ll receive a confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR).

This document acts as an invitation letter for you to apply for travel documents and/or advance booking for flights.

So, you must book and pay for your travel before IRCC makes your final decision on your application.

How can I maintain my status as a nominee?

To maintain your status as a nominee, you must remain in Yukon for at least 12 consecutive months each year.

Otherwise, if you are absent from Yukon for over 30 days during any of those 12 months, you will lose your nominee status and will have to reapply.

However, there are some exceptions in which a person can be absent from Yukon without losing their nominee status. So, these include holidays, medical reasons and employment reasons.

In these cases, your absence may last no longer than 36 consecutive days without needing permission from IRCC.

Cost to apply?

As a foreign worker, you don’t need to pay any application fees for nomination under Yukon PNP. But your employer may pay $CAD 230 to IRCC Canada if your job is LMIA exempt.

However, your PR visa application will cost you (as a principle applicant) around $CAD 1365.

Know about Yukon

Before you start your Yukon PNP process, it is vital to know some facts about this Canadian region.

Yukon is a territory and located in the Northwestern region of Canada. It is the least populous province in Canada, and the fifth largest in the land area.

Moreover, it is bordered by the United States, and the capital city is Dawson Creek. The Yukon has the largest number of glaciers in Canada.

Above all, knowing Yukon’s extreme climate is very important for immigration aspirants. Because, the region has a subarctic weather, with long, cold winters and short, cool summers.

Furthermore, the economy of Yukon is based on the mining and export of natural resources, including gold, coal, and natural gas. Also, tourism is also an important part of the economy.


How long does it take to get PR via Yukon PNP?

Yukon PNP processing time is 1 to 3 months to get a certificate of nomination. It may be like a first, second, and third review to get nomination approval for Canadian PR.

What job sectors are in demand in Yukon, Canada?

Usually, the demand for skilled workers in Yukon is greatest in the fields of technology, engineering, and construction.
Also, other fields of need include health care, finance and business and management. However, many foreigners also work in the tourism and hospitality industries.

Is IELTS required for Yukon PNP?

Yes, a minimum 4 bands in IELTS is compulsory for to be eligible for the Yukon nominee program. Although, IELTS score requirement depends upon your immigration stream.  

Does Yukon share a border with Alaska?

Yes, it is, because Yukon is located in the north of Canada, sharing a border with Alaska, the United States. For example, the southern half of the Alaska Peninsula, the southern half of the Alaska Range, and the northern half of the Richardson Mountains.

Is Yukon a good place to immigrate?

Of course, Yukon is the place to live and work in Canada. It has a welcoming and inclusive community, which made it easier for immigrants to integrate and thrive.


Indeed, Yukon has a lot of opportunity, but you have to work hard and make your own luck. Just remember, great rewards don’t come from sitting on your hands, they come from taking action.

If you like what you see in Yukon and are looking for a unique new life experience in Canada. Then applying for a Yukon nominee program YNP might be for you.

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